How to Design a Custom Iron Railing

How to Design a Custom Iron Railing

Want your home to have custom iron railing designs that you made yourself? The first step to achieving your dream is knowing how to. Pro Weld is the #1 custom iron railing manufacturer of Toronto. We’re here to help you get started.

Find Inspiration

The first step in how to design a custom iron railing is finding the right inspiration. Take a look around online and find some iron railings that stand out to you. Make a collection of images with iron railing designs you really like. These will give you inspiration when it comes time to make your design.

When you start designing, you can use your collection of inspirational railings to see what’s possible, what things look nice to you, and what your limitations are.

Incorporate Something Personal

If you want to create a design for something like a wrought iron gate, it’s a great opportunity to incorporate something personal. A custom iron railing or gate looks great with something like the family initial included in it. It’s a way to make your gate recognizable and personal.

Create Your Design

When you’re ready to get to work, get out some graph paper or use an electronic design software on your computer. Having something with a grid will make keeping your drawing the right shape easier. Plus, you can use the boxes to ensure the railing is scalable.

The sky is the limit when it comes to custom iron railing design. You can incorporate leaves, flowers, sweeping, wrought iron bars. Or, if you prefer something a bit simpler, you can go for something geometric, with straight or diagonal, intersecting bars. Whatever fits your home and your style, putting it down on paper is the first step to making your vision into reality.

Have Your Design Polished

The next step is bringing your design in to the Pro Weld workshop so that we can turn it into something polished. Unless you’re a professional designer, there are likely parts of the design that need to be ironed out.

Our team of professional metalworkers will take your design and polish it to a shine, getting it ready to be made tangible. With everything in order, we’ll be able to make your custom iron railing design into something we can actually install.

Custom Iron Railing Installation

After your design has been polished, it’s time for us to get started on making your railings. We’ll need to know whether the railings are going inside or outside, the distance they’ll need to cover, and a few more details. Then we can get to work.

When your railings are finished being made, our team will come out and install them right where they belong at your home. Whether your design will protect a loft or offer privacy to your property, it will look great. Plus, it’s not often that people get to tell guests that they designed their own railings. When you’re ready to make your design a reality, give us a call. We look forward to working with you.

Innovative Aluminum for Business Exterior Railings

Innovative Aluminum for Business Exterior Railings

Want your business exterior railings to look attractive and professional? There are a lot of railings that can achieve that, but Innovative Aluminum is something special. Let’s take a moment to talk about what makes it stand out from the crowd and why you should consider investing.

Prefabricated and Replaceable

The hallmark of Innovative Aluminum’s innovative design is that our railings are prefabricated and can be bought and installed in parts. While traditional business exterior railings have their own perks, they’re not easy on business owners. Wrought iron or wooden railings require maintenance and, if broken, are difficult to repair or replace affordably. 

Innovative Aluminum seeks to do away with those involved needs. Installation is easy and affordable. Broken parts can be bought and replaced with ease. Prefabricated railings aren’t just convenient, they save you money and time, which can be better put to use on running your successful business.

High Quality and Low Maintenance

While many prefabricated products are notoriously low quality, Innovative aluminum takes quality very seriously. Railings are made for accessibility and safety. Therefore, we take care to check our railings’ production quality regularly and thoroughly. There’s no excuse for poor quality railings when safety is at risk.

Because our railings are made to be high quality, always, they also require very little maintenance. Aluminum is one of the lowest maintenance materials available for business exterior railing manufacturing. There’s no need to have them coated, painted, polished, oiled, or otherwise. Once they’re installed, they’re good to go.

Creative Designs

One of the best things about Innovative Aluminum is the creative designs our railings come in. There’s truly something for everybody. However, if you find our selection lacking, you can also order custom railings. We value your eye for design as well as our own. If you have a design you’d like to bring to life, let us know and we’ll help make it happen.

Creative business exterior railings make for an eye-catching feature. New customers will notice an improvement in exterior design and may give you a visit. Old customers will be delighted by the improvement and may come back with renewed interest. It’s amazing what a good design can do.

