Contemporary Interior Railings for Your Home or Business

Contemporary Interior Railings for Your Home or Business

Looking for that sought-after, contemporary interior for your home or business? It wouldn’t be popular if people didn’t love it. There’s something really great about the sleekness and apparent fragility of glass and the strength of black metal. The two compliment each very well. That’s why, here at Pro Weld, we use both materials a lot. If you need contemporary interior railings, you’ve come to the perfect railing specialists to give you what you need. Here’s how we can help.

Contemporary Glass

If you’ve got a shortage of glass in your otherwise contemporary interior, some glass railings might be just what you need. Balance out the metal and dark wood with something sleek and transparent.

Glass railings come in many different styles.

  • There are those that use black, metal posts to anchor them. These work great on flat surfaces, such as on porches, patios, or indoor lofts. 
  • Or, if you prefer something less heavy looking, try something completely frameless. Frameless glass makes for great contemporary interior railings. They provide maximum visibility and a lightness to the stairway they’re on.
  • For something a bit stronger and bolder, glass railings with a metal frame are fantastic. They combine those favored materials – glass and iron – and work together masterfully. These railings come in many different designs. Some have only outer frames and some come with bars even behind the glass panel.

Wrought Iron

Not really keen on glass railings? It’s true, they do require a bit more cleaning upkeep. For those who would rather have contemporary interior railings made out of iron, we have exactly what you need.

Art nouveau designs can be fun and unique, but they’re a bit too elegant for many people’s contemporary tastes. Instead, going with something more simple and squared is a great alternative. A square railing with vertical or horizontal bars is great for this kind of interior. It’s strong, simple, and blends in with the background. 

Metal Staircases

Trying to make contemporary interior railings fit in with a built-in, wooden staircase can be difficult. If you want to take your contemporary interior all the way, you can do so with one of Pro Weld’s metal staircases.

Our staircases are floating, meaning the steps have spaces between them. Floating staircases are fantastic for visibility and creating an open concept interior. What’s even better is that they can look countless different ways. For instance, you can go completely metal or attach glass railings. The steps can be grated, solid metal, or wood. Check out our metal staircase gallery to see what’s possible.

Buy It Custom

When it comes down to it, sometimes what already exists doesn’t cut it. Because we make all of our railings right here in Toronto, custom railings are something we’re great at. Give us a call and let us know you have a new project for us. We look forward to hearing your ideas and producing exactly the railing you need for your contemporary interior.

Metal Staircases for Your Business

Metal Staircases for Your Business

Modern businesses need modern design solutions, and that’s why metal staircases are a wonderful choice. Pro Weld’s metal staircases come in a wide array of different styles, perfect for any professional interior. Check out these designs and perks to using metal staircases for your business.

Create Visibility

Across the board, Pro Weld’s metal staircases create wonderful visibility in your business. That’s because these are what we call floating staircases. Unlike cement or wooden staircases, the steps are connected to an open frame, instead of a boxy one. Having those openings between each step makes a room feel bigger and more opening. Plus, it provides more practical visibility.

Sleek Glass Railings

If you’re looking for a style that’s going to flatter a modern, contemporary, or industrial interior design, add glass. That is, you’ll be interested in our metal staircases that have glass railings on them. Pictured is a great example of how these railings can make a staircase work with your interior design, rather than apart from it.

Hardy Metal Railings

While glass railings look great in some settings, others just don’t need them. Glass is a statement piece, but iron is made to last and needs little upkeep. If you need railings that are more practical than beautiful, a metal staircase with railings to match is just what you need.

These are great for outdoors or indoors. Whether you plan to put them into a hidden, back stairwell, or front and center, they won’t disappoint. 

Spine Design

Want a staircase that stands apart from the others? One spine-like style makes great metal staircases for your business. Instead of a framework that follows the sides of the steps, this design has a central support instead. This support runs up the back, middle of the steps. 

This design is not only minimalist and great for room visibility, but it’s also easy to customize with different types of steps. You can go with wood, like in the glass railing sample above, or even grated steps. Speaking of grated steps…

Truly Industrial Styles

Stairs aren’t always about visuals. They’re also important for functionality. If any future metal staircases for your business need grated steps, we’ve got you covered. 

