Vertical Steel Railings for Businesses

Vertical Steel Railings for Businesses

Updating your business or building a new office? If so, you’re probably in the market for some railings. A huge percentage of businesses require railings. If you have stairs, ramps, or any number of other hazardous elements in your building design, you need railings. Not only are these good for safety, they look great. The good news is, if your business is anywhere in Toronto, Pro Weld can fix you up with the perfect railings for your business. While we offer many styles, today we want to draw your attention to vertical steel railings.

Simplicity at Its Finest

For as long as humans have been building structures, they’ve been finding ways to make them look better than everyone else’s. This doesn’t stop being true with regard to railings. We’ve been finding new ways to design them since the beginning. This is exactly how we got such unique fixtures as art nouveau wrought iron railings.

However, detail and intricacy isn’t the be-all-end-all of building design. Sometimes simplicity is a better fit. Vertical steel railings provide a simple solution for businesses that want to look sleek and modern. These no-frills railings offer safety, a masculine design feature, and low maintenance requirements. On the other hand, you can also use vertical steel railings as a base and customize them to be just a little bit unique, if you want to stand out.

Clean and Easy to Sanitize

If you’re still on edge about COVID-19, you can rest easy knowing that vertical steel railings for businesses are easy to clean. Unlike wrought iron, you don’t have to worry about stainless steel oxidizing for the most part. That means washing them down with soap and water is the perfect solution to keeping them sanitized.

Because vertical steel railings aren’t complicated in design, you can also cover them with something disposable with ease. The flat or rounded handrail can be wrapped with plastic sheeting without completely destroying the overall appearance of the railings.

Timeless Appearance

When it comes to the general appearance of vertical steel railings, stainless steel is timeless. They’re the epitome of “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” We have mastered the art of practical railings, and stainless steel is the perfect medium.

The timelessness of stainless steel railings means you can put them in classic, simple buildings, or even into extremely modern, cutting-edge designs. Architecture leaves plenty of room for stainless steel railings and doesn’t seem to have any intention of pushing them out of the design loop.

Practical and Safe

Stainless steel doesn’t just look good, it’s also practical and safe. Vertical steel railings don’t just offer something for visitors to grip on their way up the stairs. The vertical balusters also prevent small children from falling. Some of the most common steel railings are those with one or two horizontal crossbars. However, these have wide gaps in them that allow children to climb through to the other side. Unfortunately, the strength of steel makes this a tempting place to play. Let’s put that strength to better use by placing balusters a safe width apart and guarding dangerous ledges adequately.


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