The 2 Ways to Sanitize Glass Railings During COVID-19

The 2 Ways to Sanitize Glass Railings During COVID-19

COVID-19 may seem to be going away, but that depends on how well we continue following safety guidelines. Plus, there are variants on the horizon that may bring the pandemic back into full swing. Instead of getting lax, let’s stay on top of virus safety. The railing experts here at Pro Weld want to remind you that sanitizing railings properly is a really important part of fighting off the virus. So, here are 3 different ways to sanitize glass railings that will kill any COVID-19 that’s found its way onto their surfaces.

70% Alcohol Cleaner

While most people have come to understand that alcohol “kills germs,” what many people don’t realize is that “germs” and viruses aren’t necessarily as similar as you think they are. While viruses technically fall into the category of “germ,” most of the germs people are familiar with are actually just bacteria.

Because a virus is a special kind of germ, they don’t necessarily die from contact with alcohol. In the case of COVID-19, an alcohol-based cleaner needs to be at least 70% alcohol in order to kill it. This kind of alcohol is easy to find at most stores these days. Putting some into a spray bottle and using it with paper towels to wipe down the surfaces of glass railings will put a stop to any COVID-19 that’s taken up residence there.

When you sanitize glass railings, be sure to give equal attention to any metal bars that are attached to your glass railings. While kids may put their hands all over the glass, the adults are focusing their grip on the bar provided for stability.

Soap and Water

People are largely obsessed with alcoholic cleaners because they see them as “more effective.” However, just because alcohol is touted for killing germs doesn’t mean it’s the most effective way to kill COVID-19. Its strong smell may seem like an indication of its strength but, in fact, soap and water is the best way to kill this virus.

The good news is, any soap will work. Many folks think they have to use antibacterial soap. However, as we mentioned, a virus isn’t a bacteria. The two are two completely different germ types. Therefore, antibacterial soap is no more effective than a regular one. Let’s look at the reason why soap kills COVID-19.

A virus – COVID-19 in this case – has a fatty coating around it. This protects it in much the same way our skin does us. The soap molecules in any kind of soap disrupt that fatty layer, stripping the virus of its protective coating. That makes it completely nonfunctioning. 

Therefore, using a soapy washcloth to wash down and sanitize glass railings is the safest way to do things. No need to worry about percentages, if you’ve sprayed enough alcohol onto the surface, and so on. Just an old fashioned rag with some soap and water on it is enough to do the trick.

Buying Glass Railings

Glass railings are some of the easiest to clean, as they’re non-porous and largely flat. That means minimal creases and crevices where virus could hide from your cleaning attempts. If you’re due for a railing update in your business, consider replacing your existing railings with glass ones. Give us a call if you have questions about ordering.

Beautiful Railings for Your Office Interior

Beautiful Railings for Your Office Interior

A professional office has a brand to uphold. Whether that brand is sleek and modern, light and futuristic, or cozy and inviting has everything to do with what company it belongs to. However, regardless of the aesthetic your brand goes for, one thing is certain: you need sources for all of the things that make your interior yours. An oft-overlooked feature of any office interior is the railings. Railings are everywhere and are easy to forget about. They’re the silent heroes of any building with stairs. So, if you’re building a new office or looking to update your interior, you’ll need to know about the beautiful railings available from Pro Weld. Let’s check out the possibilities.

Stylish and Dark

First, let’s talk about one of Pro Weld’s signature railing types: wrought iron. Wrought iron railings are largely seen as outdoor fixtures. However, that limited view has largely been a disservice to those intending to outfit with wrought iron. Wrought iron has long been used indoors as well. The use of indoor wrought iron railings has been primarily seen in large houses with heavy wood tones in their interior aesthetic. The contrast between rich browns and curvy, black iron is really quite lovely.

If your office is looking for a pseudo antiquated aesthetic, these railings are a great choice. Offices that are targeting upper class clientele can benefit greatly from this style. Wood, iron, and black leather looks really great together. This combination is a building you step into and expect to sign a business deal or contract in.

