Simple Steel Railings for Parking Lot Stairs and Ramps

Simple Steel Railings for Parking Lot Stairs and Ramps

Large parking lots aren’t always completely flat. In a hilly area, multiple levels may be necessary to cut down on how much terraforming has to be done. That means putting in stairs and wheelchair ramps to allow for easy navigation. And, with stairs and ramps comes the need for railings and guardrails. If you want railings that are reliable, simple, and get the job done, you want simple steel railings from Pro Weld.

Stair and Ramp Railing Laws

You may be aware that stairs, legally, must have railings on them. If the stairs ascend more than a step or two, it becomes hazardous for many people to traverse them. To ensure they’re as safe as possible, we attach railings that can be held onto or leaned on as necessary. They’re also great for catching yourself if you trip.

However, unless you’re well-versed in disability law, you may be unaware that ramps have their own guidelines. A ramp may be easier for an abled person to walk up and down. However, when you add wheels into the mix, they’re extremely hazardous without railings. A parking lot with stairs or ramps must have railings on both to ensure visitors to a business, hospital, or other location are safe.

The Most Durable Option

Because we’re talking about railings for parking lot stairs and ramps, we have to consider durability. Glass railings may be attractive, but they’re expensive and easily broken when combined with the back end of somebody’s truck. Since cars are heavy and drivers are imperfect, you need the strongest material available for parking lot railings. Simple steel railings are the perfect choice, in that case.

Steel is an extremely strong metal that is not easily bent or broken. This is especially true if opting for a simple design with fewer bars of a wider circumference. 

Simple Designs

You’re surely familiar with the most standard of steel railings. They’re made up of two horizontal bars – one at about hip level and one at about knee level. These are excellent safety railings. The width of the bars makes them extra strong and incredibly difficult to break. Meanwhile, the positioning of the bars makes them easy to grab onto. Additionally, the width of the bars is a very typical grip size for most hands, making them comfortable and easy on fingers that may experience more pain than average. Someone with arthritis or a joint condition will have less trouble holding onto a bar of this comfortable width.

Custom Railing Designs

While simple steel railings are perfect for parking lot stairs and ramps, that doesn’t mean they have to be cookie-cutter. Simple can also be different. If you’d like something that adds some character to your building’s exterior, opt for a custom railing design.

Steel railings can be customized a number of ways. You could add zig-zagging between-bars to decorate the space between two horizontal ones. Or, you could do something else more geometrically creative. The possibilities are unlimited. Give us a call and we can discuss any railings you’re interested in ordering. Custom designs may call for a consultation to iron out the details. In any case, we’re happy to help!


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