Railings for Stairs

If you’re in the market for stair railings in Toronto, Pro Weld is here to help. Finding the right railings for your stairs isn’t as simple as dropping by your nearest home goods store. Every set of stairs is a bit different. Therefore, you can’t just buy any old premade railing. If the railing doesn’t fit correctly, it can pose a safety risk. At Pro Weld, we make stair railings just for you.

Straight and L-Shaped Stair Railings

The most common staircases in a Toronto home are the straight or L-shaped staircases. These staircases require fairly simple railings. However, getting those railings directly from a manufacturer like Pro Weld means getting exactly what you need. We’ll take down any measurements and ensure your railings are the right angle, length, and height. When we’re finished installing your new railings, you’ll be glad you didn’t risk the long-winded experience of ordering something online that might not fit properly.

U-Shaped Stair Railings

Stairs with a wide landing that turn back on themselves are called U-shaped staircases. These staircases are more common in businesses or offices, as they save space. However, stair railings for these staircases can be a little more complicated. If the railings for the upper and lower halves are connected, they’ll require a skilled hand to craft them and weld them together. As you might have guessed by our name, Pro Weld is perfect for the job.

Winding and Curved Railings

As staircases get more complicated, the railings for those stairs do as well. While a balcony or porch can be lined with straight sections of prefabricated railings, a winding or curved staircase cannot. Because many winding or curved staircases are designed around the space they’re in, they’re usually a unique shape.

To get the most attractive, functional, and safe stair railings for these staircases, you’ll need them to be measured and have completely custom railings put in.

Spiral Railings

If you have an older home, or simply opted for a more creative interior, you might have a spiral staircase. Spiral staircases aren’t very popular, as they come with some challenges. However, they do add an undeniable boost in character to any home.

One of the challenges that comes with spiral staircases is the spiral railings that go with them. These are some of the trickiest railings to build correctly. However, Pro Weld has plenty of experience with spiral stair railings in Toronto. With a little time and lots of measurements, we can create a beautiful spiral railing made just for your staircase.

Bifurcated Railings

Finally, we can’t forget about the luxurious bifurcated staircase. This is the formal name for a split staircase. If your staircase starts with a stretch of stairs in the middle that then branches off to the left and right, you’ve got a bifurcated staircase. 

Crafting bifurcated staircase railings isn’t much harder than crafting them for an L-shaped staircase, but it comes with a challenge. Ensuring the railings look perfectly symmetrical can be tough if you’re not a railing professional. This is especially true of custom railing designs that can’t be crafted in a factory. If you want something unique and high quality for your attention-grabbing, bifurcated staircase, we can help with that.


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