Steel Handrails That Will Last for Decades

Steel Handrails That Will Last for Decades

Handrails come in many different materials and styles. However, not all handrails are made the same. Want some handrails that will last for decades? Stainless steel is the material to go for. What is it about stainless steel handrails that makes them last so long? Let’s take a look.

Stainless Steel Rusts Less

One of the reasons stainless steel lasts longer than other metals, like wrought iron, is that it rusts less. Wrought iron, while lovely for indoor railings, is hard to maintain outdoors. Outdoors, where it’s subject to wind and rain, the coating will wear down faster. When that happens, the iron is exposed and quickly begins to rust.

Stainless steel, on the other hand, doesn’t have that problem. The only part of stainless steel railings that are prone to rust is the joints, where they’re welded together. These joints also take a lot more wear and tear to begin rusting than wrought iron does.

Why does rust matter? Well, because rust actually eats away at the metal. If left untreated, rust can eat completely through a railing. Ever seen a really old car with patches of rust on it? If there were holes in the rusty patches, those came from the rust itself. So, buying railings that rust less matters. 

Steel Is Super Strong

Because steel is prone to bending over breaking, it’s extremely strong and has more longevity. What would completely shatter a piece of wrought iron might only dent stainless steel. If you’re buying handrails for a parking lot or another location where heavy machinery might collide with it, steel is best. Stainless steel handrails can be backed into by a truck and still remain upright and safe to use, even if dented.

Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to railing design, you’ve surely noticed steel is treated differently. Instead of giving stainless steel handrails lots of elegant swirls, flowers, and leave – like iron – it’s often kept minimalist. A couple of thick bars run horizontally across intermittent, vertical supports. Why is this?

For one thing, as mentioned before, the material changes caused by welding make steel more able to rust. So, lots of hammering and welding of small, artistic parts make steel less resilient and durable. Additionally, small parts are easier to break. Because steel is so often relied on to do the the safety heavy lifting, we design it to do that to the best of its ability. 4 narrow bars are not as strong as two thick ones. In other words, the simplicity of stainless steel handrail design has a lot to do with quality over quantity.

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