Railing Repair Services in Toronto

Railing Repair Services in Toronto

If you’re remodeling or renovating your home, or just need to fix a broken railing, Pro Weld is here to help. We assist the entire Toronto area in railing repair services. Here’s how we can help with railing repair for your home or business in Toronto.

Rust Removal

By far, the leading cause for railing repair service needs in regards to iron railings is rust removal. Rust doesn’t just look bad, it also makes railings less safe to handle and it continually damages the iron by eating through it. Ever seen an old car with a hole in the metal body, surrounded by rust? The hole got there because of the rust. Rust is extremely damaging to iron and can only be prevented with proper treating and coating of the metal.

If you have some railings that are in decent shape aside from a horrible coating of rust, we can help you out. Removing existing rust, treating the metal, and giving it a new, protective coating will allow your railings to live a long and beautiful life.

Bent Railing Repair

Railings that haven’t been well taken care of often fall into the hands of more caring owners after taking quite a beating. Therefore, if you’ve recently bought a property with some bent-up railings, we can fix them up for you. Railings can end up bent for all kinds of reasons. Someone might back into a railing with their car. Or, a piece of furniture might have fallen into one when rearranging furniture or moving in or out of the building. No matter the cause, bends in railings lower their safety use and must be fixed.

Pro Weld is Toronto’s expert team on railing crafting and repair. We can remove bends in railings or replace damaged parts if needed. When we’re through, you’ll have a whole set of railings in perfect, working condition.

Broken Railing Repair

Railings with minor damage aren’t where our expertise stops. Because we know how to craft railings from scratch, we also know how to repair them when they’re completely broken.

Railings break for all kinds of reasons. We could even salvage a set of beat up, metal railings abandoned in a scrap yard. Beautiful metalwork deserves to last. Therefore, let our railing repair services breathe some life back into your broken railings and replace what can’t be fixed.

Missing Railing Replacement

Otherwise intact railings are sometimes missing pieces. A piece can sometimes break off entirely if constructed wrong or used more than others. Using the design evident in the rest of the railings, or using old photos, we can recreate what’s missing and replace it. With our help, you can regain safety and beauty in your railings in no time.

Complete Restoration

Too many problems to pick just one? Complete railing restoration services are also in our wheelhouse. Give us a call today if you have any railing repair service needs in Toronto and we’ll get you the help you need.


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