Steel Railings with High Quality Chain Link Paneling

Steel Railings with High Quality Chain Link Paneling

Steel railings are some of the best available for outdoor safety on stairs and walkways. However, one of their major downfalls is that they often have big gaps between the bars. For the safety basics, such as keeping a wheelchair from toppling off the side of a ramp, this is adequate. However, on a sidewalk with a steep drop-off on one side, a high stairway, or other more risky edges, a bit more is better. 

Steel Railings and Child Safety

One of the biggest reasons why wide-gapped, steel railings are inadequate is that they disregard child safety. In an ideal world, no parent would ever need to let go of their child’s hand. However, in the real world, there are often reasons to do so. A young child who’s steady on their feet can walk alongside their parent without help. In an inactive parking lot, this may not require hand holding. However, getting to a cement ramp that leads to a lower level of the parking lot may create risks.

Small children love the challenge of climbing through the bars on a steel handrail. Steel railings are very often made with only two horizontal bars. These bars have a big gap between and under them. A small child may decide they’d rather be on the other side of these bars. However, they may not realize there’s a drop-off on the other side, or they may not realize how far down it goes.

Prevent Climbing and Playing

By covering the gaps in stainless steel railings with chain link paneling, children can no longer easily slip through. That means less concern for busy parents and fewer accidents.

Additionally, chain link paneling-covered, steel railings on flat ground are also made safer. Even without a drop-off on the other side, children playing on stainless steel railings can prove dangerous. This type of railing is a magnet for bored kids of all ages. They want to sit on them, climb through them, hang from them upside down, and more. 

Unfortunately, these steel railings are not made for being played on. Unlike the gymnastics bars on the school playground, they’re low to the ground, installed above hard pavement, and often border busy walkways. All of these factors add up to a dangerous play experience.

By covering the open gaps with chain link paneling, these steel railings become much harder to play around on. 

Stainless Steel Railings with Chain Link in Toronto

If you’re looking for stainless steel railings with high quality chain link paneling in Toronto, Pro Weld is the place to go. Give us a call and let us know what you’re in the market for. We’d love to show you what options we already have available, or hear about your own ideas as well. Custom metalwork is something we’re always happy to do. We look forward to working with you!


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