Iron Spiral Staircases for Interior and Exterior

Iron Spiral Staircases for Interior and Exterior

Looking for an interior or exterior stairway? Iron spiral staircases aren’t just an aesthetic choice. There are actually a lot of reasons you might opt for one of them. Let’s take a look at why you might invest in one of Pro Weld’s spiral staircases for your Toronto home or business.

Space Efficient

Spiral staircases aren’t just a throwback to older fashions; they have some timeless perks you can enjoy even today. For example, iron spiral staircases are extremely space efficient. Straight staircases require a long stretch of floorspace that isn’t available in every room. However, just because a room doesn’t have a lot of floor space doesn’t mean it doesn’t need a stairway in it. Solve your space problem by using an iron spiral staircase.

Spiral staircases take up significantly less space since they curve back on themselves. That means you can fit one easily into the corner of a room. In fact, you could make do with a square space of only 4.5ft long. 

Easy to Navigate

Spiral staircases may give you pause because of their odd shape. Are they easy to use? Don’t they cause problems with regard to moving things? While we admit spiral staircases aren’t the ideal design for transporting goods, they’re actually better than stairways with regard to physical ease of use.

Iron spiral staircases are easy to use, especially for those with minor mobility difficulties. This is due to the spiral staircase being a closer fit and having reachable handholds on either side. Someone who isn’t so light on their feet can grip the handrail on one side and the center post with the other. While wide, straight stairways are better for carrying large boxes, they also provide too much space to easily hold on at both sides.

Additionally, if you’re worried about tripping on the stairs, spiral staircases come with the added benefit of being easier to catch yourself on. There may be some funny ideas about people falling down spiral staircases in films, but that’s mostly added for humorous effect. In reality, a spiral staircase of a moderate to small size provides a lot of places to grab on. That means, even if you lose your footing, it’s unlikely that you would end up going all the way down the stairs. The same can’t be said for straight stairways.

Steps That Grip

An additional perk to iron spiral staircases is that you can order them with steps that grip. The same type of metal grate design that’s used for a factory catwalk can be used on a spiral staircase. This is ideal for spiral staircases that are placed outdoors or in work environments. Wet shoes won’t lead to slipping. Plus, instead of collecting dirt, grated steps will allow filth to fall through, meaning your stairs stay cleaner and easier to traverse.

High Quality Iron Spiral Staircases

If you’re looking for a space-efficient stair solution, get a spiral staircase from Pro Weld. Check our photos to see examples of our work. Or, contact us today to set up a consultation. We would be happy to discuss your options with you or show you our complete portfolio.

Metal Stairways for Factories and Industrial Buildings

Metal Stairways for Factories and Industrial Buildings

Factories and industrial spaces have a lot of unique design requirements. One thing that they can’t do without is metal stairways. There are a lot of reasons why metal stairways are the best choice for factories. All of those reasons are catered to with the beautiful iron and steel stairs made by Pro Weld.

Why Metal Stairways for Factories?

The reasons why metal stairways are the best choice for factories are endless. However, we can offer you the most important ones.

Metal Is Durable

When working with heavy machinery, carrying heavy materials, and taking on the day to day back and forth of employees, having a durable stairway is a must. Relying on metal, in this case, is an obvious solution. You aren’t going to get the same results from wood. And, while cement may seem like great alternative, it comes with a lot of downsides. One of those downsides is that the stairs will begin to warp as the cement is worn down. Other downsides relate to the following points.

Metal Allows Air and Light Flow

When working in an enclosed space where machine fumes may be present, having good airflow is important. Most of the fumes of a factory will be ventilated directly outside. However, certain smells and fumes will remain indoors. After all, why else would a factory smell the way it does? Metal, grated stairways are ideal for factories because they allow air through them, as well as light.

Metal Is Nonslip

In a factory or industrial building, having safe stairs is absolutely paramount. Metal stairways can be designed with grated stairs. These provide a nonslip surface that shoes can grip to. Additionally, any liquid or dirt that spills on them will drop through to the floor below. There, it’s easy to sweep or wipe up without risking the safety of employees.

