Steel Railings with High Quality Chain Link Paneling

Steel Railings with High Quality Chain Link Paneling

Steel railings are some of the best available for outdoor safety on stairs and walkways. However, one of their major downfalls is that they often have big gaps between the bars. For the safety basics, such as keeping a wheelchair from toppling off the side of a ramp, this is adequate. However, on a sidewalk with a steep drop-off on one side, a high stairway, or other more risky edges, a bit more is better. 

Steel Railings and Child Safety

One of the biggest reasons why wide-gapped, steel railings are inadequate is that they disregard child safety. In an ideal world, no parent would ever need to let go of their child’s hand. However, in the real world, there are often reasons to do so. A young child who’s steady on their feet can walk alongside their parent without help. In an inactive parking lot, this may not require hand holding. However, getting to a cement ramp that leads to a lower level of the parking lot may create risks.

Small children love the challenge of climbing through the bars on a steel handrail. Steel railings are very often made with only two horizontal bars. These bars have a big gap between and under them. A small child may decide they’d rather be on the other side of these bars. However, they may not realize there’s a drop-off on the other side, or they may not realize how far down it goes.

Prevent Climbing and Playing

By covering the gaps in stainless steel railings with chain link paneling, children can no longer easily slip through. That means less concern for busy parents and fewer accidents.

Additionally, chain link paneling-covered, steel railings on flat ground are also made safer. Even without a drop-off on the other side, children playing on stainless steel railings can prove dangerous. This type of railing is a magnet for bored kids of all ages. They want to sit on them, climb through them, hang from them upside down, and more. 

Unfortunately, these steel railings are not made for being played on. Unlike the gymnastics bars on the school playground, they’re low to the ground, installed above hard pavement, and often border busy walkways. All of these factors add up to a dangerous play experience.

By covering the open gaps with chain link paneling, these steel railings become much harder to play around on. 

Stainless Steel Railings with Chain Link in Toronto

If you’re looking for stainless steel railings with high quality chain link paneling in Toronto, Pro Weld is the place to go. Give us a call and let us know what you’re in the market for. We’d love to show you what options we already have available, or hear about your own ideas as well. Custom metalwork is something we’re always happy to do. We look forward to working with you!

Steel Handrails That Will Last for Decades

Steel Handrails That Will Last for Decades

Handrails come in many different materials and styles. However, not all handrails are made the same. Want some handrails that will last for decades? Stainless steel is the material to go for. What is it about stainless steel handrails that makes them last so long? Let’s take a look.

Stainless Steel Rusts Less

One of the reasons stainless steel lasts longer than other metals, like wrought iron, is that it rusts less. Wrought iron, while lovely for indoor railings, is hard to maintain outdoors. Outdoors, where it’s subject to wind and rain, the coating will wear down faster. When that happens, the iron is exposed and quickly begins to rust.

Stainless steel, on the other hand, doesn’t have that problem. The only part of stainless steel railings that are prone to rust is the joints, where they’re welded together. These joints also take a lot more wear and tear to begin rusting than wrought iron does.

Why does rust matter? Well, because rust actually eats away at the metal. If left untreated, rust can eat completely through a railing. Ever seen a really old car with patches of rust on it? If there were holes in the rusty patches, those came from the rust itself. So, buying railings that rust less matters. 

Steel Is Super Strong

Because steel is prone to bending over breaking, it’s extremely strong and has more longevity. What would completely shatter a piece of wrought iron might only dent stainless steel. If you’re buying handrails for a parking lot or another location where heavy machinery might collide with it, steel is best. Stainless steel handrails can be backed into by a truck and still remain upright and safe to use, even if dented.

Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to railing design, you’ve surely noticed steel is treated differently. Instead of giving stainless steel handrails lots of elegant swirls, flowers, and leave – like iron – it’s often kept minimalist. A couple of thick bars run horizontally across intermittent, vertical supports. Why is this?

For one thing, as mentioned before, the material changes caused by welding make steel more able to rust. So, lots of hammering and welding of small, artistic parts make steel less resilient and durable. Additionally, small parts are easier to break. Because steel is so often relied on to do the the safety heavy lifting, we design it to do that to the best of its ability. 4 narrow bars are not as strong as two thick ones. In other words, the simplicity of stainless steel handrail design has a lot to do with quality over quantity.

Custom Steel Handrails in Toronto

If you’re looking for high quality, steel handrails for your home or business in Toronto, Pro Weld is here to help. Call us today and we can talk price quotes, consultation scheduling, and more! We look forward to hearing from you.

