Iron Spiral Staircases for Interior and Exterior

Iron Spiral Staircases for Interior and Exterior

Looking for an interior or exterior stairway? Iron spiral staircases aren’t just an aesthetic choice. There are actually a lot of reasons you might opt for one of them. Let’s take a look at why you might invest in one of Pro Weld’s spiral staircases for your Toronto home or business.

Space Efficient

Spiral staircases aren’t just a throwback to older fashions; they have some timeless perks you can enjoy even today. For example, iron spiral staircases are extremely space efficient. Straight staircases require a long stretch of floorspace that isn’t available in every room. However, just because a room doesn’t have a lot of floor space doesn’t mean it doesn’t need a stairway in it. Solve your space problem by using an iron spiral staircase.

Spiral staircases take up significantly less space since they curve back on themselves. That means you can fit one easily into the corner of a room. In fact, you could make do with a square space of only 4.5ft long. 

Easy to Navigate

Spiral staircases may give you pause because of their odd shape. Are they easy to use? Don’t they cause problems with regard to moving things? While we admit spiral staircases aren’t the ideal design for transporting goods, they’re actually better than stairways with regard to physical ease of use.

Iron spiral staircases are easy to use, especially for those with minor mobility difficulties. This is due to the spiral staircase being a closer fit and having reachable handholds on either side. Someone who isn’t so light on their feet can grip the handrail on one side and the center post with the other. While wide, straight stairways are better for carrying large boxes, they also provide too much space to easily hold on at both sides.

Additionally, if you’re worried about tripping on the stairs, spiral staircases come with the added benefit of being easier to catch yourself on. There may be some funny ideas about people falling down spiral staircases in films, but that’s mostly added for humorous effect. In reality, a spiral staircase of a moderate to small size provides a lot of places to grab on. That means, even if you lose your footing, it’s unlikely that you would end up going all the way down the stairs. The same can’t be said for straight stairways.

Steps That Grip

An additional perk to iron spiral staircases is that you can order them with steps that grip. The same type of metal grate design that’s used for a factory catwalk can be used on a spiral staircase. This is ideal for spiral staircases that are placed outdoors or in work environments. Wet shoes won’t lead to slipping. Plus, instead of collecting dirt, grated steps will allow filth to fall through, meaning your stairs stay cleaner and easier to traverse.

High Quality Iron Spiral Staircases

If you’re looking for a space-efficient stair solution, get a spiral staircase from Pro Weld. Check our photos to see examples of our work. Or, contact us today to set up a consultation. We would be happy to discuss your options with you or show you our complete portfolio.


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