Types of Metal Stairways

Stairways come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Pro Weld doesn’t just offer a one-size fits all solution. We offer many types of metal stairways.

Straight, stainless steel stairways are great for easy maintenance, since they’re easy to clean and don’t rely on coating to prevent rust. These stairways are also very material safe, which makes them a great choice for any factory or industrial site that uses chemicals regularly.

However, if you’re looking for something darker or more compact, an iron, spiral staircase is also a great choice. This type of stairway is ideal for spaces where carrying goods isn’t necessary. Consider using a spiral staircase between factory levels and an employee lounge or office space.

Custom Metal Stairways for Factories

There’s more to a stairway than just performance. Appearance, size, and material also matter. No matter what kind of metal stairways you’re after, Pro Weld can provide them. In fact, we can provide them exactly to your safety-conscious specifications.

If you’re interested in custom ordering metal stairways for your factory or other industrial building, call us today. We would love to set up a consultation and discuss exactly what kind of stairways you’re looking for. When you contact us, we can give you a quote and estimate the speed of production. That makes your job a lot easier.

Get Handrails for Your Stairs – It’s the Law!

Get Handrails for Your Stairs - It's the Law!

If you’re working on constructing or commissioning the construction of a new building, listen closely! Did you know you absolutely must have handrails for your stairs? This may seem like a given for big stairways that span between floors. However, it’s also necessary for small stairways of only a few steps. Even if someone else is putting in the stairs and handrails for you, you can still play your part! Railing style can make a big impact on your overall design. So, let’s consider these options.

If You Didn’t Want Handrails

There are quite a few building designs that don’t account for the appearance of handrails. A simple, contemporary building looks sleek with a few railing-free steps leading up to the door or a porch. However, you legally have to have railings for steps that reach a certain height. Therefore, you may have no choice but to cut into that beautifully sleek design with some handrails. Fortunately, there are solutions for stair handrails that might just end up working for you.

Glass handrails for these stairs may be the perfect way to get everything you want. They ensure those walking up the stairs have a safe trip (or lack thereof) while still allowing a clear view of the building. The glass helps keep visuals open, allows light to pass through, and goes well with contemporary building design.

Handrails That Increase the Design Flair

If you want every part of your building to be a deliberate design choice rather than something you’ll hope people ignore, there are solutions for that as well. Handrails can be the perfect way to increase the design flair of a building if utilized correctly.

One way to create a daring design piece is by installing something unusual, like colored wrought iron or wrought steel. You could even do something as bold as a hybrid metal design. Imagine the stunning visuals of a black wrought iron design with wrought steel intertwining throughout. The bright silver color of the steel and the black of the iron would contrast each other beautifully.

Handrails That Blend Into the Background

There are two options of you’re looking for handrails for your stairs that will blend in: something transparent and something that matches. That means getting glass railings, or getting railings that are the same color as your porch or building.

If you have a contemporary building, you may find the building and porch are both black – or even white. Getting railings that are the same color will make them blend into the surrounding parts of the building. Then they’re less obtrusive while still fulfilling their very important role in your building’s safety.

Buy Quality Handrails in Toronto

If you need to buy high quality railings for your building in Toronto, Pro Weld is the team to help get you sorted. Give us a call and we can discuss style and design options. You can even order something custom from us and we’ll get to crafting just for you.

Buy Wrought Iron Railings for Your Home Interior

Buy Wrought Iron Railings for Your Home Interior

Have you ever seen some stunning wrought iron railings and wanted them for yourself? Well, there’s good news! Wrought iron railings aren’t simply a design fad of the past. So many of us fell in love with them, that they’re still crafted today. In fact, you’ve stumbled onto the website of exactly one such team of metalworkers. You can get wrought iron railings for your home interior. Let’s see how.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Wrought Iron Railings

When choosing wrought iron railings, the first thing to determine is where you want them. Indoor wrought iron railings and outdoor ones may seem like the same thing, but there can be big differences in maintenance.

