Steel Railings with High Quality Chain Link Paneling

Steel railings are some of the best available for outdoor safety on stairs and walkways. However, one of their major downfalls is that they often have big gaps between the bars. For the safety basics, such as keeping a wheelchair from toppling off the side of a ramp, this is adequate. However, on a sidewalk […]

Steel Handrails That Will Last for Decades

Handrails come in many different materials and styles. However, not all handrails are made the same. Want some handrails that will last for decades? Stainless steel is the material to go for. What is it about stainless steel handrails that makes them last so long? Let’s take a look. Stainless Steel Rusts Less One of […]

Iron Fire Escape Repair and Welding Services

Fire Escapes are an extremely important element of safety in tall buildings such as apartments. If disaster strikes, a fire escape can end up being most tenants’ sole means of escape. So, if you own an apartment building, it’s your duty to keep the fire escape operable and safe. Fortunately, doing so is easy with […]

Mounted, Steel Handrails for Indoor Stairways

Running a business, owning an office, or generally managing any kind of building means taking care to follow certain safety protocols. One of the most important safety protocols for any multi-story building is installing handrails. During construction, where do you get those? Years later, where do you buy replacements if they break? The answer is […]

Stainless Steel, Exterior Stair Railings

Looking for some stair railings for your home or business exterior? For the great outdoors, you can’t do better than stainless steel. If you’re unsure about what you’re looking for, let us tell you some of the benefits of stainless steel, exterior stair railings. Rust Resistant Did you know stainless steel is rust resistant? Maybe […]

Tall Iron Gates and Fences for High Security Properties

A high security property might be your expensive home, a storage site or warehouse, or even a museum. No matter what you’re trying to protect from theft or damage, security comes in all shapes and sizes. If you own a high security property, relying on more than technology for security is a really wise move. […]

How a Metal Stairway Can Improve Your Business Interior

Want to make your business interior stand out? A metal stairway could be exactly what you need. Interior design has a profound effect on the way your business is received by customers and clients. What is it about a metal staircase that might improve your business interior? Here are a few of the positives. Bold […]

Custom Metal Fabrication Services in Toronto

Getting any new machine off the ground starts with a design and ends in metal fabrication. Without the ability to bring your design to life, your machine will remain in your head and on paper only. Fortunately, you don’t have to have all the equipment and know-how to build it yourself. That’s what teams like […]

Improve Home Security with Wrought Iron Door Inserts

If you take your home security seriously, you might have invested in a high tech camera system. However, camera systems are only a psychological deterrent. If a burglar wants to break in, a camera won’t stop them – it will only record them. Moreover, that recording may or may not even be valid as evidence. […]

Custom Steelwork for Unique Home and Business Decor

Did you know Pro Weld can do more than just railings? Our specialty is metal, in all of its wonderful forms. From railings to machinery, all the way to custom steelwork, we know our way around metal. Wondering what custom steelwork is? Technically, anything made custom from steel is custom steelwork. However, we want to […]