Completely metal staircases with safety railings and grated steps are perfect for any business that deals in dirty jobs or potential puddles. Because there are gaps, dirt and grime will fall through instead of piling up on a solid surface. More importantly, these steps are great for traction. If employees are likely to end up with wet shoes while working, grated steps will provide the non-slip support they need and prevent water pooling on the stairway.

Get Exactly What You Need

No matter what kind of business you run, Pro Weld will have something that suits you. Check out our gallery and see if any of our favorite staircases catch your eye. If we don’t have what you need, we might just be able to change that. Give us a call and tell us what we’re missing so that we can give you the metal staircase that your business needs.

Accessible Railings for Your Clinic Exterior

Accessible Railings for Your Clinic Exterior

While many businesses may not feel the need to focus on accessibility, there is one type of office that requires it. Clinics and medical offices can’t do without. Because patients are often elderly or disabled, having accessible railings is paramount. Fortunately, if your clinic or medical office is in Toronto, you have easier access than anyone to Pro Weld’s rail creation services.

What Type of Railings Are Accessible?

If you’re not well-versed in accessibility, you may be wondering what sets accessible railings apart from others. What is it, exactly, that makes a railing accessible or not?

Easy to Grip

The first sign of an accessible railing is one that is easy to grab on to. For example, stainless steel railings with wide bars are a great choice. These railings provide an easy grip for hands that may struggle or be pained by smaller or more edged bars.

Some examples of railings that are less ideal for gripping are glass and iron railings. Both of these choices look fantastic, but are made more for emergency safety and appearance than for grip functionality. These railings have narrow edges, making them uncomfortable to lean on. Glass railings, being made with a glass pane, are not able to be grabbed and held on to unless they are paired with a mounted bar on the inner side.

Where Should They Go?

The next thing we have to cover is where accessible railings should be placed. Placement truly matters when it comes to accessibility. If you have accessible railings all throughout your building, but not on the stairs to the door, disaster can strike before patients even get inside.


As a general rule, all stairways should have railings on both sides. This provides safety, ensuring no one falls and gets injured. These aren’t just accessible railings, they’re also safety railings. Even young, abled people are able to trip up the stairs or be bumped by someone else and end up falling.

However, to add to accessibility, you should also include a railing up the middle of any stairways that are more than 5 feet wide. This allows people with difficulty traversing stairs to hold on to railings at both sides. It also ensures a grip, should the stairway be crowded or high-traffic. Then, even those forced to travel more toward the middle of the stairway will have something to hold on to.


If your clinic doesn’t have any wheelchair accessibility ramps, you absolutely must rethink your building design. Clinic accessibility is vital, and usually also required by law. In addition to ramps, ramp railings are also a must-have. Railings that line wheelchair ramps do two things.

  1. They provide a grip for wheelchair users and non-wheelchair users alike. Those in wheelchairs may find it easier to get up a ramp if they can take a break halfway, holding on to a railing while they prepare to finish the slope. Non-wheelchair users with disabilities may use ramps because they are safer for them than stairs. They need the stability of a railing to grip while walking up the ramp. This is true even for abled people using the ramp.
  2. They provide a safety net for anyone traversing the ramp. Just as with stairs, ensuring no one falls from a ramp is important. This is especially true when considering wheelchair users are even more susceptible to injury from ledges.

Order from Pro Weld

If you’re in the market for accessible railings, Pro Weld is the #1 provider in Toronto. Give us a call if you have questions about what and how to order. We look forward to hearing from you!

Romantic Balcony Railing Design in Toronto

Romantic Balcony Railing Design in Toronto

There is something quite romantic about balconies. Is it the Shakespearean relationship to serenading someone from down below? Is it, perhaps, the idea of sitting on the balcony with your lover, sipping wine in the late hours of the evening? Whatever it is, people can’t get enough of it. What’s more, having a romantic balcony railing design can certainly increase that effect. If you’re a sucker for a romantic setting, you may be wondering how romantic balcony railing design changes things and how you, too, can get those illustrious railings for your own balcony. Fear not, Pro Weld is here to help.

What Makes for a Romantic Balcony Railing Design?

The first question really is, “What is that?” After all, there are a lot of different designs for balcony railings. What is it that makes one more romantic than another? It comes down to 2 things.


The first thing is the raw appearance. Romance is kindled most effectively in a place where there is beauty. It’s the same reason beautiful flowers or a clean room can make a romantic moment last. And, it’s also that reason that a dying flower bed or dirty laundry on the floor can kill a mood before it even hits. 