Made for Professionals

Our Innovative Aluminum railings are designed for professionals. We know businesses, offices, and other professional venues require a certain level of visual quality combined with low maintenance and affordability. Don’t settle for railings that cost you more money down the line or that degrade within a matter of years. You can have Innovative Aluminum instead.

Therefore, if you’re ready to invest in some quality, aluminum railings for your business, contact us to get a quote. Or, if you have questions about Innovative Aluminum that you can’t find an answer to, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know.

Glass Shelf Brackets for Infinity Glass Shelving

Metal Shelf Brackets for Infinity Glass Shelving

If you’re a fan of glass railings, you’ll be a fan of Infinity glass shelving. Infinity glass shelving allows you to install glass shelves on topless glass railings. While these are made especially for Infinity railings, they’re suitable to improve any topless glass railings. At Pro Weld, we specialize in metal and glass. While we primarily make railings, we also provide accessories. That’s why we want to talk about these glass shelf brackets for Infinity glass shelving and how they can improve your glass railings.

Versatile Glass Shelf Brackets

The glass shelf brackets that we make here at Pro Weld were designed to allow glass shelves to be attached to Infinity glass railings. However, these brackets are versatile and can be installed on any glass railings of the appropriate size. 

These attractive, glass shelf brackets are sleek and won’t detract from the clean and open appearance of glass railings. They’re made to hook over the top edge of glass railings, without the need for drilling or unattractive adhesives. The base of the brackets are home to two parallel pieces of metal that are perfectly sized to hold glass shelving. However, other shelving materials may be inserted into the brackets, so long as they’re the right thickness. This allows you the opportunity to customize your glass shelving in any way you see fit.

Glass Railing Decorations

Applying glass shelving to glass railings with these Infinity glass shelf brackets opens the door to many possibilities. One of the most common uses for glass shelving on railings is providing a spot for decor. If you have a loft, for example, that’s lined with glass railings, you can use them as a showcase. Looking up at your loft, how great would it be to see a beautiful vase of flowers or a statuette sitting right at the center of your glass railings. 

With Infinity glass shelving, there’s no need to put a full piece of furniture behind the railings when the need to decorate strikes. After all, a wooden stand or table would be visible through the glass railings, taking away most of the beauty added by the decor.

Outside-the-Box Uses

There’s more to Infinity glass shelving’s glass shelf brackets than just flower placement. Here are two other strategic and creative uses for them.

Provide a side table for outdoor decks and balconies. Do you have glass railings on your outdoor sitting area? You can save on space by using glass shelving instead of a side table. This is especially useful for small balconies without a lot of space for furniture. Simply set your drink on the glass shelf attached to your railing.

Attach non-shelving items to glass railings. Want to extend a garland across your glass railings? Attach our glass shelf brackets to either side of your glass railings and use them as attachments. Without bars, glass railings don’t offer easy solutions for attaching décor like this. Something like garland can be stretched across 4-6 spread-out brackets to decorate glass railings during holidays or any other time of year. The brackets can be easily lifted and removed from the railings when not in use, ensuring a clean appearance at all times.

Restore Iron Railings by Hiring Experienced Craftsmen

Restore Iron Railings by Hiring Experienced Craftsmen

Iron railings are some of the most long-lasting railings available. However, even these durable and timeless railings begin to age. Iron railings, naturally, will begin to rust if exposed to rain outdoors. They can also end up damaged. As time passes, any number of ails can befall your once-beautiful railings. Fortunately, Pro Weld is full of experienced craftsmen who can help you restore iron railings and bring them back to their former glory.

Iron Railing Rust Removal

One of the most common things to affect iron railings is rust. Iron railings and fences are frequently installed outdoors. This is because they’re much hardier than those made of wood and stronger than chain link. However, even well-made iron railings can’t stand up against rain forever. Years of being rained on will eventually wear away the protective coating on iron railings. This exposes the raw iron to the elements, which quickly leads to rust, which is extremely ugly.