Sleek and Masculine

Looking for something a bit less midcentury business? Sleek stainless steel might be a better choice for you. Stainless steel railings are practical, sturdy, and look great with other sleek interior fixtures. If you have a lot of silver or steel, black, and shiny finishes, these will fit right in.

Stainless steel looks great both indoors and outdoors. There are even different styles of stainless steel railings that reflect different aesthetic feelings. While broad railings might look fantastic along the outer stairway, smaller bars with a less intimidating bulk might be the better choice for indoors. 

Luxurious and Light

Want to maintain maximum light flow and a light signature interior? Glass railings are a great choice for that. They don’t offer any colors themselves and, therefore, can fit into any style perfectly. However, if you want to include them in making a statement, glass railings are fantastic additions to offices with a really light interior. These beautiful railings look great alongside light wood colors and white paint. This pristine aesthetic looks really great in medical office buildings and foundation headquarters.

Get Custom Railings

If none of the designs in our portfolio look right for you, just give us a call and let us know you’re in the market for custom railings. Custom work is one of our specialties here at Pro Weld. Let us know how we can help you and we’ll be quick to get started!

Beautiful Wrought Iron Gates for Your Estate

Have a large estate that you want improved security for? Wrought iron gates are exactly what you need. From keeping out casual trespassers to inhibiting potential burglars, wrought iron gates are the best kind of low-level security you can get. However, finding the beautiful wrought iron gates of the quality you’re looking for can be difficult. That’s where Pro Weld can help.

Front-End Security

Tired of people walking through your property? Worried about home robbery? Wrought iron gates can provide a fantastic piece of front-end security for your home. While cameras and alarms are great back-end security, a wrought iron gate can provide a more simple solution: preventing someone from entering the property to begin with.

High, wrought iron fencing is incredibly hard to scale without something like a ladder. How many burglars are interested in bringing an A-frame with them to a robbery? None that we know! Therefore, simply having that difficult-to-breach barrier can do a lot to protect your home.

Automated Gates

Beautiful wrought iron gates don’t stop being practical when they reach the driveway. While many old-fashioned gates have to be manually opened and then closed again after driving onto the property, it’s 2021. It’s easier than ever to automate gates, making them easy to open and close with the tap of a button. Don’t force yourself to get out of your car twice after a long day of work just to get past your own gate. Open the gate from the driver’s seat and close it just as easily once you’re on your way to the garage.

Gate Intercoms

Automated, wrought iron gates are the perfect place to install an intercom. If you frequently – or even occasionally – have guests or clients to your home, a gate intercom is a must-have. Get paged directly from gate to office when your guest has arrived so that you know to open the gate for them from the comfort of your home.

Not only is this convenient for guest experiences, it also keeps solicitors from making it to your front door. Your gates can remain comfortably closed at all times unless you’ve been alerted to the presence of someone you actually want to come knocking.

Custom Designs

Wrought iron is extremely customizable, which makes it a great choice for big names or creative minds alike. Decorating the front of your gates with your family’s initial or crest can be a great way to leave an impact on the neighborhood and visitors alike.

Or, if you’re more interested in the artistry of wrought iron, rather than your name, we can work with you to make your gates as decorated as you prefer. From florals to leaves to sweeping art nouveau, we’ve got the experience and artistic know-how to make your gates exceptionally attractive.

Give us a call if you have questions or want to start talking wrought iron gate design. We look forward to working with you and delivering you a more than satisfactory result for your property.

Pitfalls of Buying Wrought Iron Railings

Pitfalls of Buying Wrought Iron Railings

If you’ve been wanting that exterior aesthetics boost to your property, or perhaps are more in the market for improved security, wrought iron railings may seem like a great investment. While this may be true, it would be irresponsible to jump into buying something semi-permanent and somewhat pricey without all of the facts. So, let’s talk about the pitfalls of buying wrought iron railings so that you can make an informed decision.

Maintenance Needs

While wrought iron fences can usually be left alone, we can’t forget that they do require some maintenance to continue looking their best when placed outdoors. If you’ve ever seen photos of abandoned houses surrounded by wrought iron, you know that they’ll rust. However, it doesn’t take decades of neglect for this to become a reality for your fences. Wrought iron can begin to rust after only a few years if not properly cared for.