A romantic balcony railing design must look cleancut, beautiful, and elegant. It also helps if it is something that is easily maintained. If you’ve owned a deck or balcony with wooden railings before, you know how fast the paint on them can warp and chip off. That’s no fun for anyone involved.


The second thing that makes a balcony railing design more romantic is the association with a style. Like with anything, if you see something and associate it with something you love, you are going to like it more. That’s why wrought iron balcony railings are one of the most romantic railing styles you can opt for. There is an association with places like Paris when one sees a beautiful, art nouveau, wrought iron railing. Pair this romantic balcony railing design with some vines or other plants and you’ll have a balcony that’s truly magical.

How to Install Balcony Railings

Now, you might be wondering how to install some new railings. After all, many people these days have a do-it-yourself mindset about most things. Removing and installing some new railings sounds like quite a pain.

Fortunately, this isn’t really a do-it-yourself project. Pro Weld doesn’t just design and make railings, we also do the hard work of installing them where they belong. That means a whole lot less work for you and a lot less stress for your loved ones, watching you install something on the second floor with the old railing gone.

Where to Buy Balcony Railings

If the answer wasn’t obvious, Pro Weld is also where you can buy your new railings! We’re the best in Toronto, designing gorgeous wrought iron railings to suit all stylistic preferences. If you’re interested in seeing some of our work, check out the photos we have posted around on our website. Even if you’re only looking for outdoor railings, seeing some of the designs implemented on indoor, wrought iron railings can also show you the scope of possibility.

No matter what design you settle on, give us a call when you’re ready. We look forward to giving you the romantic balcony you’ve been craving, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Mobile Welding Railing Repair Services in Toronto

Mobile Welding Railing Repair Services in Toronto

If you’ve got a damaged, metal railing, figuring out how to get it fixed can be a conundrum. For most repairs, you’re expected to take the broken object in to a professional for repair. Railings are the kind of thing that seem like they should take large machinery to fix. That must mean they go to a repair shop, right? Wrong. If you live in Toronto, what you need is mobile welding. Mobile welding is how Pro Weld does railing repair services. Let’s talk about why mobile welding railing repair services are important.

The Danger of Broken Railings

Broken railings can be something that’s easily overlooked by people. After all, most types of railing damage are the kind of thing that won’t hurt you with some common sense, right? Wrong again. Broken railings can actually lead to a lot of serious injuries.

  • Missing balusters (the dowels or rods running vertically from a surface to the handrail) can lead to accidents. Small children can easily fit through a railing if it’s missing a baluster. So can animals and even adults, if they fall toward the opening.
  • Cracked or damaged balusters or handrails may look innocuous but can break at a moment’s notice. These breaks can lead to gaps in the railing’s safety integrity. Plus, if someone is resting weight on the cracked or damaged railing when it breaks, it could lead to severe injury or even death from a fall.
  • Missing sections of railing leave a huge fault in safety. While most people will avoid going near the opening in the railing, this will not guarantee safety. Small children and animals may not avoid the danger, as they don’t know better. Accidents also happen. Someone tripping, even from many feet away, could lead to going over the edge. Depending on the height, that fall could be deadly. 

As you can see, ignoring a broken railing could end up with disaster anywhere. However, if you’re a business and have a broken railing, any of these accidents could end in disaster and a lawsuit – and the charges would be completely justified!

Railing Repair Services That Come to You

Because outdoor metal railings involve more than just some wood glue and a nail, they do require special machinery. However, metal railings are also not something you can just pick up and take to a shop. They’re usually mounted or dried into cement. Therefore, we bring the shop to you.

Pro Weld’s mobile welding railing repair services mean we come to the site of the railing with machinery loaded into a truck. We can do all of the repair work right there, where the railing belongs. Then, when it’s all fixed up, it’s already in place and we can simply pack up and head back to the shop.

Call Us at Pro Weld

If you have a broken railing, don’t wait for someone to get hurt. Railings are a hugely important safety feature. When we take them for granted, it can end very badly. That’s why Pro Weld has a dedication to meeting people in the middle. Give us a call if you need railing repair services today. We look forward to helping and ensuring the safety of others.

