Advantages of Installing Glass Fencing Around Your Pool

glass-pool-railings-torontoYour pool is the spotlight of your backyard. Many family gatherings, neighborhood parties, and other special events happen around your pool. While having a pool has many physical, mental, and social benefits, safety is always a concern. Even if you and everyone else in the household know how to swim, some of your guests may not. It can also be dangerous for pets to be left unattended around a pool. You can’t keep an eye on your backyard all the time, so the most practical option for safety is to install a fence around the pool. Luckily for you, there are so many stylish designs to choose from, including glass railings and fences. Glass railings are safe, modern, and practical. With so many advantages, like safety, style, durability, and visibility, you’ll see why glass fencing is the way to go!

They’re Easy to Maintain

You may think that glass fences would be difficult to keep clean, but it is actually easier than you think! The glass will never stain, unlike other traditional fences. All you need to keep your glass fence looking brand new is some glass cleaner and a rag. Any dirt, or spilled liquid, can easily be hosed off, or wiped off, of the glass.

Unlike other fencing options, like wood or metal, your glass fence will never obtain water damage, and it will never rust. Since they are resistant to any form of decay, glass fences are extremely durable.

They’re a Favored Design Material

When you install glass fencing in your backyard, you won’t have to worry about redecorating, or buying new patio furniture. Glass matches with everything, and is the ultimate compliment to any setting. Although the glass is very subtle, it adds an elegant, modern touch to your backyard. Also, the transparency of glass will make your pool area appear larger, as opposed to the closed-off feeling of traditional fences.

They’re Practical

Glass fences are a super practical option for pool fencing because they’re clear! You will be able to see through the fence and keep an eye on any guests that are swimming, or any children playing in the backyard. Glass fences are also typically taller than traditional fencing, making it difficult for children to enter the pool area without assistance from an adult.

Plus, the visibility provided by the glass fence allows you to enjoy an interrupted view of your pool, and the rest of your backyard.

What to Consider When Installing

Glass fences are creative, practical, and durable. When it comes time to install a fence around your pool, Pro Weld will help you design a custom glass fence. Things you will want to consider are the height you would like the fence to be, what type of gate you would like installed for the entrance (self-closing, auto-lock, etc.), the type of glass you prefer, and how/when you would like your new fence installed.

Why Railings are a Worthy Investment for Any Home in 2018


Perhaps it’s not something that comes up right away when you think about ways to enhance the value of your home but maybe it should. We’re talking about installing metal railings at various locations around the property. Metal handrails – whether steel, aluminum or wrought iron – go a long way toward enhancing the aesthetics of your home both inside and out and also play an important role in making your home safer for everyone. Below we’re going to look at just some or the reasons that installing metal rails, balustrades, banisters and fencing in and around the home is an idea whose time has come in 2018.

Why it Makes Sense to Install Metal Railings in Your Home

Metal handrails whether on the main staircase or around the deck make a lot of sense from both aesthetic and practical perspectives. Below we’ll look at a few of the reasons you should consider metal handrails for your home.

  • Safety – One of the biggest reasons to consider metal over wood or vinyl is safety. When properly installed metal handrails will be able to absorb a heavier load than wood, vinyl or glass, which is important if there are kids in the house or even if you entertain a lot. If your child or guest accidently falls against a wooden banister it may or may not be able to stop them from crashing through. With wrought iron or steel everyone will emerge safe and sound.
  • Beauty – Metal has been used in and around the home for centuries. Wrought iron fences built 200 years ago can still be seen in some of the older neighbourhoods of North America. They’ve never been replaced because they have a timeless appeal that is just as strong today as it was when they were installed and that is not going to change any time soon. So if you want to enhance the curb appeal of your home, consider metal fencing or handrails.
  • Low maintenance durability – Metal, regardless of what kind, is not going to attract termites or other pests and you won’t have to take any extraordinary steps to protect it from the elements, even if it’s outside. In fact there’s a good chance your metal handrails will outlast the house itself and will be used by some enterprising builder in the future to adorn their new abode. All you really need to do is keep them clean and keep an eye out for corrosion (if they’re outdoors).