Pro Weld, as Toronto’s neighborhood metal experts, can easily take care of superficial rust damage. While rust can eat away at iron over time, it does take quite a while. That means that most cases of rust on iron railings and fencing are reparable. By thoroughly removing the rust and applying a new coating, we can easily restore iron railings to their intended appearance.

Restoring the Protective Coating

Even in situations without rust, many iron railings begin to lose their coating over time. This happens often with railings that are outdoors, even in dry environments, and those that are touched a lot. It’s very common for indoor iron railings to lose their coating in places where people hold them. This can mean bare iron is exposed at the top of a stairway or the end of the railing, where one might grab the bar and turn a corner.

This coating protects the railings from rust and other types of damage. However, it also is what gives it its signature black appearance. Restoring iron railings with a new coating means renewing the railings’ integrity and getting rid of the eyesore of worn spots.

Repairing Broken Iron Railings

Iron railings that aren’t so lucky may end up broken. This doesn’t always mean an entire fence has been mowed down with the car. Many instances of broken iron railings are simply pieces breaking off. This is most common in railings with rust damage that’s sapped the railing’s strength. Something as simple as someone falling against an extremely old, rusted, iron railing can lead to a bar breaking in half or snapping off. Another common victim are the pointed tips of an iron gate. People grab at the points like handles when opening and closing the gate. After enough time, this can lead to the bar becoming loose.

Of course, we can’t ignore that most breaks in iron railings do come from unusual accidents. Bike collisions, hitting the gas instead of the break in the car, and heavy objects falling against an iron fence can lead to a break. Let the professionals at Pro Weld take a stab at fixing your broken railings. With a little love, some welding, and/or replacement parts, we can restore them to their original beauty.

The 2 Ways to Sanitize Glass Railings During COVID-19

The 2 Ways to Sanitize Glass Railings During COVID-19

COVID-19 may seem to be going away, but that depends on how well we continue following safety guidelines. Plus, there are variants on the horizon that may bring the pandemic back into full swing. Instead of getting lax, let’s stay on top of virus safety. The railing experts here at Pro Weld want to remind you that sanitizing railings properly is a really important part of fighting off the virus. So, here are 3 different ways to sanitize glass railings that will kill any COVID-19 that’s found its way onto their surfaces.

70% Alcohol Cleaner

While most people have come to understand that alcohol “kills germs,” what many people don’t realize is that “germs” and viruses aren’t necessarily as similar as you think they are. While viruses technically fall into the category of “germ,” most of the germs people are familiar with are actually just bacteria.

Because a virus is a special kind of germ, they don’t necessarily die from contact with alcohol. In the case of COVID-19, an alcohol-based cleaner needs to be at least 70% alcohol in order to kill it. This kind of alcohol is easy to find at most stores these days. Putting some into a spray bottle and using it with paper towels to wipe down the surfaces of glass railings will put a stop to any COVID-19 that’s taken up residence there.

When you sanitize glass railings, be sure to give equal attention to any metal bars that are attached to your glass railings. While kids may put their hands all over the glass, the adults are focusing their grip on the bar provided for stability.

Soap and Water

People are largely obsessed with alcoholic cleaners because they see them as “more effective.” However, just because alcohol is touted for killing germs doesn’t mean it’s the most effective way to kill COVID-19. Its strong smell may seem like an indication of its strength but, in fact, soap and water is the best way to kill this virus.

The good news is, any soap will work. Many folks think they have to use antibacterial soap. However, as we mentioned, a virus isn’t a bacteria. The two are two completely different germ types. Therefore, antibacterial soap is no more effective than a regular one. Let’s look at the reason why soap kills COVID-19.

A virus – COVID-19 in this case – has a fatty coating around it. This protects it in much the same way our skin does us. The soap molecules in any kind of soap disrupt that fatty layer, stripping the virus of its protective coating. That makes it completely nonfunctioning. 

Therefore, using a soapy washcloth to wash down and sanitize glass railings is the safest way to do things. No need to worry about percentages, if you’ve sprayed enough alcohol onto the surface, and so on. Just an old fashioned rag with some soap and water on it is enough to do the trick.