The primary concern you should keep in mind when deciding on a material for your railings is weatherproofing. Outdoor iron railings are completely possible – and look great too – but they will require more maintenance to prevent rusting. Wrought iron railings for your home interior, on the other hand, will stand up to wear much better. If they’re given a high quality coating of the right type, they should last many years without any kind of special upkeep.

Choose Your Design

When buying railings from Pro Weld, you can choose your own design. Don’t settle for the machine-made, cookie cutter railings available in many home stores. Get something original and let it speak for you in your home design.

Custom designs can come from taking inspiration from others, coming up with something from scratch yourself, or working with us to find the right, unique design for you via our professional railing artists.

If you’re not interested in going completely custom, you’ll find some really great design options in our regular portfolio. Find the one that feels right and we’ll make it just for you.

Get Reputable Railings

You can buy railings from many different places across Toronto. However, we recommend going with a team that has built up an airtight reputation. Our team at Pro Weld has been serving Toronto clientele for many years. In our wake, we’ve left a lot of happy people and beautiful homes. Check out our photos to see some of our proudest productions.

Contact Us at Pro Weld

If you’re looking for a consultation or to begin the ordering process, just give us a call. We’re happy to get things started for you, beginning with a meeting. Getting the chance to talk, you can take the opportunity to see how we work together and if you’re interested in moving forward with rail production. If you’re looking to order custom railings, we can also go over some of the design possibilities and take the first steps to creating one for you.

What Type of Metal Is Best for Outdoor Railings?

What Type of Metal Is Best for Outdoor Railings?

When investing in outdoor railings for your home or business, you don’t want to buy something that breaks or rusts within a year or two. The faster your outdoor railings begin to have problems, the sooner you have to sink maintenance costs into them. So, what’s the best type of metal for outdoor railings? Let’s look at a few options and what pros and cons they come with.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a fantastic choice for outdoor railings; that’s why they’re so easy to spot lining commercial walkways and steps. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t have their drawbacks, right? Well, in fact, there really aren’t any. Stainless steel is probably the best metal you could opt for when choosing a metal for outdoor railings.

  • They take ages to show the slightest hint of rusting
  • They’re sturdy and stand up to a lot of weight and impact
  • A variety of styles are possible with stainless steel


Aluminum railings actually look pretty similar to stainless steel when made in certain styles. Are they equally as good a choice? Well, not quite. Aluminum railings aren’t as strong as steel, since aluminum isn’t as dense a metal. However, that isn’t to say aluminum doesn’t have its perks.

As much a perk as a drawback, aluminum being less dense than steel means it’s more lightweight. If you’re looking for railings that can be picked up and moved around, aluminum is a great choice of metal. That’s why segmented railings, like those used at a fair or other event, are usually aluminum.

In addition to being lighter weight than steel, aluminum is also more affordable. As you know, “cheap” can be as much a pro as it can be a con. 


If you’re looking for railings that stand up well to moisture and wind, glass is worth considering. Sure, glass isn’t a metal. But, that can be a good thing. Because glass isn’t metal, there’s no chance of it rusting.

If you’re looking for railings to line a porch, balcony, or deck, glass railings are a great choice. Some glass railings do come with metal frames, and most come with metal connectors. So be sure to choose your glass railings carefully.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron isn’t the best metal for outdoor railings. It’s more prone to rusting and it’s brittle enough to break, rather than bend, if backed into with your care. However, humans have mastered the art of caring for wrought iron so that it does a pretty solid job of staying beautiful.

Wrought iron has the benefit of being extremely customizable and beautiful. And, it can stay that way if properly maintained. Therefore, if you opt for wrought iron railings, just be sure to keep an eye on it for rust. Then, if you spot any, act fast to stop it from spreading and put on a new coat of rust inhibiting paint.

Buy Outdoor Railings That Last

No matter what metal you decide on, there’s a right way to buy it and care for it to ensure you end up with quality. To start, source your railings from a group of professional craftsmen like those who work at Pro Weld. Our team is here to provide you with top quality railings, year round. Call us today if you have questions and we’ll happily help you sort out the answers.

