Repair Broken Wrought Iron Railings in Toronto

Repair Broken Wrought Iron Railings in Toronto

Wrought iron railings are a beautiful addition to any home or business. They’re a throwback to past generations and architectural design styles. But, we’ve learned to do something modern with them at the same time. Pairing these railings with contemporary design has brought a breath of the classic into otherwise new and modern interiors and exteriors. However, because wrought iron railings are an old classic, many buildings that have them have old railings that are prone to breaking or degrading. Therefore, it’s important to know you can have them repaired with some help from Pro Weld in Toronto.

Repair Broken Wrought Iron Railings

Old wrought iron railings get damaged over time. This is especially true of outdoor railings that are exposed to rain and potential damage from vehicles. If you’ve got some wrought iron railings that have been bent, broken, scratched, or otherwise damaged, we can repair them. Pro Weld doesn’t just make railings, we also ensure existing railings stay looking their best. 

Sections of railing can be brought to our shop or, for extensive repairs, we can even go to you. Our mobile welding services allow us to service railings right where they’re installed. Many wrought iron railings are cemented right into the ground. Even those that aren’t would be a lot of work to remove for repairs. Therefore, it’s easiest for us to just come out to your home or business and do our repairs on-site.

Rust Removal Services

One of the most common ailments to befall wrought iron railings is rust. Iron is beautiful, up until it falls victim to oxidization and turns an unattractive orange color. If your home or business thrives on appearance, you can’t leave your wrought iron railings to rust.

If you want to restore the rusted wrought iron railings in your Toronto home or business, Pro Weld can help. Rust removal is part of wrought iron restoration. If you call us for repair services, you can be sure your wrought iron railings will look good as new when we’re through.

Wrought Iron Coating Services

To prevent wrought iron from rusting, it’s usually coated in a black paint that’s water resistant. This coating slows down wear, prevents oxidization, and provides a glossy appearance to an otherwise matte metal.

When you have your wrought iron railings repaired through Pro Weld, you can count on them getting a fresh new coating to prevent future rusting. It will also bring them back to their like-new appearance.

Replace Missing Wrought Iron Railings

Breaks and damage aren’t the only misfortune that can befall wrought iron railings. Sometimes whole pieces can go missing. This is especially true of antique railings with fancy designs. Parts can break off from rust damage or from someone backing their truck into a front gate. If you’ve got wrought iron railings with pieces missing, we can replicate those pieces and replace them with ease. Then, your wrought iron railings will be brought right back to their original quality.


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