Tall Iron Gates and Fences for High Security Properties

Tall Iron Gates and Fences for High Security Properties

A high security property might be your expensive home, a storage site or warehouse, or even a museum. No matter what you’re trying to protect from theft or damage, security comes in all shapes and sizes. If you own a high security property, relying on more than technology for security is a really wise move. For example, investing in some tall iron gates and fences. Why? Let’s get into it.

Physical Security

A lot of people in the modern age are under the assumption that better technology is better for security. In most cases, this is true. However, what we can’t forget is that technology isn’t everything. The best security takes a diverse approach, to cover all of the bases.

  • Security cameras film the area. If someone breaks in, you can get them on camera and use it as evidence for pressing charges or searching for stolen goods.
  • Alarms alert the relevant parties to a break-in. That may be the property owner/manager, the police, or both.
  • Flood lights ensure the area is well-lit so that cameras can film effectively. They also serve as intimidation, often scaring people off before they can really get started on theft or vandalism.

What is missing from this list? Something to actually stop the crime from happening!

Physical security is a vital piece of the security framework. That’s where tall iron gates and fences come in. Keeping a tall iron fence around your property makes even reaching the other security measures a lot harder. Isn’t that the ideal outcome?

Benefits of Tall Fences

The primary benefit of tall iron gates and fences is that they prevent people from entering restricted property. Instead of catching a theft on camera stealing your things, you catch nothing on camera because the thief saw your fence and decided to go elsewhere.

However, there are other benefits to tall fences. It may be harder to get in past a locked fence and gate, but it’s also harder to get out. This is actually a vital part of the security, working in tandem with the electronic elements. If someone manages to get past your fence and set off your alarm, that obstacle is giving police that much more time to arrive. Plus, it makes taking anything with them that much harder.

Classy Iron Gate and Fence Design

If you’re considering a tall fence and gate to improve security for your property, choose something classy. Iron gate and fence design can improve property appearances as well as security. Don’t settle for something unattractive and utilitarian. If you’re looking to border an expensive home or other property, a classy iron fence is the right choice. Wrought iron fences are timeless. Plus, if you opt for those equally timeless spikes at the top, it will make trespassers think twice about their plans to hop on over.

Pro Weld Iron Gates and Fences

If you’re interested in a tall iron gate or fence for your high security property, get a quote from us today. Just call us and let us know you’re considering and we can help you figure out the details.


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