Steel Railings in Simple, Attractive Patterns

Steel Railings in Simple, Attractive Patterns

Railings come in innumerable designs. However, more often than not, different metals are “typecast,” so to speak. Stainless steel is used for bulky, simple railings, rather than attractive ones with nice patterns. Wrought iron is used for curvy, elegant railings with a lot of detail. Does it have to be this way? Of course not! Let’s give the spotlight to steel railings, the underdog in gorgeous design.

Why Are Steel Railings So Basic?

If you’ve ever wondered why steel railings are always simple, bulky designs, there’s a reason. Steel is an incredibly hard, dense metal alloy. That’s why it’s so often used for things like knives. They need to start sharp and stay that way for as long as possible. Steel is strong enough to ensure that that happens.

So, because steel is such a sturdy, stubborn metal, it’s easy to put it to use as a brawny safety barrier. The more fluid designs are left to its more manipulable cousin, iron.

Limitations in Steel Railing Design

There’s another facet of steel railing design that must be considered. Have you ever noticed that stainless steel railings are left plain while wrought iron is coated? This is all about rust prevention. The first parts of steel railings to fall victim to oxidization (rusting) are the joints. That’s because the joints where the steel is welded together undergoes a process that makes it more vulnerable to oxidizing.

Therefore, imagine a steel railing that’s been shaped into an intricate pattern full of connecting pieces. The more joints in a steel railing, the more likely it is to fall victim to rust. Does that mean it can’t be done? Of course it can! We simply must take precautions.

Steel Railings in Simple, Attractive Patterns

Steel railings can be made into beautiful designs by relying on simple, attractive patterns. Instead of hammering the steel into fancy, curvy shapes like those crafted from iron, we should opt for something simpler. In order to leave the steel “naked” we need to ensure it can hold up to rain and wind without rusting right away.

A simple pattern that relies on a lot of bends in the metal can accomplish this feat. The goal is to create a design with as little welding as possible. That leaves room for lots of creativity. Bars can curve around each other, pass each other by, bend to avoid each other, and make a beautiful pattern.

You may be wondering, “why not just paint the steel railings?” Well, technically you can paint stainless steel. However, it’s not easy. Stainless steel doesn’t allow paint to adhere to it very easily, so you have to get creative and use non-standard paints. Plus, most people opt for steel due to its appearance and lack of coating maintenance. If you’re interested in decorative railings with a coating, you may just want to get wrought iron.

Custom Steel Railings from Pro Weld

If you’re in the market for custom steel railings, you can get them from Pro Weld. Give us a call and let’s schedule a consultation to discuss your design ideas. We’re happy to craft steel railings into whatever patterns you want. Of course, we’ll do so with due consideration as to what kind of maintenance they’ll need in the coming years.

Mobile Welding Services in Toronto

Mobile Welding Services in Toronto

If you need welding done in the GTA, Pro Weld is here to assist with mobile welding services in Toronto. From iron and steel fence repair to machine installation, we’re ready to help with it all. Let’s take a closer look at how we can help you.

Fence and Railing Repair Services

One of the most common uses for mobile welding is on-site repair of metal fences and railings. Wrought iron and stainless steel alike can sustain damages from vehicle mishaps and much more. However, removing a portion of railing to take in for repairs is not always an easy task. It’s much easier to bring the repairs to the railings. That’s where mobile welding comes in.

Pro Weld’s mobile welding services mean we come to you. We can do metal repairs right on-site, making fixing damaged fences and railings as easy as giving us a call. Therefore, there’s no need for you to do any uninstallation or reinstallation. We can repair railings and fences right where they’re placed, including replacing broken segments.

Machine Repair Services

Railings and fences aren’t the only thing that need help from professional welders. Machines also require repairs. And, because machines are typically made from metal, repairing them either means complicated part removal or on-site repairs.