Iron Fire Escape Repair and Welding Services

Iron Fire Escape Repair and Welding Services

Fire Escapes are an extremely important element of safety in tall buildings such as apartments. If disaster strikes, a fire escape can end up being most tenants’ sole means of escape. So, if you own an apartment building, it’s your duty to keep the fire escape operable and safe. Fortunately, doing so is easy with some assistance from Pro Weld. Here’s how and why we can help you with iron fire escape repair in Toronto.

Possible Fire Escape Damage

Fire escapes are a vital part of fire safety in any big apartment building. However, fires don’t happen often enough and on a big enough scale for these escapes to actually be used all that much. Because of that, they have a lot of time to get broken or fall into disrepair.

Common causes of fire escape damage come from people messing around with them. This can happen when people sneak out of their apartment through the window. Or, if someone is trying to sneak to a window, they’ll often try climbing up the fire escape. However, to do so, they, first, have to get to the retracted fire escape ladder. Sometimes this works. Whether it does or doesn’t has no bearing on whether or not they manage to damage it or not.

Replace Broken Fire Escape Parts

While it is unfortunate that people messing around and misusing fire escapes can lead to them getting damaged, they must be fixed. If your fire escape has broken parts, they may need to be replaced. The most likely parts to end up broken are the smaller mechanical parts of something like a retracted ladder. If there’s a hook or spring holding it up from the ground, those can get broken easily by vandals.

Pro Weld has been in the metal and welding business in Toronto for over 30 years now. If you need iron stairway parts replaced, simply let us know and we can help. 

Welding Services and Damage Repair

While breaks can sometimes happen, what happens more is damage. Someone jumping down a ladder with reckless abandon can lead to bent rungs. Someone trying to move something in or out through a window can lead to damaged handrails.

Regardless of how your fire escape gets damaged, if you need welding services or damage repair services, we’re here for you. Our mobile welding services can be brought directly to you. Therefore, if you need on-site repair, we’re the best team for the job. 

Fire Escape Repair Services in Toronto

If your fire escape is damaged or broken, rely on Pro Weld for fire escape repair and welding services. We serve the entire Toronto area and can bring our services directly to you. If you have any questions or would like a service quote, just give us a call. We look forward to serving you.

Mounted, Steel Handrails for Indoor Stairways

Mounted, Steel Handrails for Indoor Stairways

Running a business, owning an office, or generally managing any kind of building means taking care to follow certain safety protocols. One of the most important safety protocols for any multi-story building is installing handrails. During construction, where do you get those? Years later, where do you buy replacements if they break? The answer is Pro Weld. Here’s how we can help supply you with mounted, steel handrails for your indoor stairways, and why they’re the right choice.

Steel Is Extremely Durable

Of all the metals you could choose for handrails for indoor stairways, steel is the strongest. It’s extremely durable and can outlast even the stairs themselves. Why does that strength and durability matter? First, because people will be relying on it to hold their weight. Sometimes that will mean a very heavy person, or even many very heavy people at once. No matter who grips that handrail, and no matter how many at once, it needs to hold completely. Steel can do that.

Wide-Diameter, Brushed Steel Is Easy to Grip

Another thing worth considering when deciding on steel versus something like iron is the finish and size. Iron is most commonly used for more thin railings. You’ve seen this in wrought iron railings and gates where the rods and railings typically don’t exceed an inch in diameter.

Steel handrails for indoor stairways will usually be at least 2 inches in diameter, but often more. This diameter ensures a comfortable grip for the people holding it. It’s less strenuous for those with weak or painful finger joints, such as someone with arthritis. And, people with disabilities should always be accounted for when designing accessibility and safety features. After all, they may be the ones making the most use of it.

Pro Weld Specializes in Railings

If you’re looking for high quality steel handrails for indoor stairways in your Toronto business or office, Pro Weld can help. We specialize in railings and have done for over 3 decades. So, when you rely on us to outfit your stairways with handrails, you know you won’t be disappointed.

Buy Custom Steel Handrail Designs

Are you interested in custom steel handrail designs? Because Pro Weld is a team of metalworkers, we frequently put together custom railings. We’re most well-known for our wrought iron work, but steel is no stranger to us. 

Custom steel handrail designs are best put to use on open stair rails or overlook guard rails. These railings are more than just a bar attached to the wall and leave a lot of room for creativity. If you’re looking for guard rails or handrails like those, it’s a great opportunity. Consider a squared-off geometric pattern to give some character to a professional building. This kind of pattern can add a bit of interest without getting uncharacteristically whimsical.

No matter what your design needs, we’re here to help. Just give us a call and let us know you’re on the hunt for something steel.