Buying Glass Railings

Glass railings are some of the easiest to clean, as they’re non-porous and largely flat. That means minimal creases and crevices where virus could hide from your cleaning attempts. If you’re due for a railing update in your business, consider replacing your existing railings with glass ones. Give us a call if you have questions about ordering.

Beautiful Railings for Your Office Interior

Beautiful Railings for Your Office Interior

A professional office has a brand to uphold. Whether that brand is sleek and modern, light and futuristic, or cozy and inviting has everything to do with what company it belongs to. However, regardless of the aesthetic your brand goes for, one thing is certain: you need sources for all of the things that make your interior yours. An oft-overlooked feature of any office interior is the railings. Railings are everywhere and are easy to forget about. They’re the silent heroes of any building with stairs. So, if you’re building a new office or looking to update your interior, you’ll need to know about the beautiful railings available from Pro Weld. Let’s check out the possibilities.

Stylish and Dark

First, let’s talk about one of Pro Weld’s signature railing types: wrought iron. Wrought iron railings are largely seen as outdoor fixtures. However, that limited view has largely been a disservice to those intending to outfit with wrought iron. Wrought iron has long been used indoors as well. The use of indoor wrought iron railings has been primarily seen in large houses with heavy wood tones in their interior aesthetic. The contrast between rich browns and curvy, black iron is really quite lovely.

If your office is looking for a pseudo antiquated aesthetic, these railings are a great choice. Offices that are targeting upper class clientele can benefit greatly from this style. Wood, iron, and black leather looks really great together. This combination is a building you step into and expect to sign a business deal or contract in.

Sleek and Masculine

Looking for something a bit less midcentury business? Sleek stainless steel might be a better choice for you. Stainless steel railings are practical, sturdy, and look great with other sleek interior fixtures. If you have a lot of silver or steel, black, and shiny finishes, these will fit right in.

Stainless steel looks great both indoors and outdoors. There are even different styles of stainless steel railings that reflect different aesthetic feelings. While broad railings might look fantastic along the outer stairway, smaller bars with a less intimidating bulk might be the better choice for indoors. 

Luxurious and Light

Want to maintain maximum light flow and a light signature interior? Glass railings are a great choice for that. They don’t offer any colors themselves and, therefore, can fit into any style perfectly. However, if you want to include them in making a statement, glass railings are fantastic additions to offices with a really light interior. These beautiful railings look great alongside light wood colors and white paint. This pristine aesthetic looks really great in medical office buildings and foundation headquarters.

Get Custom Railings

If none of the designs in our portfolio look right for you, just give us a call and let us know you’re in the market for custom railings. Custom work is one of our specialties here at Pro Weld. Let us know how we can help you and we’ll be quick to get started!

Beautiful Wrought Iron Gates for Your Estate

Have a large estate that you want improved security for? Wrought iron gates are exactly what you need. From keeping out casual trespassers to inhibiting potential burglars, wrought iron gates are the best kind of low-level security you can get. However, finding the beautiful wrought iron gates of the quality you’re looking for can be difficult. That’s where Pro Weld can help.

Front-End Security

Tired of people walking through your property? Worried about home robbery? Wrought iron gates can provide a fantastic piece of front-end security for your home. While cameras and alarms are great back-end security, a wrought iron gate can provide a more simple solution: preventing someone from entering the property to begin with.

High, wrought iron fencing is incredibly hard to scale without something like a ladder. How many burglars are interested in bringing an A-frame with them to a robbery? None that we know! Therefore, simply having that difficult-to-breach barrier can do a lot to protect your home.

Automated Gates

Beautiful wrought iron gates don’t stop being practical when they reach the driveway. While many old-fashioned gates have to be manually opened and then closed again after driving onto the property, it’s 2021. It’s easier than ever to automate gates, making them easy to open and close with the tap of a button. Don’t force yourself to get out of your car twice after a long day of work just to get past your own gate. Open the gate from the driver’s seat and close it just as easily once you’re on your way to the garage.