Metal railings are one of the most cost-effective enhancements you can make to your home this year. But they’re more than just a bottom line investment. They’re also an investment in the safety of your family and friends, the overall look and experience of the home (including the property around the house) and they never need any sort of special attention to maintain their timeless good looks and practical effectiveness. Talk to the experts at Pro Weld about new metal handrails for your home.

Several Scenarios in Which You May Require the Assistance of a Mobile Welding Expert

Mobile WeldingWithout welding much of the modern world would simply fall apart or never come together in the first place. Welding is essential to a vast array of industries that would undoubtedly fold without it. That includes ship building, bicycle manufacturing, skyscraper construction and auto manufacturing. Even appliances, exercise equipment and satellites count on welding to hold them together. But when are you likely to actually require the aid of a mobile welder?

Some Practical uses for Mobile Welding

While the value of welding as a whole cannot be disputed there are those who wonder why anyone would ever need on-site welding services. The fact is however that mobile welding is a fast growing industry precisely because there is such demand for it. Those who require the services of a mobile welder fall into many categories and include:

  • Construction companies – Heavy equipment like earth movers, backhoes and front end loaders are often pushed to the max and sometimes beyond. It’s not unusual for them to crack under the strain and require a fast, onsite fix. When the alternative is to shut down the job site being able to enlist the services of a mobile welder to get things back up and running fast is the smart, cost effective call.
  • Marinas and boat owners – In the aftermath of intense storms marinas often find themselves facing damage to their docks, trailers, fencing and more. Because it’s not practical (and in some cases not possible) to bring these items to a welding shop, the welding shop must go to the marina. Without effective on-site welding services to call on many marinas would be in a very tough spot following heavy weather events.
  • Homeowners – Accidents happen and sometimes the wrought iron gate will be damaged by contact with the car or the railing on the deck will be damaged by a falling branch during a heavy weather event. If you didn’t have a mobile welder to call upon you’d have to take the damaged fence or railing apart and lug it over to the welding shop and then have someone re-install it afterward.
  • Vacationers – Yes, believe it or not even the family on vacation may at some point need the services of a mobile welder in order to keep their adventure on track. All it takes is one unfortunate encounter with a road hazard to cause damage to the trailer hauling the boat or other family possessions. Without the aid of a mobile welder they could be stranded and their holiday brought to a screeching halt.

Mobile welders are busy people these days answering the call of everyone from families on holiday to road crews to boat owners and more. The next time something breaks in your home or factory, on your construction site or in your marina don’t despair. Call the expert mobile welding crew at Pro Weld. We’ll have you back to work or back on the water or road in no time flat.

4 Tips to Help You Find a Reliable Mobile Welding Company

Mobile Welding in TorontoMobile welding as an industry has been growing by leaps and bounds as construction companies, marinas, homeowners, property managers and more have discovered how much easier life is when the welding company comes to them. But as the demand for mobile welding has grown so has the number of people with very little if any welding experience trying to cash in. As a result some customers have been left with a very unpleasant taste in their mouth and that’s not good for them or for the industry as a whole. So in the interest of weeding out the frauds for everyone’s benefit here are 4 tips that will help you find mobile welding in Toronto you can count on.

Finding High Quality Mobile Welding in Toronto

Although this is a relatively new industry the manner in which you weed out the fakes and wannabes isn’t very much different than it is for just about any other trade. The key is getting a prospective welder to show their hand. Here’s how you do that:

    1. Ask how long they’ve been in business – While every company has to start somewhere you don’t want to be someone’s first customer; or even close to their first. That’s just asking for trouble. You’d like your mobile welder to have at least a year or two experience with mobile welding and quite a bit of experience with more traditional forms of welding.
    2. Ask for references – Do this up front. If the prospective welder balks you can be pretty sure they weren’t worth doing business with. Keep in mind though that most of the work mobile welders do is of the emergency variety which doesn’t always lend itself to obtaining references. But ask anyway. Even a couple of numbers is better than nothing. Once you have the numbers follow up with them.
    3. Ask some technical questions – Ask them if they’ve ever done a hot start on a SMAW power source (most experienced welders have). Or ask them if they have TIG or MIG certificates (you want someone that does). Someone that’s trying to get over on you may feign indignation at your questions, while someone who knows what they’re doing will probably be amused that you’re trying to trip them up and answer your questions in a light hearted manner.
    4. Ask for proof of insurance – Welding is dangerous. You don’t want someone welding on your property unless you’re certain they have adequate insurance coverage. That means workman’s comp for the welding company employee and liability coverage for the welding company in case something goes wrong or someone gets injured. If the welding company cannot produce evidence of adequate insurance coverage you’ll definitely want to take a pass.

    Don’t get fooled into hiring someone who may or may not be qualified or may or may not be insured. Go right to the top right from the start by hiring the experts at Pro Weld. We do mobile welding in Toronto right.

5 Trends in the Railings World for 2017

Railings in Toronto For the most part people take railings for granted; until they see one that’s juuust a bit different from anything they’ve seen before. Then their ears prick up, their eyes widen a bit and their imagination is engaged. An interesting railing can really bring an interior to life or elevate an ordinary deck to something extraordinary. In this post we’re going to look at some railing trends that we’ve sniffed out and that we believe will influence homeowner tastes in the coming year.

Where Railings in Toronto are Headed in the New Year

Over the past 20 years or so just about every aspect of home design has been rethought. Railings have benefitted from this reappraisal of interior design and leading-edge ideas about the role of the railing have led to some astonishing results. Here are 5 railing trends we see playing out in 2017.

  1. Dazzling wrought iron work: Say “wrought iron” to most people and they think of colonial mansions or fencing around civic green spaces. But wrought iron has made significant inroads on the domestic railing front in recent years and we don’t see that trend slowing down in 2017. Today wrought iron railings in Toronto bear little resemblance to their colonial forebears with some walking the razor’s edge between functional object and art object.
  1. Stainless steel: Stainless steel as a railing material has been popular in commercial settings for many years but we believe it’s due for a breakout residential year in 2017. Postmodern design rules the architectural landscape today and at its heart is the notion of appropriation. Stainless steel railings in a home are a perfect expression of that ethos.
  1. Wire railings: Wire railings, sometimes called “cable railings” manage to exude both strength and fragility at the same time and they’ll be big in 2017. They’re ideal for contemporary settings but also work well strung between wooden balustrades on the deck. “Wire” railings are not always wire either. Sometimes they’re thin tubes of stainless or some other metal.
  1. Those other metals: Brass, aluminum, bronze and even copper are finding their way into the design of railings in Toronto in 2017. The look will be light and airy and provide subtle ‘highlights’ to many interior and exterior decors as well as take on the role of motif that informs the larger design scheme.
  1. The return of wood: While it’s unlikely wood will reclaim the market share it enjoyed 50 years ago we see more people taking an interest in wooden handrails than in previous years. Perhaps it’s a matter of “everything old is new again” or maybe it’s just that homeowners are pining for a material that brings them back into closer contact with the natural world.

Railings in Toronto have emerged from the periphery of interior design to assume a central role in both new home design as well as renovations and remodels of every type. If you’d like to discuss these or other railing designs and concepts, or would like a quote for your upcoming project give us a call on (905) 669-8633.

Wrought Iron Welding: Why it’s Best Left to the Pros

Wrought Iron WeldingThe welding of wrought iron is sometimes promoted as an activity for any old do-it-yourselfer but this is both an incorrect and somewhat dangerous idea to promote. Every type of welding comes with inherent risks and each should only be performed by people who’ve been properly trained. Why anyone would think wrought iron welding is easier or safer than any other type of welding remains a bit of a mystery, but the idea is out there, like sugar in the gas tank of logic, and so it needs to be addressed. In this post we’ll talk about why wrought iron welding in Toronto should be left to the pros.