Pro Weld’s mobile welding team can come right to your machinery. Our welding tools are easy to transport with our specialized vans. Therefore, we can get the work done without ever removing your machinery from your property. This is ideal for factories with large, bulky machinery that can’t be moved without extensive disassembly of parts.

Other Applications of Mobile Welding

Repairs are what our mobile welding team does most. However, it’s not the only thing they’re good for. Welding is also necessary for installing machinery and other metal fixtures. Therefore, bringing the welding on-site is never a downside. It speeds up any metalworking process significantly. Let us know if you need assistance with machine installation, railing installation, or any other metalwork involving welding. We’re happy to help wherever we can.

Hire Us for Mobile Welding Services in Toronto

Our team at Pro Weld specializes in welding, which is applicable everywhere. However, our services are offered throughout the GTA. If you’re in Toronto or the surrounding areas, you’re in the perfect position to receive our services. Whether that’s railing or machine repair services, or installations, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call and we can discuss the specifics of your welding needs and ensure you get the help you need.

How to Repair Damaged Stainless Steel Railings

How to Repair Damaged Stainless Steel Railings

Stainless steel railings can be some of the sleekest, strongest railings to install. However, like any other type of railing, they’re less effective and less attractive when damaged. If you need to repair damaged stainless steel railings, Pro Weld can help you. Here’s how to get started.

Assess the Damage

The first step to repairing anything, stainless steel railings included, is assessing the damage to determine what kind of work they need to be fixed. If your stainless steel railings are damaged by rust, you may be able to fix the problem yourself. However, damage involving a break in the metal is best handled by a professional – like those at Pro Weld.

DIY Repair for Damaged Stainless Steel Railings

Some damage to stainless steel railings is possible to fix by yourself. Repair rust-damaged stainless steel railings right at home with some rust remover and a metal coating product. There are different products for coating different types of metal, so be sure to find the right one. To remove and repair rust problems on stainless steel railings, you’ll need to buy a rust prevention product to prevent oxidization of the metal. This is most necessary where the steel bars have been welded together. This is because welding slightly changes the chemical composition of the metal. So, stainless steel is most likely to be affected near the joints and connections.

Professional Repair for Damaged Stainless Steel Railings

Fortunately, rust removal isn’t something you have to do by yourself. Our team at Pro Weld is happy to help with this process and restoring your stainless steel railings to normal. Additionally, we can weld cracks and breaks back together. In extreme cases, we can also replace destroyed, stainless steel bars by welding on new ones. That way, you don’t have to completely replace your stainless steel railings.

Stainless Steel Railing Replacement in Toronto

However, damage to stainless steel railings isn’t always reparable. Sometimes an old set of railings is best to replace entirely. If your railings’ strength and integrity has been too damaged to rely on – even with repairs – Pro Weld is still at the ready. We produce and design stainless steel railings all the time. If yours are no longer functioning as needed, it might be time to let go and look to the future.

Or stainless steel railings can replicate your existing design or opt for something altogether new. There’s no obligation to stick to the old design if you aren’t in love with it. In fact, if you bring us a picture of your interior or exterior – wherever your railings are placed – we can help you choose the right design. Every interior and exterior is complimented by a different style. We know one size is not fit for all. So, give us a call and schedule a consultation. We look forward to working with you to create a great railing design for your home or business.

Outdoor Railings for Offices and Businesses

Outdoor Railings for Offices and Businesses

Are you building a new office or looking to update an existing one? If you need new railings for an office or business, Pro Weld is exactly the place to call. Here are some of the ways we can assist you in obtaining outdoor railings for offices or businesses.

Custom Railing Designs

If you’re a business owner looking for custom outdoor railings for your office or business, Pro Weld can help. Custom outdoor railings can incorporate logos, company initials, and other such iconography. This can make your office stand out from others in a positive way. Visiting your office, as a client, custom outdoor railings can leave a positive impression of the business and its motif. Plus, custom outdoor railings give the impression that a business is more quality than one without. 

