Metal Floating Staircases: Perfect for the Modern Homeowner

Modern homes are designed to be open, airy, and simplistic. What better way to capture contemporary design than with floating metal stairs? Floating staircases lack risers in between steps and give any room that open-space feel everyone is looking for.

The cornerstone of modern design is simplicity. Many homeowners and businesses try to focus their layout to give off the impression of fresh, clean, and effortless. Proweld is happy to offer the perfect embodiment of modern design with high quality and sleek looking metal staircases.

Floating Stairs Make Your Home or Business Stand Out

Floating metal stairs are supported by distributing weight between a fixed wall or a railing. With no need for actual support between the stairs, they have the illusion that they are floating. This beautiful concept opens up any area.

Proweld offers both residential and commercial metal/steel stairs in Toronto and the GTA. Let the design of your home or office reflect the modern look you are trying to achieve, with the unique and efficient style of floating metal stairs.

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