Modern Railings Toronto

If you’re looking for modern railings in Toronto, you’ve come to the right place. Pro Weld is the leading railing manufacturer of Toronto for good reason. We put our heart and soul into our work, delivering beautiful, streamlined or custom, modern railings right to your Toronto home or business. Here are some of our most popular modern railing designs that you should consider.

Modern Wrought Iron

One of our most popular choices, regardless of a client’s style preferences, is our wrought iron railings. Whether you want artistic and gothic, or modern and simple, wrought iron can be shaped to your liking.

Our wrought iron railings can be made for indoor or outdoor settings. Because of that, you can easily order a matching set of railings for all parts of your home or business. This comes with the benefit of tying together your interior and exterior design elements.

Pro Weld’s modern wrought iron railings look great, are easy to clean, and will last you a lifetime.

Sleek Stainless Steel

If you’re more interested in strength and utility than beauty and style, our hardy, modern, stainless steel railings will be a sight for sore eyes. There’s more than one style for our stainless steel products as well. Go with wide, horizontal railings to keep people from misstepping on your outdoor stairway. Or, opt for many narrow, vertical balusters to line the edges of a loft or balcony.

While the bright color of stainless steel offers a lightweight appearance, these railings are made to withstand a lot. Their sturdy nature and slight flexibility means they’ll hold up or bend under great pressure, instead of breaking.

Stunning Glass

Traditional railings with balusters have a time and place, but if you want to move forward into modernity, you can’t get more modern railings in Toronto than Pro Weld’s stunning glass railings. Glass railings are most frequently seen along pools or the outer edge of a beachy deck or patio. However, there’s no limit to their uses.

Made up of transparent glass panes, glass railings provide great visibility and style to any space you install them in. They look great indoors, along a loft or stairway, or outside, along a patio or balcony. There’s no wrong place to install them.

Glass railings may seem like a weaker alternative to metal railings, but tempered glass is surprisingly durable. These railings provide just as much protection as some of their metal counterparts, while offering a more attractive and modern design.

Convenient Aluminum

Lastly, people love the convenience of our Innovative Aluminum railings. These railings are, as you guessed, made of aluminum. However, what makes them different than our other railings is a matter of convenience. While wrought iron or stainless steel will need to be installed professionally, Innovative Aluminum railings are prefabricated and sold in pieces. That means you can put them together and install them yourself. 

Moreover, because they’re sold in parts, if a small part of your aluminum railings bends or breaks, you can simply have that one part replaced. That means there’s no need to call us out to repair an entire section of railing. This convenience makes aluminum railings a great choice for small businesses.


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