Outdoor Railings for Offices and Businesses

Outdoor Railings for Offices and Businesses

Are you building a new office or looking to update an existing one? If you need new railings for an office or business, Pro Weld is exactly the place to call. Here are some of the ways we can assist you in obtaining outdoor railings for offices or businesses.

Custom Railing Designs

If you’re a business owner looking for custom outdoor railings for your office or business, Pro Weld can help. Custom outdoor railings can incorporate logos, company initials, and other such iconography. This can make your office stand out from others in a positive way. Visiting your office, as a client, custom outdoor railings can leave a positive impression of the business and its motif. Plus, custom outdoor railings give the impression that a business is more quality than one without. 

Investing in the outward appearance of your business gives an impression of success and prosperity. What kind of company would you want to work with? One that’s cookie cutter, or one with the confidence and wealth to set itself apart?

Existing Railing Designs

Not interested in custom outdoor railings for your office or business? You can still improve its appearance with existing designs. Pro Weld has a huge number of designs we make regularly. These foolproof railing designs look great in all kinds of settings. Take a look at some of the outdoor railings we’ve installed for other businesses in Toronto and find a design that works for you.

On-Site Installation

Once we’ve crafted your high quality, outdoor railings, we’ll also do on-site installation. Once we know what design you’re after, we’ll get to work and then schedule an installation time with you. Then, we’ll get to work putting your railings in exactly as you need them. When we’re through, your business will have beautiful outdoor railings, ready to rely on.

Mobile Welding

One of the most valuable things we have to offer is mobile welding. This makes installation of metal railings a breeze. However, it also means we can repair outdoor railings for offices and businesses. Existing outdoor railings that are still good at their core can simply be fixed up and made safe and beautiful again. 

Mobile welding is a vital piece of the railing repair puzzle. The ability to bring welding directly to your office or business means we can do all of the repair on-site. This saves time and means most railings will be able to stay right where they are. Broken pieces can be reattached and bends can be straightened out without a fuss.

Get Old, Outdoor Railings Replaced

If you have existing railings that are too broken to repair,or simple not the design you want, we can replace them. Replacing old, outdoor railings is a great way to lift up the appearance of your office or business and bring it up to date. Give us a call today and we can begin discussing your railing needs. We look forward to working with you.

Indoor Professional Railing Design in Toronto

Indoor Professional Railing Design in Toronto

If you’re looking for indoor, professional railing design help for your Toronto home or business, you’ve come to the right place. Pro Weld is Toronto’s leading railing manufacturer, known for our quality products and beautiful custom designs. Here’s how we can help you with indoor railings for any interior you’re outfitting.

Custom, Wrought Iron Railing Designs

Wrought iron railings are a timeless fixture in any home that will accommodate them. The only way to improve your experience with owning wrought iron railings is to have them custom designed. Custom wrought iron railings, made exactly to your specifications, make your home or business feel like yours. Every day, walking down the stairs, you get to use a railing that feels like you.

Pro Weld is happy to help you achieve your custom home railing dreams by putting your design into action. Let us give you the indoor railing design you’ve been imagining. Nothing beats knowing part of your interior is completely unique to your home or business. With a custom railing design from Pro Weld, you know there’s no other building in the world that’s just like yours.

Recreate Existing Wrought Iron Railing Designs

Customization isn’t the only thing we can help with. Indoor professional railing design can also be recreating existing railings. Old railings can end up broken and in need of repair or replacement. If you’re interested in maintaining the integrity of the original house design, you can opt to have us recreate existing wrought iron railing designs.

When recreating an existing indoor railing design, we’ll need references. Photos of what’s remaining of the old railings will give us a great base to work with. From there, we can figure out what’s missing or damaged.

Sometimes, to recreate an existing indoor railing design, means creating railings that are long gone. If a home you’re restoring has had modern railings put in that you want taken back to the home’s roots, we can assist. If you can find old photos of the home before it was updated, or provide us samples of the type of railings used by the home’s original architect, we can create railings just like what were, or would have been, in the house when it was built.