Investing in the outward appearance of your business gives an impression of success and prosperity. What kind of company would you want to work with? One that’s cookie cutter, or one with the confidence and wealth to set itself apart?

Existing Railing Designs

Not interested in custom outdoor railings for your office or business? You can still improve its appearance with existing designs. Pro Weld has a huge number of designs we make regularly. These foolproof railing designs look great in all kinds of settings. Take a look at some of the outdoor railings we’ve installed for other businesses in Toronto and find a design that works for you.

On-Site Installation

Once we’ve crafted your high quality, outdoor railings, we’ll also do on-site installation. Once we know what design you’re after, we’ll get to work and then schedule an installation time with you. Then, we’ll get to work putting your railings in exactly as you need them. When we’re through, your business will have beautiful outdoor railings, ready to rely on.

Mobile Welding

One of the most valuable things we have to offer is mobile welding. This makes installation of metal railings a breeze. However, it also means we can repair outdoor railings for offices and businesses. Existing outdoor railings that are still good at their core can simply be fixed up and made safe and beautiful again. 

Mobile welding is a vital piece of the railing repair puzzle. The ability to bring welding directly to your office or business means we can do all of the repair on-site. This saves time and means most railings will be able to stay right where they are. Broken pieces can be reattached and bends can be straightened out without a fuss.

Get Old, Outdoor Railings Replaced

If you have existing railings that are too broken to repair,or simple not the design you want, we can replace them. Replacing old, outdoor railings is a great way to lift up the appearance of your office or business and bring it up to date. Give us a call today and we can begin discussing your railing needs. We look forward to working with you.

Indoor Professional Railing Design in Toronto

Indoor Professional Railing Design in Toronto

If you’re looking for indoor, professional railing design help for your Toronto home or business, you’ve come to the right place. Pro Weld is Toronto’s leading railing manufacturer, known for our quality products and beautiful custom designs. Here’s how we can help you with indoor railings for any interior you’re outfitting.

Custom, Wrought Iron Railing Designs

Wrought iron railings are a timeless fixture in any home that will accommodate them. The only way to improve your experience with owning wrought iron railings is to have them custom designed. Custom wrought iron railings, made exactly to your specifications, make your home or business feel like yours. Every day, walking down the stairs, you get to use a railing that feels like you.

Pro Weld is happy to help you achieve your custom home railing dreams by putting your design into action. Let us give you the indoor railing design you’ve been imagining. Nothing beats knowing part of your interior is completely unique to your home or business. With a custom railing design from Pro Weld, you know there’s no other building in the world that’s just like yours.

Recreate Existing Wrought Iron Railing Designs

Customization isn’t the only thing we can help with. Indoor professional railing design can also be recreating existing railings. Old railings can end up broken and in need of repair or replacement. If you’re interested in maintaining the integrity of the original house design, you can opt to have us recreate existing wrought iron railing designs.

When recreating an existing indoor railing design, we’ll need references. Photos of what’s remaining of the old railings will give us a great base to work with. From there, we can figure out what’s missing or damaged.

Sometimes, to recreate an existing indoor railing design, means creating railings that are long gone. If a home you’re restoring has had modern railings put in that you want taken back to the home’s roots, we can assist. If you can find old photos of the home before it was updated, or provide us samples of the type of railings used by the home’s original architect, we can create railings just like what were, or would have been, in the house when it was built.

Stainless Steel Railing Designs in Toronto

Indoor railing design doesn’t start and end with wrought iron. Stainless steel railings are also popular, especially in industrial style homes following more modern trends. Stainless steel railings don’t need to be as bland and lifeless as the ones you see bordering business stairs. Plain vertical or horizontal bars are utilitarian. There are many more styles you can achieve with stainless steel. This material is great for geometric patterns or simplistic bar patterns. Whatever you prefer, we can achieve.

Professional Indoor Railings

If you’re ready to get yourself some professional indoor railings, give us a call at Pro Weld. We’re here to serve homes and businesses all over the GTA. Let us now what you’re after and we’ll make sure you get what you need.


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