While most fences require some amount of care to continue looking their best, we find it to be a necessity with wrought iron. Without occasional maintenance, removing existing rust and protecting from future rust, wrought iron fences can lose all of their original appeal and become an eyesore instead. So, if you intend to buy wrought iron, prepare to have it maintained every once in a while.

Full Coverage Costs

For someone with a large budget, wrought iron prices are no big deal. However, we can’t ignore that the handcrafted fixtures can get pricey. If you have a particularly large property or a particularly small budget, consider using a combination of fences or partial coverage. Placing wrought iron where your property is seen from the road and then connecting it to chain link for the back side of the property is much more practical for small-budget fence buyers. 

Or, simply leaving the back end of the property unfenced may not negate the desired security. Most trespassing is casual in nature. Trespassers won’t bother checking if they can get around a fence if they see that the front of a property is blocked off.

Inexperienced Craftsmen

By far, one of the biggest pitfalls of buying wrought iron railings is failing to do your research. Who you buy from makes a huge difference. Or, equally dangerous is choosing to go for the cheaper option in order to save money. With wrought iron fences, you get what you pay for. Opting for something that costs less is likely to require more maintenance to remain rust free. It may also be badly constructed, leaving you with a fence that barely mimics the beautiful piece you had in mind.

Reliable Wrought Iron

If you’re committed to buying wrought iron railings, whether interior or exterior commit to something reliable. Pro Weld has been serving Toronto top quality wrought iron railings for years. We provide quality results that you’ll be proud to display, will last as long as you, and require minimal maintenance.

If you have questions about our wrought iron railings or fences, call us today. Ask us about custom fence options and our newest designs. We love bringing the joys of wrought iron to our Toronto neighbors and we hope you’ll be next.

3 Stainless Steel Railing Styles for Businesses

3 Stainless Steel Railing Styles for Businesses

If you’re in need of some attractive, stainless steel railings for your business, you’re in the right place. Pro Weld has many stainless steel railing styles that are great for businesses like yours. Let’s take a look at 3 of our favorites.

Glass Paned

One of our more popular designs is our glass-paned, stainless steel. These have a stainless steel hand railing and supports while glass panes fill in the space between them. 

This design is great for chic businesses and stores. If you have a large office with lofts or an open foyer, these railings will look great. They provide great light flow, an unobstructed view, and are very present in design.

One of the benefits of glass-paned, stainless steel railings are their increased safety. With minimal gaps across their entire length, there is little opportunity for children to hurt themselves or drop items through the gaps. Therefore, if your business sees a lot of small guests, you’ll find our glass-paned railings are a plus.

Horizontal Contemporary

If you’re looking less for open and bright, and are aiming more for stylish and dark, our horizontal contemporary railings will be of interest to you. This stainless steel railing style has a dark hand railing. This rests atop dark supports, with silvery, stainless steel bars run horizontally through them. With 4-6 horizontal bars beneath the hand railing, there is no chance for anyone getting through them. Therefore, they offer optimal safety, as well as practicality.

These railings, due to their dark/light contrasting nature, look fantastic in industrial settings or contemporary offices. When imagining the ideal setting for them, one might think of an aesthetic-focused office, a dark, youthful, clothing store, or even a rich, earth-toned bookstore.


While aesthetics can be important to some, others are only in need of the basics. Therefore, we can’t leave out our utilitarian, stainless steel railing styles for businesses. These stainless steel railings have their classic silvery appearance with a hand railing and one or two horizontal bars beneath it.

This railing style is great for lining exterior stairways, walkways, sidewalks, and more. They provide a moderate level of safety, keeping people from taking a fall. However, someone with the intention of shortening their path can still slip through the horizontal bars.

Get What You Want

The most important thing about buying from Pro Weld is that you can get what you want. If none of our stainless steel railing styles are what you’re after, bring us your own. We love working with creative customers to give them exactly what they’re imagining. Because we work directly with the metal ourselves, instead of just selling factory-made railings, we have the range to do custom work.

Give us a call today if you’re ready for us to start work on railings for your Toronto business.