Stainless Steel Railing Designs in Toronto

Indoor railing design doesn’t start and end with wrought iron. Stainless steel railings are also popular, especially in industrial style homes following more modern trends. Stainless steel railings don’t need to be as bland and lifeless as the ones you see bordering business stairs. Plain vertical or horizontal bars are utilitarian. There are many more styles you can achieve with stainless steel. This material is great for geometric patterns or simplistic bar patterns. Whatever you prefer, we can achieve.

Professional Indoor Railings

If you’re ready to get yourself some professional indoor railings, give us a call at Pro Weld. We’re here to serve homes and businesses all over the GTA. Let us now what you’re after and we’ll make sure you get what you need.

Simple Iron and Steel Railings in Toronto

Simple Iron and Steel Railings in Toronto

Whether you own a business, home, or otherwise, if you have stairs, you also need railings. For many people, railings are one of the most mundane and unexciting parts of any building design. However, the appearance of your building’s railings do have an impact on the overall appearance and aesthetic. Here are some reasons you might want simple iron or steel railings for your Toronto property.

Affordable Railing Design

The first benefit to going simple is that it makes your railings more affordable. No matter how important or unimportant any given part of a room is, there’s a cheap way to order it and an expensive way. Railings are no different. 

What does set railings apart from other interior or exterior design elements is their use. Railings are an important and mandatory safety feature for any building’s stairways. Therefore, you only want to go cheap in ways that won’t impact safety. Fortunately, high quality railings don’t have to be elaborate in appearance in order to be effective at protection.

Durable and Safe

Simple iron and steel railings for Toronto properties provide safety for longer than many of the alternatives. These railings may look lightweight in their narrow design, but the strength of the material makes up for that. 

Alternatives like aluminum may be perfectly sufficient when bought, but are more easily damaged. Therefore, in any environment where the railings are being used hands-on frequently, or environments where there is machinery or heavy equipment being used, something stronger is a better choice.

Subtle Accent Railings

While there are plenty of iron railing designs that are extremely elaborate, simple designs have their own design perks. A railing with simple, vertical balusters will fit right in in many different environments. The same is true of steel railings with only a couple of horizontal bars to guard drops where someone might fall.

Many interior and exterior design styles – such as industrial – look great with metal accents. However, this type of style holds no place for art nouveau wrought iron. Instead, a simple iron or steel railing design will give it just the masculine accent it needs to thrive without overpowering or taking away from the design. If you want to give your simple design some additional flavor, consider a design that incorporates fun, geometric angles for the bars.

Simple Railing Repair in Toronto

Already have some simple iron or steel railings that are just in need of some repair? Railings that get broken, bent, or rusted don’t need to be ripped out and replaced! Pro Weld offers railing repair services to the entire GTA and your railings are no exception. Give us a call if you need your railings repaired and we’ll schedule a time for us to come out and pay you a visit.

Where to Buy Simple Iron or Steel Railings in Toronto

Ready to buy some brand new railings? Our team of expert metal craftsmen can have your property protected with guards and railings in no time. Let us know what kind of railings you’re in the market for and we’ll make a plan together.

Railing Repair Services in Toronto

Railing Repair Services in Toronto

If you’re remodeling or renovating your home, or just need to fix a broken railing, Pro Weld is here to help. We assist the entire Toronto area in railing repair services. Here’s how we can help with railing repair for your home or business in Toronto.

Rust Removal

By far, the leading cause for railing repair service needs in regards to iron railings is rust removal. Rust doesn’t just look bad, it also makes railings less safe to handle and it continually damages the iron by eating through it. Ever seen an old car with a hole in the metal body, surrounded by rust? The hole got there because of the rust. Rust is extremely damaging to iron and can only be prevented with proper treating and coating of the metal.

If you have some railings that are in decent shape aside from a horrible coating of rust, we can help you out. Removing existing rust, treating the metal, and giving it a new, protective coating will allow your railings to live a long and beautiful life.