Wrought Iron Welding in Toronto: More Than a Hobby

There are a number of different processes that can be applied to wrought iron welding in Toronto. These include seam, spot, thermite, forge, oxyacetylene and more. All of them however, carry risks and these risks should never be minimized. The most common welding injuries occur to the eyes, ears and nose.

  • Eye injuries include welder’s flash, flash burn and arc eye and can result in intense pain, cataracts and worse.
  • Ear injuries are caused by airborne debris penetrating the canals of the ear and attacking the soft tissue within. Hearing loss is not uncommon.
  • Inhaling chemicals and particles resulting from the welding process can lead to Welder’s Parkinson’s which is debilitating illness with no known cure. Disorientation from inhaling toxic fumes is also common and many inexperienced or poorly trained welders develop chronic respiratory disease.

The Importance of Protective Gear

Unfortunately many DIYers who’ve been convinced by some unaccountable writer on the Internet that welding is a fun, safe pastime wear little more than their standard weekend casual wear when they spark up the welder and wind up paying a terrible cost.

  • Hot sparks rain down on their unprotected arms or come to rest on their cotton shirt and quickly burn through.
  • Others don’t wear appropriate boots and wind up with hot sparks in their shoes which can be extremely painful.
  • Some neglect to wear flame-resistant gloves and pay an awful price in cuts and burns. Others suffer heavy electric shocks.
  • Still others neglect to use side shields on their helmets exposing their eyes to damaging arc rays and hot particles that fly through the air.

Professional welders are also fully aware of the larger environment in which they’re working. Something DIYers often overlook. Working in confined spaces calls for extra care and mindfulness. Proper maintenance of the work area is also crucial as tripping and falling while welding could lead to serious injury. A pro will also take time to inspect their equipment thoroughly before beginning.

The Bottom Line

Wrought iron welding in Toronto is not like re-facing your kitchen cabinets or hanging a door. Welding is serious business which, if not performed correctly, can lead to debilitating injuries that change the course of your life. It’s just not worth the risk. Instead leave it to Pro Weld and rest easy knowing it’s done right.

5 Reasons Why Wrought Iron Railings Boost Property Value

wrought iron railings toronto

IR – 21

Wrought iron railings are increasingly popular thanks to the many benefits they bring. Although some people have been hesitant to embrace wrought iron railings, Toronto is quickly catching on the fact that they have many advantages and, importantly, have a positive effect on a property’s value. Thanks to the strength and elegance of modern wrought iron, these railings can make excellent additions to all kinds of landscaping projects around the house.

When It Comes to Wrought Iron Railings, Toronto Recognizes their Value

Take a look around the nicer neighbourhoods of the city and you’ll see more and more examples of wrought iron being used in both traditional and imaginative ways to complement the existing structure and landscape. These railings are not there simply for security or beauty, but they provide both. In fact, their benefits are so important that many realtors are advising that, by not having wrought iron railings, Toronto residents could actually be negatively affecting the value of their property. Let’s look at why this is:

  • They Provide Transparent Security – Traditionally, the main purpose of railings was to provide security. They were thought of as superior to walls and fences, as they didn’t obscure or hide away your property, and they didn’t block your view. This still applies today – railings are better at deterring intruders, as they are difficult to climb over. Yet, you can still talk to your neighbours through the railings and show off your beautiful lawn, plants or flowers.
  • They Add Elegance – Without wrought iron railings, Toronto’s yards and gardens would lack the same level of class. Think of the damage that can be done to a neighbourhood’s ambience when all of the properties are walled or fenced off. Iron railings have the opposite effect – they keep your property looking open, maintaining a neighbourly openness. Wrought iron railings even improve the impression given of certain properties, adding suggestions of tradition and family to what otherwise might be boring, characterless buildings.
  • They Are Strong – Unlike fences and some walls, iron railings are very difficult to damage or knock down. Even the strongest storms don’t trouble them.
  • They Are Long-lasting – Again, unlike fences, iron railings are known to stand the test of time. Put them up today and they’ll still be strong when your great-grandchildren are getting old.
  • They Increase the Value of Your Property – Numerous studies have shown that landscaping boundary features such as walls, fences and railings increase the value of the properties they are built on. Railings are usually the best choice for a property bordering a street or road, for the reasons of the openness and security mentioned earlier. Fences and walls can be damaged easily – they can start to look worn very quickly compared to railings, and this actually reverses the positive effect they initially had. As railings remain elegant and strong for a very long time, they are also the safer option.