Where to Buy Outdoor Pool Railings

Where to Buy Outdoor Pool Railings

Having an outdoor, in-ground pool is such a rewarding experience. However, if you’ve got a family, or if you like to keep dry while the others do canon-balls, you may need some pool accessories. Namely, you may just need some outdoor pool railings. Here’s what you’re missing!

What Are Outdoor Pool Railings?

Outdoor pool railings are not as simple as they sound. You may be imagining those metal bars used to stay on your feet as you descend into the water. Or, you may imagine a metal fence for keeping out the neighborhood kids. However, these aren’t what we’re referring to at all.

The pool railings available from Pro Weld are glass barriers made for use around the perimeter of the pool area. These glass barriers are taller than hand railings and are made for safety and convenience.

While most pool railings are glass in nature, to keep water at bay, they can also come in different styles. Take a look through our glass railing gallery to see some of the many style options available to you. Whether you want something with a metal frame, something frameless, or something in between, we have what you need.

Why Pool Railings Are a Must

Outdoor pool railings come with 2 primary benefits. The first, and most important, is an added layer of safety regarding pool use. Especially for families with young kids, keeping the pool closed up when not in permitted use is a massive safety must-have. More than once, an outdoor pool with no barrier up has led to bad outcomes for families with toddlers and small children. One second without supervision can lead to disaster. These barriers seek to prevent any such occurrence by giving the adults of the home the ability to lock up the gates when pool time is over.

The second benefit to having outdoor pool railings installed is much more cosmetic than safety related. These solid, glass panes make it easy for adults to remain dry while supervising their children at play. No one likes taking their book out by the pool, still fully clothed, and ending up soaked with pool water from an ambitious dive nearby. Make supervising your kids during play a relaxing activity for everyone. The kids have their fun while mom or dad can lounge nearby, enjoying the sun and remaining pool water free.

Where to Buy Them

If outdoor pool railings are offering exactly the kind of safety and convenience you’ve been looking for, you know where to find them. Our team at Pro Weld can give you exactly what you’re looking for. Match your home exterior, get railings that work seamlessly with the style of your patio, and dive into a life of ease and safety.

Contemporary Interior Railings for Your Home or Business

Contemporary Interior Railings for Your Home or Business

Looking for that sought-after, contemporary interior for your home or business? It wouldn’t be popular if people didn’t love it. There’s something really great about the sleekness and apparent fragility of glass and the strength of black metal. The two compliment each very well. That’s why, here at Pro Weld, we use both materials a lot. If you need contemporary interior railings, you’ve come to the perfect railing specialists to give you what you need. Here’s how we can help.

Contemporary Glass

If you’ve got a shortage of glass in your otherwise contemporary interior, some glass railings might be just what you need. Balance out the metal and dark wood with something sleek and transparent.

Glass railings come in many different styles.

  • There are those that use black, metal posts to anchor them. These work great on flat surfaces, such as on porches, patios, or indoor lofts. 
  • Or, if you prefer something less heavy looking, try something completely frameless. Frameless glass makes for great contemporary interior railings. They provide maximum visibility and a lightness to the stairway they’re on.
  • For something a bit stronger and bolder, glass railings with a metal frame are fantastic. They combine those favored materials – glass and iron – and work together masterfully. These railings come in many different designs. Some have only outer frames and some come with bars even behind the glass panel.

Wrought Iron

Not really keen on glass railings? It’s true, they do require a bit more cleaning upkeep. For those who would rather have contemporary interior railings made out of iron, we have exactly what you need.

Art nouveau designs can be fun and unique, but they’re a bit too elegant for many people’s contemporary tastes. Instead, going with something more simple and squared is a great alternative. A square railing with vertical or horizontal bars is great for this kind of interior. It’s strong, simple, and blends in with the background. 

Metal Staircases

Trying to make contemporary interior railings fit in with a built-in, wooden staircase can be difficult. If you want to take your contemporary interior all the way, you can do so with one of Pro Weld’s metal staircases.

Our staircases are floating, meaning the steps have spaces between them. Floating staircases are fantastic for visibility and creating an open concept interior. What’s even better is that they can look countless different ways. For instance, you can go completely metal or attach glass railings. The steps can be grated, solid metal, or wood. Check out our metal staircase gallery to see what’s possible.