Bent Railing Repair

Railings that haven’t been well taken care of often fall into the hands of more caring owners after taking quite a beating. Therefore, if you’ve recently bought a property with some bent-up railings, we can fix them up for you. Railings can end up bent for all kinds of reasons. Someone might back into a railing with their car. Or, a piece of furniture might have fallen into one when rearranging furniture or moving in or out of the building. No matter the cause, bends in railings lower their safety use and must be fixed.

Pro Weld is Toronto’s expert team on railing crafting and repair. We can remove bends in railings or replace damaged parts if needed. When we’re through, you’ll have a whole set of railings in perfect, working condition.

Broken Railing Repair

Railings with minor damage aren’t where our expertise stops. Because we know how to craft railings from scratch, we also know how to repair them when they’re completely broken.

Railings break for all kinds of reasons. We could even salvage a set of beat up, metal railings abandoned in a scrap yard. Beautiful metalwork deserves to last. Therefore, let our railing repair services breathe some life back into your broken railings and replace what can’t be fixed.

Missing Railing Replacement

Otherwise intact railings are sometimes missing pieces. A piece can sometimes break off entirely if constructed wrong or used more than others. Using the design evident in the rest of the railings, or using old photos, we can recreate what’s missing and replace it. With our help, you can regain safety and beauty in your railings in no time.

Complete Restoration

Too many problems to pick just one? Complete railing restoration services are also in our wheelhouse. Give us a call today if you have any railing repair service needs in Toronto and we’ll get you the help you need.

Vertical Steel Railings for Businesses

Vertical Steel Railings for Businesses

Updating your business or building a new office? If so, you’re probably in the market for some railings. A huge percentage of businesses require railings. If you have stairs, ramps, or any number of other hazardous elements in your building design, you need railings. Not only are these good for safety, they look great. The good news is, if your business is anywhere in Toronto, Pro Weld can fix you up with the perfect railings for your business. While we offer many styles, today we want to draw your attention to vertical steel railings.

Simplicity at Its Finest

For as long as humans have been building structures, they’ve been finding ways to make them look better than everyone else’s. This doesn’t stop being true with regard to railings. We’ve been finding new ways to design them since the beginning. This is exactly how we got such unique fixtures as art nouveau wrought iron railings.

However, detail and intricacy isn’t the be-all-end-all of building design. Sometimes simplicity is a better fit. Vertical steel railings provide a simple solution for businesses that want to look sleek and modern. These no-frills railings offer safety, a masculine design feature, and low maintenance requirements. On the other hand, you can also use vertical steel railings as a base and customize them to be just a little bit unique, if you want to stand out.

Clean and Easy to Sanitize

If you’re still on edge about COVID-19, you can rest easy knowing that vertical steel railings for businesses are easy to clean. Unlike wrought iron, you don’t have to worry about stainless steel oxidizing for the most part. That means washing them down with soap and water is the perfect solution to keeping them sanitized.

Because vertical steel railings aren’t complicated in design, you can also cover them with something disposable with ease. The flat or rounded handrail can be wrapped with plastic sheeting without completely destroying the overall appearance of the railings.

Timeless Appearance

When it comes to the general appearance of vertical steel railings, stainless steel is timeless. They’re the epitome of “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” We have mastered the art of practical railings, and stainless steel is the perfect medium.

The timelessness of stainless steel railings means you can put them in classic, simple buildings, or even into extremely modern, cutting-edge designs. Architecture leaves plenty of room for stainless steel railings and doesn’t seem to have any intention of pushing them out of the design loop.

Practical and Safe

Stainless steel doesn’t just look good, it’s also practical and safe. Vertical steel railings don’t just offer something for visitors to grip on their way up the stairs. The vertical balusters also prevent small children from falling. Some of the most common steel railings are those with one or two horizontal crossbars. However, these have wide gaps in them that allow children to climb through to the other side. Unfortunately, the strength of steel makes this a tempting place to play. Let’s put that strength to better use by placing balusters a safe width apart and guarding dangerous ledges adequately.

