Wrought Iron Railings

Wrought Iron Railings are a stunning choice

What began as a small welding shop in Concord, Ontario in 1990 has blossomed into the premier specialty welding and metals fabrication and installation company in the Greater Toronto Area. With more than 40 years of collective experience, company owner and President Tal Drori and his staff can design and engineer nearly any product required for a wide range of residential, industrial, and commercial applications.

We are especially proud of the work we have done with wrought iron railings, custom designed, manufactured, and installed for hundreds of customers who require the durability and longevity that iron provides in an interior or exterior setting. As anyone within the industry can attest, working with iron is extremely difficult and requires skill and attention to detail, not only because it glows red hot after being smelted, but due to the fact that shaping raw iron into the intricately detailed designs our customer’s expect demands intense concentration and little room for error.

In addition to wrought iron railings, our company specializes in stainless steel and glass railings, as well as metal works including bronze and copper for gates and fences, canopies, and balconies. The breadth of our experience assures we can meet any design and engineering challenge, whether we are doing work for residential customers, or clients in the construction, aircraft, marine, pharmaceutical, food and microelectronics industries.

Besides manufacturing, Pro Weld’s staff is well known for its repair services for a wide range of metal and glass-based products, offered onsite at the customer’s location or at our facilities for more complicated projects. In order to maintain the highest level of customer service, our company is a member of the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB), which sets standards for manufacturing and welding practices. CWB also offers a certification program, and we are proud to say we employ CWB-certified supervisors who work closely with the welders to make sure all of our projects meet quality standards and deadlines, and the customer’s deadline and budgetary requirements.

Whether you are interested in wrought iron railings, custom onsite welding, repairs, or any other specialty welding or fabrication services for your home or business, no company in the Greater Toronto Area has more experienced staff. We have grown our business and reputation on outstanding customer service since day one, and pledge we will listen to all of your needs and implement them accordingly.

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