If your property doesn’t currently have iron railings, take the time to visualize how much better it would look with them. Their numerous benefits make them an obvious choice for your next home improvement project.

Mobile Welding from Pro Weld

Mobile WeldingPro Weld mobile welding service is the best, most reliable welding service in the GTA. With more than 20 years of experience we’re also one of the most experienced onsite welding companies. We provide first class welding and fabrication services for a variety of clients. Our welding pros are fully certified for brazing and acetylene welding, aluminum and stainless steel, carbon steel, MIG, TIG and more. We feature state-of-the-art equipment that is meticulously maintained so there’s never an issue once we get to the jobsite. If it’s top-of-the-line mobile welding you need, Pro Weld is the company to call.

Mobile Welding from Pro Weld

For more than 20 years we’ve been building a reputation for quality work at reasonable prices. Today we’re considered by many to be the go-to company for mobile onsite welding in Concord and vicinity. But while we appreciate the trust our customers put in us to get the job done we also know that customer service extends beyond the time spent onsite. That’s why from the moment you call Pro Weld you’ll be treated like family.

  • We Listen: It seems with some companies that their sales staff simply wait for your lips to stop moving so they can shove this or that product or service in your lap. Not so with Pro Weld. We listen to our customers. We won’t ever try and sell you something you don’t need and there won’t be any unexpected entries on the final bill.
  • We’ve Been There: Our welders have many years of combined experience on all manner of project. They know their way around blueprints and have worked on the smallest and some of the largest commercial construction sites in the region. They’ve seen it all and are never stumped or caught off guard by a job.
  • We Offer:
  • First rate customer service.
  • Reasonable, competitive pricing.
  • Custom fabrication.
  • An ironclad commitment to overall excellence.
  • Accessibility before, during and after the project.
  • We Deliver: While we feature fast, reliable service there’s more to doing a good job then simply showing up on time and working quickly. The job needs to be done right or you’ve wasted your money. You’ll never have to worry about the quality of a weld from Pro Weld. Our modern equipment and experienced professional welders mean the job is not only done quickly, but done right.

Plasma Cutting

Plasma Cutting entails using a plasma torch to cut various types of metal of different thicknesses. The plasma is created by passing an inert gas through an electrical arc. Plasma has proven to be an extremely effective and efficient cutting method and can often be done using a hand-held device that can cut metal up to 50 mm thick. If you are in need of having sheet metal cut into curved or angled shapes be sure to ask about our plasma cutting service.

The next time you need onsite mobile welding services performed for any task large or small call the highly skilled technicians at Pro Weld. We have more than a quarter century of experience and are CWB certified.

6 Installation Considerations for Glass Railings

Glass Railings

Glass Railings

When it comes to glass railings, Toronto is waking up. For elegant, attractive, safe and secure railings, there isn’t really any competition, and that’s why our city’s homeowners have begun to embrace them – improving the appearance, ambience and value of their properties in doing so. Installing glass railings doesn’t have to be a complicated procedure. When done the right way, it can actually be surprisingly straightforward. In order to ensure a safe and problem-free installation, it’s essential to take several factors into consideration before starting work.