Child Friendly Wrought Iron Railings in Toronto

Child Friendly Wrought Iron Railings in Toronto

If you’ve got a family and are looking to improve your interior with some new railings, Pro Weld is here to help. Whether you’re looking specifically for wrought iron railings or are just looking for something attractive, we have what you need. The trouble is, households with small children have specific safety needs. We’re here to make sure they’re met.

Indoor Wrought Iron Railings

If you’re in the market for some new railings that will compliment your interior and bring it some class, wrought iron railings are a great choice. While wrought iron is most commonly used outdoors these days, it’s also great indoors. Plus, wrought iron that’s kept indoors is sure to last longer due to the lack of weathering. That makes it a great choice for someone who needs durability and longevity in their interior – such as parents.

Family Homes with Style

The dark black of wrought iron stands out nicely in contemporary or minimalist homes. Never seen wrought iron in a minimalist environment? The design of the iron is completely up to you. There’s no limit but your imagination.

For more casual homes without an exact interior style, wrought iron works just as well. The key is determining if its characteristic features will hurt or enhance the appearance of your home. 

Do you like contrasts? Colorful or light interiors with a black railing are a joy to look at. If black isn’t really your thing, remember that wrought iron can be painted or coated. Additionally, wrought iron can be designed in either sharp or curved aesthetic directions. That means, no matter which is the right look for your house, you can get it. As you can see, wrought iron is actually a lot more design-flexible than people realize.

Child Friendly Railing Design

Now, when you live in a house with small children, design is important – but not just for visual reasons. Railings for a family home need to be child-proof and provide a lot of safety. There are many wrought iron designs that provide hazards for small children. therefore, it’s important to look for child friendly wrought iron designs that won’t lead to injury.

We at Pro Weld are flexible in our design capabilities. For example, choosing cylindrical bars rather than squared ones are less likely to end in harm to a child. Tripping and falling into a hard surface will end better for everyone if it doesn’t have any corners. Furthermore, child friendly wrought iron railings should take into account a child’s tendency to stick body parts through spaces. The gaps in a child friendly design will be small enough to keep them from getting through and big enough to keep them from getting their arm stuck.

Pro Weld Quality

When you’re ready to invest in quality railings that are designed just for you and your family, give us a call at Pro Weld. We’re happy to take on custom designs or create a design ourselves. It’s completely up to you. No matter what design you go with, it will be durable, attractive, and everything you asked for. If you have questions about our design process, scheduling a consultation, or ordering a design, give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!

How to Sanitize Railings in Your Business: Part 2

How to Sanitize Railings in Your Business: Part 2

If you have a business or office that’s running during COVID-19, you might be wondering how best to clean your railings. As railings are one of the most frequently touched parts of a building’s structure, they can be the most deadly. While touching other surfaces can be easily avoided, railings are imperative for safety. Therefore, we must sanitize railings to allow for use without risk of spread.

If you haven’t read part 1, you’ll want to take a peek there first. In part 1, we covered why soap is effective in killing COVID-19 as well as how to clean steel railings. Here, we’ll talk about some other types of railings.

Glass Railings

Because glass railings are made with such a simple material, the method to cleaning them is equally simple. Simply fill a bucket with hot, soapy water and wash them down with a rag. It is highly recommended to wear rubber gloves during this process to minimize any potential contact with COVID-19.

When you’ve washed down the entire surface with soapy water, you’ll need to go over it again with plain water to remove soap and “dead” COVID-19. While the virus does get neutralized by soap, it’s still better for everyone’s peace in mind for it to be washed away entirely. Indoors, using a fresh rag and bucket of clear water will do. Outdoors, using a hose to spray down the soapy railings is just as effective, and much easier.

After the railings have been sanitized, you can go over them again with glass cleaner to remove streaks, if desired. It is recommended that, if your business or office is busy throughout the day, that an employee sprays the glass railings with alcohol and wipes them down multiple times during business hours. 

Iron Railings

Where things get a little less simple is with iron railings. Both wrought iron and cast iron railings are much more prone to rusting. Plus, repeated wipe-downs can damage the coating. If cleaning your iron railings has damaged them, give us a call and we can help you restore them to their usual quality.

In order to work around the fragility of iron in relation to water and scrubbing, we have to get creative. There is always the option to let them get damaged and worry about renewing them when the pandemic has cleared up, but that’s not the only option.