Stainless Steel, Exterior Stair Railings

Stainless Steel, Exterior Stair Railings

Looking for some stair railings for your home or business exterior? For the great outdoors, you can’t do better than stainless steel. If you’re unsure about what you’re looking for, let us tell you some of the benefits of stainless steel, exterior stair railings.

Rust Resistant

Did you know stainless steel is rust resistant? Maybe you did, since stainless steel has been in mainstream conscious for over a decade now. Kitchens all across the world are outfitted with stainless steel fridges, dishwashers, microwaves, and more. That’s because stainless steel is the perfect metal for environments prone to moisture. You get the water resistance of plastic and the durability of metal. The result is unparalleled. 

So, whether your home or business is located in a rainy, humid, or snowy area, you’re safe to assume your stainless steel railings will weather it like a champ.

Low Maintenance

Not only are stainless steel railings rust resistant, they’re low maintenance in general. Whereas wrought iron takes a bit more commitment to rust prevention and wood has to be repainted over and over, stainless steel just is. We install your stainless steel stair railings and then you can forget about them for many years.

So, do stainless steel stair railings require any maintenance at all? Sure. Like all materials, there will come a time, eventually, when you may need to do some upkeep. Many years of outdoor wear and tear may necessitate a bit of rust removal where bars are welded together. Removing that rust and then applying some anti-rust solution will make them good as new again. Then, you can go right back to ignoring them.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Additionally, this type of railing is durable and long-lasting. Steel is one of the strongest metals around. Therefore, if you’re not running into them with a truck, they’re pretty much guaranteed to go undented, unbroken, and undamaged for decades.

Custom Designs

Want something a bit more unique than the standard exterior steel railings? You’re in the right place! Pro Weld is known for our custom metalwork in the GTA. So, bring us your ideas or check through our portfolio to find an existing design that works for you.

What does custom metalwork mean for your railings? Well, you can determine the pattern of bars that you want, implement initial letters, symbols, and more. 

Stainless Steel Railings in Toronto

If you’re looking to buy some quality, stainless steel railings for exterior stairways in Toronto, Pro Weld is the place to look. We do custom steelwork as well as specialize in wrought iron and welding. Buying from us means getting a committed team, ready to help with maintenance, replacement, repairs, and more for many years to come.

Just give us a call if you have questions or would like a quote on the type and quantity of railings you’re looking for. 

Tall Iron Gates and Fences for High Security Properties

Tall Iron Gates and Fences for High Security Properties

A high security property might be your expensive home, a storage site or warehouse, or even a museum. No matter what you’re trying to protect from theft or damage, security comes in all shapes and sizes. If you own a high security property, relying on more than technology for security is a really wise move. For example, investing in some tall iron gates and fences. Why? Let’s get into it.

Physical Security

A lot of people in the modern age are under the assumption that better technology is better for security. In most cases, this is true. However, what we can’t forget is that technology isn’t everything. The best security takes a diverse approach, to cover all of the bases.

  • Security cameras film the area. If someone breaks in, you can get them on camera and use it as evidence for pressing charges or searching for stolen goods.
  • Alarms alert the relevant parties to a break-in. That may be the property owner/manager, the police, or both.
  • Flood lights ensure the area is well-lit so that cameras can film effectively. They also serve as intimidation, often scaring people off before they can really get started on theft or vandalism.

What is missing from this list? Something to actually stop the crime from happening!

Physical security is a vital piece of the security framework. That’s where tall iron gates and fences come in. Keeping a tall iron fence around your property makes even reaching the other security measures a lot harder. Isn’t that the ideal outcome?

Benefits of Tall Fences

The primary benefit of tall iron gates and fences is that they prevent people from entering restricted property. Instead of catching a theft on camera stealing your things, you catch nothing on camera because the thief saw your fence and decided to go elsewhere.

However, there are other benefits to tall fences. It may be harder to get in past a locked fence and gate, but it’s also harder to get out. This is actually a vital part of the security, working in tandem with the electronic elements. If someone manages to get past your fence and set off your alarm, that obstacle is giving police that much more time to arrive. Plus, it makes taking anything with them that much harder.

Classy Iron Gate and Fence Design

If you’re considering a tall fence and gate to improve security for your property, choose something classy. Iron gate and fence design can improve property appearances as well as security. Don’t settle for something unattractive and utilitarian. If you’re looking to border an expensive home or other property, a classy iron fence is the right choice. Wrought iron fences are timeless. Plus, if you opt for those equally timeless spikes at the top, it will make trespassers think twice about their plans to hop on over.