Gate Intercoms

Automated, wrought iron gates are the perfect place to install an intercom. If you frequently – or even occasionally – have guests or clients to your home, a gate intercom is a must-have. Get paged directly from gate to office when your guest has arrived so that you know to open the gate for them from the comfort of your home.

Not only is this convenient for guest experiences, it also keeps solicitors from making it to your front door. Your gates can remain comfortably closed at all times unless you’ve been alerted to the presence of someone you actually want to come knocking.

Custom Designs

Wrought iron is extremely customizable, which makes it a great choice for big names or creative minds alike. Decorating the front of your gates with your family’s initial or crest can be a great way to leave an impact on the neighborhood and visitors alike.

Or, if you’re more interested in the artistry of wrought iron, rather than your name, we can work with you to make your gates as decorated as you prefer. From florals to leaves to sweeping art nouveau, we’ve got the experience and artistic know-how to make your gates exceptionally attractive.

Give us a call if you have questions or want to start talking wrought iron gate design. We look forward to working with you and delivering you a more than satisfactory result for your property.

Pitfalls of Buying Wrought Iron Railings

Pitfalls of Buying Wrought Iron Railings

If you’ve been wanting that exterior aesthetics boost to your property, or perhaps are more in the market for improved security, wrought iron railings may seem like a great investment. While this may be true, it would be irresponsible to jump into buying something semi-permanent and somewhat pricey without all of the facts. So, let’s talk about the pitfalls of buying wrought iron railings so that you can make an informed decision.

Maintenance Needs

While wrought iron fences can usually be left alone, we can’t forget that they do require some maintenance to continue looking their best when placed outdoors. If you’ve ever seen photos of abandoned houses surrounded by wrought iron, you know that they’ll rust. However, it doesn’t take decades of neglect for this to become a reality for your fences. Wrought iron can begin to rust after only a few years if not properly cared for.

While most fences require some amount of care to continue looking their best, we find it to be a necessity with wrought iron. Without occasional maintenance, removing existing rust and protecting from future rust, wrought iron fences can lose all of their original appeal and become an eyesore instead. So, if you intend to buy wrought iron, prepare to have it maintained every once in a while.

Full Coverage Costs

For someone with a large budget, wrought iron prices are no big deal. However, we can’t ignore that the handcrafted fixtures can get pricey. If you have a particularly large property or a particularly small budget, consider using a combination of fences or partial coverage. Placing wrought iron where your property is seen from the road and then connecting it to chain link for the back side of the property is much more practical for small-budget fence buyers. 

Or, simply leaving the back end of the property unfenced may not negate the desired security. Most trespassing is casual in nature. Trespassers won’t bother checking if they can get around a fence if they see that the front of a property is blocked off.

Inexperienced Craftsmen

By far, one of the biggest pitfalls of buying wrought iron railings is failing to do your research. Who you buy from makes a huge difference. Or, equally dangerous is choosing to go for the cheaper option in order to save money. With wrought iron fences, you get what you pay for. Opting for something that costs less is likely to require more maintenance to remain rust free. It may also be badly constructed, leaving you with a fence that barely mimics the beautiful piece you had in mind.

Reliable Wrought Iron

If you’re committed to buying wrought iron railings, whether interior or exterior commit to something reliable. Pro Weld has been serving Toronto top quality wrought iron railings for years. We provide quality results that you’ll be proud to display, will last as long as you, and require minimal maintenance.

If you have questions about our wrought iron railings or fences, call us today. Ask us about custom fence options and our newest designs. We love bringing the joys of wrought iron to our Toronto neighbors and we hope you’ll be next.

3 Stainless Steel Railing Styles for Businesses

3 Stainless Steel Railing Styles for Businesses

If you’re in need of some attractive, stainless steel railings for your business, you’re in the right place. Pro Weld has many stainless steel railing styles that are great for businesses like yours. Let’s take a look at 3 of our favorites.

Glass Paned

One of our more popular designs is our glass-paned, stainless steel. These have a stainless steel hand railing and supports while glass panes fill in the space between them. 