Repair Broken Wrought Iron Railings in Toronto

Repair Broken Wrought Iron Railings in Toronto

Wrought iron railings are a beautiful addition to any home or business. They’re a throwback to past generations and architectural design styles. But, we’ve learned to do something modern with them at the same time. Pairing these railings with contemporary design has brought a breath of the classic into otherwise new and modern interiors and exteriors. However, because wrought iron railings are an old classic, many buildings that have them have old railings that are prone to breaking or degrading. Therefore, it’s important to know you can have them repaired with some help from Pro Weld in Toronto.

Repair Broken Wrought Iron Railings

Old wrought iron railings get damaged over time. This is especially true of outdoor railings that are exposed to rain and potential damage from vehicles. If you’ve got some wrought iron railings that have been bent, broken, scratched, or otherwise damaged, we can repair them. Pro Weld doesn’t just make railings, we also ensure existing railings stay looking their best. 

Sections of railing can be brought to our shop or, for extensive repairs, we can even go to you. Our mobile welding services allow us to service railings right where they’re installed. Many wrought iron railings are cemented right into the ground. Even those that aren’t would be a lot of work to remove for repairs. Therefore, it’s easiest for us to just come out to your home or business and do our repairs on-site.

Rust Removal Services

One of the most common ailments to befall wrought iron railings is rust. Iron is beautiful, up until it falls victim to oxidization and turns an unattractive orange color. If your home or business thrives on appearance, you can’t leave your wrought iron railings to rust.

If you want to restore the rusted wrought iron railings in your Toronto home or business, Pro Weld can help. Rust removal is part of wrought iron restoration. If you call us for repair services, you can be sure your wrought iron railings will look good as new when we’re through.

Wrought Iron Coating Services

To prevent wrought iron from rusting, it’s usually coated in a black paint that’s water resistant. This coating slows down wear, prevents oxidization, and provides a glossy appearance to an otherwise matte metal.

When you have your wrought iron railings repaired through Pro Weld, you can count on them getting a fresh new coating to prevent future rusting. It will also bring them back to their like-new appearance.

Replace Missing Wrought Iron Railings

Breaks and damage aren’t the only misfortune that can befall wrought iron railings. Sometimes whole pieces can go missing. This is especially true of antique railings with fancy designs. Parts can break off from rust damage or from someone backing their truck into a front gate. If you’ve got wrought iron railings with pieces missing, we can replicate those pieces and replace them with ease. Then, your wrought iron railings will be brought right back to their original quality.

Wrought Iron Accessories for Your Home

Wrought Iron Accessories for Your Home

While wrought iron railings are, perhaps, the most common use of wrought iron, they’re not all. There are many more fixtures and accessories for your home that can be made of wrought iron. If you’re a lover of the dark, classic metal, you’ll love some of these other wrought iron accessories you can use to decorate your home.

Wrought Iron Mailboxes

If you’re an appreciator of wrought iron, you’ll love having a wrought iron mailbox. These aren’t super common, since they can be difficult to craft and are easily mimicked with regular iron that’s coated in black paint.

The benefit of getting an actual wrought iron mailbox is that it will last longer than a cheap mockery. Plus, wrought iron bring with it the opportunity for customization. If you have a chunk of money that you want to put toward an artistic sculpture of a mailbox, it’s a great investment. You aren’t limited to the standard box-on-a-post type mailbox. You can go for any design you want.

Just as well as you can go for something really intricate, you can also get something simple. If you don’t have much of a yard or you prefer your mail to be delivered to your door, you can also opt for a wall-mounted mailbox. These simple little boxes are just right for a handful of letters or a small package. Mounted beside your front door, they also make retrieving the mail a breeze. Just be sure to make your mailman some brownies if you’re the only one in the neighborhood making him walk up the drive.

Wrought Iron Doorknockers

Doorknockers have gone mostly out of style in the past century. But, the key reason is because most people don’t have massive houses anymore – and, of course, the invention of the doorbell. These days, they’re more of a statement piece than anything, even if they do function when used.

