Wrought Iron Accessories for Your Home

Wrought Iron Accessories for Your Home

While wrought iron railings are, perhaps, the most common use of wrought iron, they’re not all. There are many more fixtures and accessories for your home that can be made of wrought iron. If you’re a lover of the dark, classic metal, you’ll love some of these other wrought iron accessories you can use to decorate your home.

Wrought Iron Mailboxes

If you’re an appreciator of wrought iron, you’ll love having a wrought iron mailbox. These aren’t super common, since they can be difficult to craft and are easily mimicked with regular iron that’s coated in black paint.

The benefit of getting an actual wrought iron mailbox is that it will last longer than a cheap mockery. Plus, wrought iron bring with it the opportunity for customization. If you have a chunk of money that you want to put toward an artistic sculpture of a mailbox, it’s a great investment. You aren’t limited to the standard box-on-a-post type mailbox. You can go for any design you want.

Just as well as you can go for something really intricate, you can also get something simple. If you don’t have much of a yard or you prefer your mail to be delivered to your door, you can also opt for a wall-mounted mailbox. These simple little boxes are just right for a handful of letters or a small package. Mounted beside your front door, they also make retrieving the mail a breeze. Just be sure to make your mailman some brownies if you’re the only one in the neighborhood making him walk up the drive.

Wrought Iron Doorknockers

Doorknockers have gone mostly out of style in the past century. But, the key reason is because most people don’t have massive houses anymore – and, of course, the invention of the doorbell. These days, they’re more of a statement piece than anything, even if they do function when used.

If your home is large enough that a doorknocker won’t look silly on the front door, one might just spice up the aesthetic. Go for something big and gothic or something delicate and beautiful. No matter your taste, a wrought iron doorknocker is something that will become a memorable part of your home to guests and family alike.

Wrought Iron Window and Door Grates

Worried about security? Wrought iron window and door grates can keep burglars from getting in with a heavy rock. These grates don’t have to be the simplistic bars used to protect city townhouses. You can make them beautiful works of art that don’t take away from the beauty of your home.

The only thing that will take further consideration is fire safety. All window grates should have some kind of release from the inside to allow for a quick escape in case of emergencies. One of the reasons they’ve gone out of fashion is that fire safety laws meant the removal of many that didn’t come with an interior release. Since then, modern alarm systems have been more successful achieving their goals.

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