Covering Railings

While creativity can lead to all kinds of solutions. However, one of the easiest and most hassle-free solutions to protecting iron railings during the pandemic is by covering them. That’s right – you can just cover them in sheet plastic. It isn’t very attractive – certainly not as attractive as the iron railings themselves – but it is effective.

To cover your iron railings, saving them from copious amounts of cleaning, buy some sheet plastic. You can get these from the local hardware store. Then, attach the edge of the plastic to the top or bottom railing with some simple Scotch or masking tape. Wrap the roll over and under the railing a few times, working your way down the railing until you hit a support pole. Then, repeat on the next section of railing.

When you’re through with this process, you’ll want to line your railing with a strip of plastic along the top. This will cover any seams in the wrapped plastic and allow for easy washing without water seeping through the cracks and then rusting the iron beneath. If you can wrap the railings somewhat neatly, this method doesn’t even look all that terrible. Times are a bit weird at the moment. Protecting your iron from damage certainly isn’t the weirdest thing your clients will see the day they visit.

Give us a call at Pro Weld if you need help protecting, repairing, or replacing railings. We’ve got years of experience caring for railings. We’re happy to pass any information we can along to our clients. Stay safe!

How to Sanitize Railings in Your Business: Part 1

How to Sanitize Railings in Your Business: Part 1

In the midst of a pandemic, to sanitize railings in public places is more important than ever. While copper doorknobs may self sanitize, iron and steel have no such power. The question is, how do you properly clean your railings? Are there special rules to account for? How do you know if you’ll end up damaging your railings? Pro Weld has put together a short how-to for all of our business owner clients looking to protect themselves and their customers. Let’s check it out.

The Effect of Soap

The first thing to note about COVID-19 is that is can be killed with soap. Any soap. A common misconception is that you must use antibacterial soap to kill the coronavirus. This is completely false! COVID-19 is not a bacteria; it’s a virus! The two things are easy to categorize under the ‘germ’ category in your mind, but they’re very different and are effected by different things. Therefore, antibacterial soap is no better or worse than any other.

The way soap kills COVID-19 is by dissolving the lipids holding it together. Because a virus isn’t a living, breathing organism the same way you and I are, it works a bit differently. Suffice to say, soap deactivates it completely and washes it away.

Steel Railings

Now that we have some basics down for fighting a the coronavirus, let’s talk cleaning railings. Steel railings are some of the most common in public spaces. Fortunately, these are also some of the easiest to clean. Simply using soap and water is sufficient for sanitizing them.


For indoor, steel railings, after closing time, use a bucket of hot, soapy water and a cloth. Wash down railings throughout the building. Follow the soapy washdown with a plain water washdown to remove soap.

Washing down the vertical railings is recommended for maximum safety. However, if your business or office doesn’t get much traffic, just washing down the top railing may be sufficient. However, if you ever have small children in the building, you’ll want to wash the vertical railings no matter how popular your business is. Small hands can quickly go from a vertical, support railing and then directly into the mouth, making even support railings dangerous.

If your business or office has moderate to heavy traffic, it is highly recommended that an employee use a spray bottle of alcohol along with a rag to wipe down railings during business hours. This will minimize spread and ensure that, during the many hours your business or office is open, nothing will transfer from your railings.


Outdoor steel railings are even easier. This is because you have the benefit of running water outdoors. After doing your soapy washdown, you can simply use a hose to spray soap off of the railings. If you don’t have a hose, using a bucket and slowly pouring water out as you move along the railing can still be much easier than manually wiping each surface a second time. 

Sanitize Railings of Other Kinds

If you don’t have steel railings to protect from COVID-19 transfer, you’ll want to check out part 2. There, we’ll talk about how to sanitize railings of other materials. If you’d rather speak to a Pro Weld professional, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

What’s the Difference Between Wrought Iron and Cast Iron?

What's the Difference Between Wrought Iron and Cast Iron?

For many people, the difference between wrought iron and cast iron is somewhat of a mystery. After all, they’re both made of iron and they’re both black. From there, the differences must be few, right? Well, not entirely. There are actually some pretty notable differences between the two, primarily in their uses.

What Is Wrought Iron?

Let’s start with wrought iron. What, exactly, is wrought iron? Let’s start with the name. Wrought means it is worked. Wrought iron products start as a solid piece of iron and are then worked, with heat and a hammer, into the final product.