When Installing Glass Railings, Toronto Residents Need to Consider Several Factors

The general principles of installing glass railings are pretty much the same the world over, but you’ll need to pay special attention to local standards and regulations, particularly those laid out in the Ontario Building Code. By hiring a local contractor to carry out your project, you can be confident that their work will be carried out in accordance with these rules and guidelines. Even before that, though, you need to bear several considerations in mind:

  • Types of Glass – Safety glass must be used in glass railings. This is usually tougher glass which, if broken, will be less hazardous. Toughened glass is around four times stronger than regular glass. Laminated glass has a plastic interlayer film which will not allow objects to penetrate the glass, much like a car windshield.
  • Types of Glass Railings – Toronto has examples of different types of railing, including top balustrades, sole glass sheets without supports, and top glass railings supported by figurines. Each type has its own merit and you can ask your contractor for design ideas or feasibility.
  • Handling of Glass on Your Property – If you opt for sole glass sheets, it will probably be delivered on a different date from the installation. If you need to store it, be sure to lift it vertically, maintain the integrity of the packing and protect the edges in particular.
  • Safety When Handling Glass Railings on Your Property – If you need to handle the railings, be sure to wear protective gloves and have others help you. If you’re not involved at this stage, you need to be sure that your contractor and any workers are adequately insured against any accidents, no matter how unlikely.
  • Safety When Installing Glass Railings on Your Property – This is probably the trickiest part and your contractors need to avoid making mistakes which could damage the railings. By having rubber grommets and rubber shoes, it reduces the chance of slippage and unnecessary damage.
  • Aftercare of Glass Railings – Most glass railings Toronto boasts, are protected by glass coatings. Once these are in place, glass has a very long lifespan and doesn’t require any special maintenance apart from regular cleaning.

If you’re considering having glass railings installed as part of your landscaping project, it is always a good idea to have a discussion with your contractor beforehand. Professionals can usually draw from a wealth of experience in order to help you decide what will work best.

Mobile Welding in Toronto by the Specialists

Mobile WeldingIf you want a custom prototype of a machine made to your specifications and you have a complete design with production drawings, Pro Weld can turn your plans into physical reality. We can also weld and repair hard materials, cast iron, carbon & stainless steel, and aluminum. In addition to these skills, we are experts at copper, bronze and brass brazing. In fact, we can engineer and weld almost anything you care to mention so whatever your requirements, please do not hesitate to call our mobile welding team to discuss them in detail today. We are always happy to provide free, no-obligation estimates to prospective customers making serious enquiries.

Mobile Welding in Toronto with High Quality Equipment and Personnel

We are able to tackle such a diverse range of welding and engineering tasks thanks to our high quality equipment and our highly skilled welding team. Every member of our team has a great deal of experience with all the equipment they use for mobile welding in Toronto, including TIG, MIG, and arc welding machines, orbital welding machines, vacuum systems for laboratory environments, and machines for welding pressure pipes.  Our welders hold relevant certification and are among the very best at what they do. However, we do not believe in resting on our laurels and are constantly monitoring the latest developments in the industry to ensure that we continue to offer the best service in the city and surrounding area.

Why We Are the Best

If you have never worked with us before, we suggest that you ask around local businesses to find out what kind of reputation we have. When it comes to mobile welding in Toronto, we honestly believe you will not find a better team than ours:

  • Flexibility – Although we do of course have our own way of working, we are always happy to adapt to suit the needs of the companies and individuals who we work for.
  • Price – We may have the latest machines and the best welders but our prices are surprisingly competitive. However, don’t take our word for it: phone and request a quotation right now!
  • Qualifications – As mentioned above, every member of our team is fully certified to use the technologies in which they specialize. Furthermore, they are uniquely qualified to tackle custom jobs thanks to their wide range of experience in diverse industries and market sectors. Whatever it is that you would like our team to build, fabricate, modify, or repair, we guarantee they will not let you down. Our Mobile welding in Toronto service is unrivalled in terms of professionalism and expertise.

If you would like to find out exactly how much it will cost to take advantage of our welding service, please complete the form on the right and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you are of course more than welcome to call at any time and discuss your requirements with a member of our team in as much detail as you wish.