Pro Weld Iron Gates and Fences

If you’re interested in a tall iron gate or fence for your high security property, get a quote from us today. Just call us and let us know you’re considering and we can help you figure out the details.

How a Metal Stairway Can Improve Your Business Interior

How a Metal Stairway Can Improve Your Business Interior

Want to make your business interior stand out? A metal stairway could be exactly what you need. Interior design has a profound effect on the way your business is received by customers and clients. What is it about a metal staircase that might improve your business interior? Here are a few of the positives.

Bold Design Choice

A metal stairway can improve your business interior by being a bold design choice. Sometimes making your interior memorable and beloved is simply by making bold design decisions. Something like a metal stairway isn’t often seen inside of attractive, modern businesses. However, it’s uncommonness is exactly what makes it so attractive. Transplanting a concept most often seen in industrial factory settings into a cozy, modern one can leave an impression. 

Improved Visibility

Not only is a metal stairway a great design choice because of how it looks, it’s also a great design choice because of how it makes everything else look. Solid stairways may have their merits, but they’re a heavy, bulky presence. If you’re looking to give your business a lightweight, open concept look, a metal stairway is the right choice.

Metal stairways, like the ones made by Pro Weld, only have horizontal steps. There are no vertical panels connecting each of the steps and closing off the design. Instead, you can easily see through the stairs’ steps.

Likewise, just as your eyes can travel through the gaps in the stairs, so can light. A metal stairway improves lighting in an amazing way. It’s incredible how much you can ignore until you see the alternative. For example, how dark the bottom of a stairway can be when no light can pass through. Allowing light to pass through your stairway can really illuminate the whole set of stairs. Not only does this look better from the rest of the room, it makes traversing the stairs more comfortable.

Better Grip

While some metal stairways have flat steps, others have grated steps. These are great for giving additional traction, which can be vital in environments where floors get wet or dirty. However, even without grated steps, metal steps have a texture on them that provides better traction than a flat, wooden alternative. Better grip on the stairs means easier climbing and a safer work environment.

Different From Competitors

So, what makes Pro Weld the right company to buy metal stairways from in Toronto? Well, metal is our specialty. Many companies that specialize in stairs are not metal experts. Sure, you can cut metal panels and weld them together to make stairs. But, can you turn those stairs into artistry?

Our designers and metal experts at Pro Weld are in the craft because of their passion for metalwork. If you want metal stairs that work great, but also look great, we’re the company to call. So, pick up the phone and give us a ring. We look forward to helping you find and obtain the right design to improve your business interior.

Custom Metal Fabrication Services in Toronto

Custom Metal Fabrication Services in Toronto

Getting any new machine off the ground starts with a design and ends in metal fabrication. Without the ability to bring your design to life, your machine will remain in your head and on paper only. Fortunately, you don’t have to have all the equipment and know-how to build it yourself. That’s what teams like Pro Weld are for. Here’s how we can help you with custom metal fabrication in Toronto.


The first step to getting your metal design off the ground is consulting with a team who can put the pieces together. Consulting with Pro Weld can be done by simply giving us a call. So, let us know what you need help with and we can schedule you to come talk with us in person. There, you can show us your designs, we can work out any kinks, and then plan the fabrication timeline.

Custom Metal Fabrication

Metal experts like those at Pro Weld are used to crafting metal products of all kinds for people. Our team, especially, has a lot of hands on experience with machine fabrication. Therefore, if you’re looking for a prototype or even an updated model of an existing design, we can give you a hand.

Custom metal fabrication services begin with a design and end with a shiny, new machine, ready to be installed in your factory, business, or other operating location. Fortunately, we do more than just fabrication.

Installation Services

Custom metal fabrication services go hand in hand with installation services. It’s not easy to move, transport, and install a large metal device of any kind. So, once we’ve finished bringing your designs to life, we can also put them where they belong.

Pro Weld’s custom metal fabrication and installation services span the entire Toronto area. Let us do the heavy lifting. After all, we have the equipment for it. So, just let us know where to deliver and install your new machine and we’ll have it done efficiently and professionally in no time.

Maintenance and Repairs

Once your machine has been installed, that’s only the beginning of its life. After that, your machine will have a whole lifetime ahead of it, full of maintenance and repair needs. Fortunately, Pro Weld is here for you the whole time.

Pro Weld does maintenance on metal all the time. If your machine gets damaged, scratched, needs to be cleaned, begins to rust, malfunctions, or otherwise has a hiccup, we can help. Maintenance can come in the form of cleaning, safety inspections, and more. Repairs can mean something as simple as rust removal to something as complicated as mobile welding services. We can bring our welding equipment on-site and repair anything that needs reinforcement or reconnection.