The reason why wrought iron is so sought-after is because of its strength and ability to hold coatings. Because the iron has been worked over and over again, it has a lot of strength. There’s less carbon, overall, which means the ending piece of iron is more solidly, well, together. Carbon leaves weak points in the metal, making each tiny bit of iron that much less adhered to the next. Without as much carbon, wrought iron comes out the strongest of the two.

Plus, because wrought iron is so much stronger than cast iron, it can be formed into smaller and more delicate parts without breaking. That makes it ideal for intricate and beautiful railing designs from Pro Weld.

What Are the Cons?

While wrought iron sounds pretty good right now, there is one con. The primary con of wrought iron is that it’s very labor intensive. That makes it a great investment if you’re looking to spent a solid chunk of change. However, you do tend to get what you pay for. If you’re looking for long-lasting, beautiful railings, wrought iron is a fantastic choice.

What is Cast Iron?

Once again, let’s start with the name. Anything that is cast is something that’s made with a once-liquid material, poured into a mold. In this case, that material is molten iron. The cast sits and cools and what remains is a beautiful cast iron railing.

While wrought iron is stronger and less brittle, it can bend and is, overall, softer. Cast iron has the benefit of being harder. However, with this hardness comes a more brittle product. If you’re looking for railings that are primarily for show and are unlikely to see any impact in their lifetime, cast iron may be the better, more affordable option.

What Are the Cons?

As mentioned before, cast iron does come with the con of being more brittle. This makes it less impact resistant. Instead of bending at the point of impact, it will break instead. Breaks in cast iron can be mended with welding, though the resulting product will be weak at the mended point.

Cast iron is primarily used for cookware because it distributes heat very evenly and it a nice, hard material. However, if you’ve ever owned a cast iron pan, you know that cast iron must be seasoned or it will rust.

Cast iron does not hold coatings very well. That means cast iron railings will need more frequent upkeep or risk losing some of their attractive quality.

Give us a call if you’re in the market for iron railings and need help planning your order. Our professionals at Pro Weld look forward to helping you.

Loft Railings for Your Home or Office

Loft Railings for Your Home or Office

Got a loft in your home or business? The most important part of having a loft, of course, is the safety of its railing. Having a loft that overlooks the first floor of a building gives an incredible view. However, that view is not always the same quality when looking up from the floor below. If you want your loft to look as good from the first floor as its view does from the second, you need quality loft railings. Here’s how Pro Weld can help.

Beautiful Iron Loft Railings

One of our most popular products is our selection of iron railings. Not only do we offer wrought iron railings, we also offer cast iron railings. Both of these iron railing choices are great for loft railings.

What makes our iron railings such a hit with loft owners is the beautiful designs we can create our of iron. If you enjoy art nouveau we have a large selection of designs that we use regularly. Or, if you want your home to be one-of-a-kind, you can also bring us an original design, which we will be happy to make into a reality. If simplicity is more your style, we can do away with the art nouveau and focus, instead, on beautiful, simple designs. Our more simple designs are perfect for accentuating rather than distracting from the elements of the home that you find more important.

Sleek Glass Railings

While iron railings are a kind of art in and of themselves, glass railings are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to enjoy the view from the loft. Glass loft railings allow you to see clear to the bottom floor without having to approach and look over a set of railings that otherwise impede your view.

Glass loft railings are great for businesses with large, sprawling floors. They maintain the open concept design of the building’s interior, whereas metal railings may make things feel closed off.

Plus, glass railings offer unique decorating opportunities. Drawings, artworks, photos, string lights, and garlands can be attached to glass railings very easily. Decorations can be seen from both sides while visuals can be taped on for an impermanent improvement.

Professional Steel Railings

If you want your interior to look a mix between sleekness and professionalism, steel railings are right for you. These railings have a more stern look to them than their iron or glass counterparts. However, they also have a lighter color, which makes them a good choice for lighter-toned interior design.

Steel railings go great with light-colored tile, pale, hardwood flooring, fluorescent lights, and lots of windows. Together, steel loft railings and these other elements provide a cohesive and airy aesthetic.

Buy Pro Weld

If you’re ready to buy some quality railings for your loft, you know where to go. Pro Weld is the most trusted railing design company in Toronto. Let us know if you have questions about our products or how to order. We look forward to serving you.


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