This design is great for chic businesses and stores. If you have a large office with lofts or an open foyer, these railings will look great. They provide great light flow, an unobstructed view, and are very present in design.

One of the benefits of glass-paned, stainless steel railings are their increased safety. With minimal gaps across their entire length, there is little opportunity for children to hurt themselves or drop items through the gaps. Therefore, if your business sees a lot of small guests, you’ll find our glass-paned railings are a plus.

Horizontal Contemporary

If you’re looking less for open and bright, and are aiming more for stylish and dark, our horizontal contemporary railings will be of interest to you. This stainless steel railing style has a dark hand railing. This rests atop dark supports, with silvery, stainless steel bars run horizontally through them. With 4-6 horizontal bars beneath the hand railing, there is no chance for anyone getting through them. Therefore, they offer optimal safety, as well as practicality.

These railings, due to their dark/light contrasting nature, look fantastic in industrial settings or contemporary offices. When imagining the ideal setting for them, one might think of an aesthetic-focused office, a dark, youthful, clothing store, or even a rich, earth-toned bookstore.


While aesthetics can be important to some, others are only in need of the basics. Therefore, we can’t leave out our utilitarian, stainless steel railing styles for businesses. These stainless steel railings have their classic silvery appearance with a hand railing and one or two horizontal bars beneath it.

This railing style is great for lining exterior stairways, walkways, sidewalks, and more. They provide a moderate level of safety, keeping people from taking a fall. However, someone with the intention of shortening their path can still slip through the horizontal bars.

Get What You Want

The most important thing about buying from Pro Weld is that you can get what you want. If none of our stainless steel railing styles are what you’re after, bring us your own. We love working with creative customers to give them exactly what they’re imagining. Because we work directly with the metal ourselves, instead of just selling factory-made railings, we have the range to do custom work.

Give us a call today if you’re ready for us to start work on railings for your Toronto business.

Where to Buy Outdoor Pool Railings

Where to Buy Outdoor Pool Railings

Having an outdoor, in-ground pool is such a rewarding experience. However, if you’ve got a family, or if you like to keep dry while the others do canon-balls, you may need some pool accessories. Namely, you may just need some outdoor pool railings. Here’s what you’re missing!

What Are Outdoor Pool Railings?

Outdoor pool railings are not as simple as they sound. You may be imagining those metal bars used to stay on your feet as you descend into the water. Or, you may imagine a metal fence for keeping out the neighborhood kids. However, these aren’t what we’re referring to at all.

The pool railings available from Pro Weld are glass barriers made for use around the perimeter of the pool area. These glass barriers are taller than hand railings and are made for safety and convenience.

While most pool railings are glass in nature, to keep water at bay, they can also come in different styles. Take a look through our glass railing gallery to see some of the many style options available to you. Whether you want something with a metal frame, something frameless, or something in between, we have what you need.

Why Pool Railings Are a Must

Outdoor pool railings come with 2 primary benefits. The first, and most important, is an added layer of safety regarding pool use. Especially for families with young kids, keeping the pool closed up when not in permitted use is a massive safety must-have. More than once, an outdoor pool with no barrier up has led to bad outcomes for families with toddlers and small children. One second without supervision can lead to disaster. These barriers seek to prevent any such occurrence by giving the adults of the home the ability to lock up the gates when pool time is over.

The second benefit to having outdoor pool railings installed is much more cosmetic than safety related. These solid, glass panes make it easy for adults to remain dry while supervising their children at play. No one likes taking their book out by the pool, still fully clothed, and ending up soaked with pool water from an ambitious dive nearby. Make supervising your kids during play a relaxing activity for everyone. The kids have their fun while mom or dad can lounge nearby, enjoying the sun and remaining pool water free.

Where to Buy Them

If outdoor pool railings are offering exactly the kind of safety and convenience you’ve been looking for, you know where to find them. Our team at Pro Weld can give you exactly what you’re looking for. Match your home exterior, get railings that work seamlessly with the style of your patio, and dive into a life of ease and safety.


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