If you’re ready to get started on taking your design to the next level, give us a call at Pro Weld and let us know you’re interested in custom metal fabrication services.

Improve Home Security with Wrought Iron Door Inserts

Improve Home Security with Wrought Iron Door Inserts

If you take your home security seriously, you might have invested in a high tech camera system. However, camera systems are only a psychological deterrent. If a burglar wants to break in, a camera won’t stop them – it will only record them. Moreover, that recording may or may not even be valid as evidence. It all depends on what it captures. If you want effective home security, you need to invest in something that will physically prevent a burglar from entering your home. That’s where wrought iron door inserts come in.

What Are Wrought Iron Door Inserts?

Wrought iron door inserts are iron grates or bars that fit between the panes of glass on your front door. These are usually designed to be attractive and decorative, while still maintaining their function. What is their function? To prevent anyone from getting through your door just from breaking the glass.

Are They Effective?

Now comes the age old question: are they effective? Is there actually a point to this, or is it just to make you feel better about your security? The answer is: yes they are. A burglar may be able to take a rock to the glass on your door, but they can’t do much after that. With the wrought iron door insert in the way, they can’t step through the broken door window. If designed properly, they also can’t reach the inside deadbolt from through the grate.

Now they’ve made a loud noise by breaking the glass and have nowhere to go but away. Your home is safe and so are your belongings. If you have homeowner’s insurance that covers vandalism or break-ins, you may even be able to replace your glass free of charge. However, this is all assuming someone would break your door’s glass in the first place. Seeing wrought iron door inserts is enough of a deterrent for many to not try in the first place.

Impact on Appearance

Now is the question of appearance. Do wrought iron door inserts look like prison bars? In the end, it does come down to perspective and perception. However, we don’t think they do – not when made by artistic professionals like us.

Wrought iron door inserts can be made as simple as prison bars. However, that doesn’t mean that’s the only way. When crafting these inserts, we tend to lean more toward art nouveau type styles, since this style works well with wrought iron. The resulting appearance is that you’ve simply decorated your door. Most people may not even consider the real purpose of the insert; they’ll simply admire the design.

Custom Wrought Iron Door Inserts

If you have a design idea that you would like crafted for your own door, give us a call. We love to consult with clients and work out their design ideas into something tangible. We look forward to hearing from you!

Custom Steelwork for Unique Home and Business Decor

Custom Steelwork for Unique Home and Business Decor

Did you know Pro Weld can do more than just railings? Our specialty is metal, in all of its wonderful forms. From railings to machinery, all the way to custom steelwork, we know our way around metal. Wondering what custom steelwork is? Technically, anything made custom from steel is custom steelwork. However, we want to shine a light on the possibilities in home and business decor.

Custom Steelwork Wall Art

If you run a business, or simply enjoy large art pieces in your home, custom steelwork wall art might be up your alley. Have you ever seen wall art made of steel before? It can look really incredible. Imagine large, sweeping, metal leaves, intermingled with berries that catch the light on their metal surfaces. Or, imagine a contemporary cityscape made of overlapping highrises and mountains in the background. All of this can be done with flat pieces of steel, hammered out into the right shapes and cut into pieces.

Hammered steel wall art is ideal for large spaces with lots of light flow. An office space is a good example. Large office spaces with ample lighting and extra tall wall spaces offer the perfect place to display a piece like this. The light will catch on all of the gentle waves in the metal. We think this is one of the best ways to appreciate the work that went into it.

Steel Sculptures

Looking for something more suited to be displayed in the center of a room? Steel sculptures are a beautiful and contemporary way to fill empty space. Steel sculptures can be small, or they can be massive. It all depends on how much space you need to fill. A small sculpture could sit happily on a corner table in a waiting room. A large one could fill a 3 story entry room with skylights and escalators. You could also display one of a larger size outdoors to draw attention to your business. Extra points if the sculpture depicts the topic of your work!

Custom Steel Vessels

As we mentioned, steel can be used for virtually anything. So, take a moment to consider custom steelwork in the form of custom steel vessels. This could be steel cups, steel beer steins, steel pitchers, or steel bowls. You can use steel to make practically anything. And we’re up to the challenge!

Any Custom Steelwork in Toronto

Any steelwork you can imagine, we’re probably game for. Call us today with your ideas and let’s start a conversation about the possibilities. Pro Weld is always excited to take on something new and interesting. We look forward to hearing from you!


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