If your home is large enough that a doorknocker won’t look silly on the front door, one might just spice up the aesthetic. Go for something big and gothic or something delicate and beautiful. No matter your taste, a wrought iron doorknocker is something that will become a memorable part of your home to guests and family alike.

Wrought Iron Window and Door Grates

Worried about security? Wrought iron window and door grates can keep burglars from getting in with a heavy rock. These grates don’t have to be the simplistic bars used to protect city townhouses. You can make them beautiful works of art that don’t take away from the beauty of your home.

The only thing that will take further consideration is fire safety. All window grates should have some kind of release from the inside to allow for a quick escape in case of emergencies. One of the reasons they’ve gone out of fashion is that fire safety laws meant the removal of many that didn’t come with an interior release. Since then, modern alarm systems have been more successful achieving their goals.

Buy Custom Wrought Iron from Pro Weld

If you’re looking for custom wrought iron crafting in Toronto, Pro Weld is here to help. We’re experts in our craft, making beautiful wrought iron railings, stairways, and more. If you have a custom design you’d like made, give us a call and let’s discuss the possibility.

Is Colored Wrought Iron Possible?

Is Colored Wrought Iron Possible?

If you have particularly strong tastes in home design, you may have wondered more than once about wrought iron. Many people adore the classic, black metal designs. In fact, they’ve made a bit of a comeback as restoration of old homes has become a known cause. However, what most people don’t wonder about is if that classic, black metal could be less classic and more colorful. Is colored wrought iron possible? Let’s take a look!

The Possibility

Let’s answer this quickly: yes, it’s possible! You can color your railings by painting them.

If done right, colored wrought iron can be just as good as classic wrought iron. However, if done incorrectly, it could not only end up looking bad, but damage the iron. So, let the experts at Pro Weld tell you a bit more about colored wrought iron, how to achieve it, and its uses.

The Uses of Colored Wrought Iron

Colored wrought iron is quite the statement. While you could technically use it anywhere normal wrought iron is found, it is better suited to certain places. We wouldn’t recommend making your wrought iron fence anything but black. However, if you want to make a real statement in your home, you could make your railings a certain color. This looks especially good in homes that rely on wrought iron to guard curved staircases. 

Any color is possible, but some that look really great are gold and silver. These colors, naturally, can make your railings look as if they’re gilt or made of these metals. Just make sure that, if you do go for one of these two, you choose a color that reflect the natural tint of the metal. Otherwise, it will simply look fake and cheap, taking down the quality of the plain, black railings.

Preparing Your Rails

If you’re going to paint your railings, you can’t just go out and buy some paint and slap it on. Before painting them, you need to prepare them. The most important thing about preparing your railings for a new coat of paint is ensuring there’s no rust on them. Even a small amount of rust, if left beneath the new coat of paint, can eat further through your iron railings and spread.

So, check your railings thoroughly for any areas – even small ones – where the existing, black coating is chipped off and rust has begun to develop. You can treat this yourself with rust removal and prevention treatment. However, if you want to guarantee the future integrity of your iron railings, we recommend you get professional help for anything more than the smallest amounts of rust.

Choosing Your Paint

The most important part of coating your railings in something new is choosing the right paint. You can’t use just anything. If you choose the wrong paint, you could end up with railings that are tacky or that chip with the slightest wear. Use exterior-grade enamel paint. This is paint that’s made to withstand outdoor weathering, will appear shiny when dry, and will better resist things like skin oils. Once your enamel is on, you might even consider a metallic top coat to increase the illusion of your railings being made of something other than iron.

Complete Home Railing Restoration

Complete Home Railing Restoration

Is your house home to a set of beautiful iron railings? If your railings are rusting or damaged, you may not even be sure! When iron railings begin to age, their beauty and appeal quickly disappears. However, there’s good news where iron railings come from: they’re possible to completely restore. If you want complete home railing restoration done, Pro Weld is the #1 iron specialist in Toronto to get the job done. Here’s what you can look forward to.

