Improve Home Security with Wrought Iron Door Inserts

Improve Home Security with Wrought Iron Door Inserts

If you take your home security seriously, you might have invested in a high tech camera system. However, camera systems are only a psychological deterrent. If a burglar wants to break in, a camera won’t stop them – it will only record them. Moreover, that recording may or may not even be valid as evidence. It all depends on what it captures. If you want effective home security, you need to invest in something that will physically prevent a burglar from entering your home. That’s where wrought iron door inserts come in.

What Are Wrought Iron Door Inserts?

Wrought iron door inserts are iron grates or bars that fit between the panes of glass on your front door. These are usually designed to be attractive and decorative, while still maintaining their function. What is their function? To prevent anyone from getting through your door just from breaking the glass.

Are They Effective?

Now comes the age old question: are they effective? Is there actually a point to this, or is it just to make you feel better about your security? The answer is: yes they are. A burglar may be able to take a rock to the glass on your door, but they can’t do much after that. With the wrought iron door insert in the way, they can’t step through the broken door window. If designed properly, they also can’t reach the inside deadbolt from through the grate.

Now they’ve made a loud noise by breaking the glass and have nowhere to go but away. Your home is safe and so are your belongings. If you have homeowner’s insurance that covers vandalism or break-ins, you may even be able to replace your glass free of charge. However, this is all assuming someone would break your door’s glass in the first place. Seeing wrought iron door inserts is enough of a deterrent for many to not try in the first place.

Impact on Appearance

Now is the question of appearance. Do wrought iron door inserts look like prison bars? In the end, it does come down to perspective and perception. However, we don’t think they do – not when made by artistic professionals like us.

Wrought iron door inserts can be made as simple as prison bars. However, that doesn’t mean that’s the only way. When crafting these inserts, we tend to lean more toward art nouveau type styles, since this style works well with wrought iron. The resulting appearance is that you’ve simply decorated your door. Most people may not even consider the real purpose of the insert; they’ll simply admire the design.

Custom Wrought Iron Door Inserts

If you have a design idea that you would like crafted for your own door, give us a call. We love to consult with clients and work out their design ideas into something tangible. We look forward to hearing from you!


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