Buy It Custom

When it comes down to it, sometimes what already exists doesn’t cut it. Because we make all of our railings right here in Toronto, custom railings are something we’re great at. Give us a call and let us know you have a new project for us. We look forward to hearing your ideas and producing exactly the railing you need for your contemporary interior.

Metal Staircases for Your Business

Metal Staircases for Your Business

Modern businesses need modern design solutions, and that’s why metal staircases are a wonderful choice. Pro Weld’s metal staircases come in a wide array of different styles, perfect for any professional interior. Check out these designs and perks to using metal staircases for your business.

Create Visibility

Across the board, Pro Weld’s metal staircases create wonderful visibility in your business. That’s because these are what we call floating staircases. Unlike cement or wooden staircases, the steps are connected to an open frame, instead of a boxy one. Having those openings between each step makes a room feel bigger and more opening. Plus, it provides more practical visibility.

Sleek Glass Railings

If you’re looking for a style that’s going to flatter a modern, contemporary, or industrial interior design, add glass. That is, you’ll be interested in our metal staircases that have glass railings on them. Pictured is a great example of how these railings can make a staircase work with your interior design, rather than apart from it.

Hardy Metal Railings

While glass railings look great in some settings, others just don’t need them. Glass is a statement piece, but iron is made to last and needs little upkeep. If you need railings that are more practical than beautiful, a metal staircase with railings to match is just what you need.

These are great for outdoors or indoors. Whether you plan to put them into a hidden, back stairwell, or front and center, they won’t disappoint. 

Spine Design

Want a staircase that stands apart from the others? One spine-like style makes great metal staircases for your business. Instead of a framework that follows the sides of the steps, this design has a central support instead. This support runs up the back, middle of the steps. 

This design is not only minimalist and great for room visibility, but it’s also easy to customize with different types of steps. You can go with wood, like in the glass railing sample above, or even grated steps. Speaking of grated steps…

Truly Industrial Styles

Stairs aren’t always about visuals. They’re also important for functionality. If any future metal staircases for your business need grated steps, we’ve got you covered. 

Completely metal staircases with safety railings and grated steps are perfect for any business that deals in dirty jobs or potential puddles. Because there are gaps, dirt and grime will fall through instead of piling up on a solid surface. More importantly, these steps are great for traction. If employees are likely to end up with wet shoes while working, grated steps will provide the non-slip support they need and prevent water pooling on the stairway.

Get Exactly What You Need

No matter what kind of business you run, Pro Weld will have something that suits you. Check out our gallery and see if any of our favorite staircases catch your eye. If we don’t have what you need, we might just be able to change that. Give us a call and tell us what we’re missing so that we can give you the metal staircase that your business needs.

Accessible Railings for Your Clinic Exterior

Accessible Railings for Your Clinic Exterior

While many businesses may not feel the need to focus on accessibility, there is one type of office that requires it. Clinics and medical offices can’t do without. Because patients are often elderly or disabled, having accessible railings is paramount. Fortunately, if your clinic or medical office is in Toronto, you have easier access than anyone to Pro Weld’s rail creation services.

What Type of Railings Are Accessible?

If you’re not well-versed in accessibility, you may be wondering what sets accessible railings apart from others. What is it, exactly, that makes a railing accessible or not?

Easy to Grip

The first sign of an accessible railing is one that is easy to grab on to. For example, stainless steel railings with wide bars are a great choice. These railings provide an easy grip for hands that may struggle or be pained by smaller or more edged bars.

Some examples of railings that are less ideal for gripping are glass and iron railings. Both of these choices look fantastic, but are made more for emergency safety and appearance than for grip functionality. These railings have narrow edges, making them uncomfortable to lean on. Glass railings, being made with a glass pane, are not able to be grabbed and held on to unless they are paired with a mounted bar on the inner side.

Where Should They Go?

The next thing we have to cover is where accessible railings should be placed. Placement truly matters when it comes to accessibility. If you have accessible railings all throughout your building, but not on the stairs to the door, disaster can strike before patients even get inside.