Remove Rust from Iron Railings

One of the most common things to ravage aging iron railings is rust. A complete set of interior or exterior iron railings can go from gorgeous to hideous when rust takes hold. There’s nothing quite like a patchy coat of orange where sleek black once was to destroy an aesthetic.

Fortunately, removing rust from iron railings is completely possible. Rust does do damage to the iron over time. Therefore, if your iron railings have been coated in rust for many years, it’s possible they will need more than just rust removal. However, there’s no way to know how extensive the damage is without a check from a professional.

Let our team of iron professionals at Pro Weld come take a look at the state of your railings and we’ll be able to offer more information on the restoration process.

Repair Damaged or Broken Iron Railings

Iron railings often become damaged or outright broken after years of neglect. This is especially true of exterior iron railings. Fortunately, iron is a very forgiving metal that can often be repaired with ease.

If your iron railings are damaged or broken, we can work diligently to reconnect loose pieces, weld together breaks, and even recreate pieces that have broken off and gone missing. Complete home railing restoration will cover all of your repair and restoration needs. 

Recoating Iron Railings

After an old set of iron railings have had the rust removed and been pieced back together, they need to be recoated. Wrought iron railings are coated in a special black paint that protects them from moisture and prevents rusting. This coating is also what gives them their shiny appearance when in new condition.

Complete Home Railing Restoration in Toronto

Do you want complete home railing restoration to bring your home’s railings back to looking like new? If so, Pro Weld is here to help. We do railing restoration all the time and can bring those services right to your home. Mobile welding equipment means doing repairs on-site is easy. If any pieces need to be recreated, we can craft them at our shop and then attach them to the original railings without having to remove them.

Let us know if you’re looking for iron railing restoration services in Toronto and we’ll get you a quote for our services.

Replicating Antique Iron Railings

Replicating Antique Iron Railings

Having a home with antique fixtures in it can be a really rewarding experience. Antique fixtures often come with stories and a lot of rich history. However, antiques are have also lived long lives and may not be in the best shape. Repairing the existing fixtures – such as antique iron railings, is the ideal solution. However, not all antique iron railings are in a reparable state. In those cases, we can explore the option of replicating your antique iron railings.

Not sure what to do with your antique iron railings? Let’s take a look at your options and what they mean.

Repairing Antique Iron Railings

A beautiful set of antique iron railings would have been made over 100 years ago. So, railings that were crafted around 1920 and earlier fall into the antique category. Those that were crafted between 1920 and 1970 would be vintage.

Because antiques are at least 100 years old, they’re often not in great condition. Things like railings are easy to let fall into disrepair with just a little neglect. This is especially common of railings in old houses that have sat empty or abandoned for many years. When someone finally comes around to restore the home, they look to repairing the antique iron railings as well. However, by that time, they’re often in irreparable condition.

What Makes Antique Iron Railings Irreparable?

The question is, what makes antique iron railings irreparable? Are yours irreparable?

When antique iron railings are missing a lot of pieces that have broken off, those pieces can be replaces with replicas. However, the remaining parts of the railings need to be strong enough to handle welding and, possibly, reshaping.

Are your railings are too fragile to be bent back into shape and have broken-off pieces welded onto them? If so, we can replicate them instead.

Replicating Antique Iron Railings

Replicating antique iron railings is a great way to proceed. Instead of working with the existing base railings, we can copy the design of them exactly and make a new set from new materials. Pro Weld has been designing and crafting custom railings for many years. Replicating antique designs is easy as pie in comparison. We have an eye for detail. With that, we can replicate your antique iron railings with the utmost accuracy.

Preserving History and Aesthetic

There’s more to replicating antique iron railings than simply doing a job. Preserving history and the original aesthetic of an old home is valuable work. Whether you’re restoring a home that’s been in the family for generations, or saving one from falling apart from neglect, we would be honored to work with you. Restoration work is some of the most important and underappreciated there is. Give us a call at Pro Weld and we’ll help make your job a bit easier.


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