Indoor Professional Railing Design in Toronto

Indoor Professional Railing Design in Toronto

If you’re looking for indoor, professional railing design help for your Toronto home or business, you’ve come to the right place. Pro Weld is Toronto’s leading railing manufacturer, known for our quality products and beautiful custom designs. Here’s how we can help you with indoor railings for any interior you’re outfitting.

Custom, Wrought Iron Railing Designs

Wrought iron railings are a timeless fixture in any home that will accommodate them. The only way to improve your experience with owning wrought iron railings is to have them custom designed. Custom wrought iron railings, made exactly to your specifications, make your home or business feel like yours. Every day, walking down the stairs, you get to use a railing that feels like you.

Pro Weld is happy to help you achieve your custom home railing dreams by putting your design into action. Let us give you the indoor railing design you’ve been imagining. Nothing beats knowing part of your interior is completely unique to your home or business. With a custom railing design from Pro Weld, you know there’s no other building in the world that’s just like yours.

Recreate Existing Wrought Iron Railing Designs

Customization isn’t the only thing we can help with. Indoor professional railing design can also be recreating existing railings. Old railings can end up broken and in need of repair or replacement. If you’re interested in maintaining the integrity of the original house design, you can opt to have us recreate existing wrought iron railing designs.

When recreating an existing indoor railing design, we’ll need references. Photos of what’s remaining of the old railings will give us a great base to work with. From there, we can figure out what’s missing or damaged.

Sometimes, to recreate an existing indoor railing design, means creating railings that are long gone. If a home you’re restoring has had modern railings put in that you want taken back to the home’s roots, we can assist. If you can find old photos of the home before it was updated, or provide us samples of the type of railings used by the home’s original architect, we can create railings just like what were, or would have been, in the house when it was built.

Stainless Steel Railing Designs in Toronto

Indoor railing design doesn’t start and end with wrought iron. Stainless steel railings are also popular, especially in industrial style homes following more modern trends. Stainless steel railings don’t need to be as bland and lifeless as the ones you see bordering business stairs. Plain vertical or horizontal bars are utilitarian. There are many more styles you can achieve with stainless steel. This material is great for geometric patterns or simplistic bar patterns. Whatever you prefer, we can achieve.

Professional Indoor Railings

If you’re ready to get yourself some professional indoor railings, give us a call at Pro Weld. We’re here to serve homes and businesses all over the GTA. Let us now what you’re after and we’ll make sure you get what you need.


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