As a general rule, all stairways should have railings on both sides. This provides safety, ensuring no one falls and gets injured. These aren’t just accessible railings, they’re also safety railings. Even young, abled people are able to trip up the stairs or be bumped by someone else and end up falling.

However, to add to accessibility, you should also include a railing up the middle of any stairways that are more than 5 feet wide. This allows people with difficulty traversing stairs to hold on to railings at both sides. It also ensures a grip, should the stairway be crowded or high-traffic. Then, even those forced to travel more toward the middle of the stairway will have something to hold on to.


If your clinic doesn’t have any wheelchair accessibility ramps, you absolutely must rethink your building design. Clinic accessibility is vital, and usually also required by law. In addition to ramps, ramp railings are also a must-have. Railings that line wheelchair ramps do two things.

  1. They provide a grip for wheelchair users and non-wheelchair users alike. Those in wheelchairs may find it easier to get up a ramp if they can take a break halfway, holding on to a railing while they prepare to finish the slope. Non-wheelchair users with disabilities may use ramps because they are safer for them than stairs. They need the stability of a railing to grip while walking up the ramp. This is true even for abled people using the ramp.
  2. They provide a safety net for anyone traversing the ramp. Just as with stairs, ensuring no one falls from a ramp is important. This is especially true when considering wheelchair users are even more susceptible to injury from ledges.

Order from Pro Weld

If you’re in the market for accessible railings, Pro Weld is the #1 provider in Toronto. Give us a call if you have questions about what and how to order. We look forward to hearing from you!

Romantic Balcony Railing Design in Toronto

Romantic Balcony Railing Design in Toronto

There is something quite romantic about balconies. Is it the Shakespearean relationship to serenading someone from down below? Is it, perhaps, the idea of sitting on the balcony with your lover, sipping wine in the late hours of the evening? Whatever it is, people can’t get enough of it. What’s more, having a romantic balcony railing design can certainly increase that effect. If you’re a sucker for a romantic setting, you may be wondering how romantic balcony railing design changes things and how you, too, can get those illustrious railings for your own balcony. Fear not, Pro Weld is here to help.

What Makes for a Romantic Balcony Railing Design?

The first question really is, “What is that?” After all, there are a lot of different designs for balcony railings. What is it that makes one more romantic than another? It comes down to 2 things.


The first thing is the raw appearance. Romance is kindled most effectively in a place where there is beauty. It’s the same reason beautiful flowers or a clean room can make a romantic moment last. And, it’s also that reason that a dying flower bed or dirty laundry on the floor can kill a mood before it even hits. 

A romantic balcony railing design must look cleancut, beautiful, and elegant. It also helps if it is something that is easily maintained. If you’ve owned a deck or balcony with wooden railings before, you know how fast the paint on them can warp and chip off. That’s no fun for anyone involved.


The second thing that makes a balcony railing design more romantic is the association with a style. Like with anything, if you see something and associate it with something you love, you are going to like it more. That’s why wrought iron balcony railings are one of the most romantic railing styles you can opt for. There is an association with places like Paris when one sees a beautiful, art nouveau, wrought iron railing. Pair this romantic balcony railing design with some vines or other plants and you’ll have a balcony that’s truly magical.

How to Install Balcony Railings

Now, you might be wondering how to install some new railings. After all, many people these days have a do-it-yourself mindset about most things. Removing and installing some new railings sounds like quite a pain.

Fortunately, this isn’t really a do-it-yourself project. Pro Weld doesn’t just design and make railings, we also do the hard work of installing them where they belong. That means a whole lot less work for you and a lot less stress for your loved ones, watching you install something on the second floor with the old railing gone.

Where to Buy Balcony Railings

If the answer wasn’t obvious, Pro Weld is also where you can buy your new railings! We’re the best in Toronto, designing gorgeous wrought iron railings to suit all stylistic preferences. If you’re interested in seeing some of our work, check out the photos we have posted around on our website. Even if you’re only looking for outdoor railings, seeing some of the designs implemented on indoor, wrought iron railings can also show you the scope of possibility.

No matter what design you settle on, give us a call when you’re ready. We look forward to giving you the romantic balcony you’ve been craving, just in time for Valentine’s Day.


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