Is Colored Wrought Iron Possible?

Is Colored Wrought Iron Possible?

If you have particularly strong tastes in home design, you may have wondered more than once about wrought iron. Many people adore the classic, black metal designs. In fact, they’ve made a bit of a comeback as restoration of old homes has become a known cause. However, what most people don’t wonder about is if that classic, black metal could be less classic and more colorful. Is colored wrought iron possible? Let’s take a look!

The Possibility

Let’s answer this quickly: yes, it’s possible! You can color your railings by painting them.

If done right, colored wrought iron can be just as good as classic wrought iron. However, if done incorrectly, it could not only end up looking bad, but damage the iron. So, let the experts at Pro Weld tell you a bit more about colored wrought iron, how to achieve it, and its uses.

The Uses of Colored Wrought Iron

Colored wrought iron is quite the statement. While you could technically use it anywhere normal wrought iron is found, it is better suited to certain places. We wouldn’t recommend making your wrought iron fence anything but black. However, if you want to make a real statement in your home, you could make your railings a certain color. This looks especially good in homes that rely on wrought iron to guard curved staircases. 

Any color is possible, but some that look really great are gold and silver. These colors, naturally, can make your railings look as if they’re gilt or made of these metals. Just make sure that, if you do go for one of these two, you choose a color that reflect the natural tint of the metal. Otherwise, it will simply look fake and cheap, taking down the quality of the plain, black railings.

Preparing Your Rails

If you’re going to paint your railings, you can’t just go out and buy some paint and slap it on. Before painting them, you need to prepare them. The most important thing about preparing your railings for a new coat of paint is ensuring there’s no rust on them. Even a small amount of rust, if left beneath the new coat of paint, can eat further through your iron railings and spread.

So, check your railings thoroughly for any areas – even small ones – where the existing, black coating is chipped off and rust has begun to develop. You can treat this yourself with rust removal and prevention treatment. However, if you want to guarantee the future integrity of your iron railings, we recommend you get professional help for anything more than the smallest amounts of rust.

Choosing Your Paint

The most important part of coating your railings in something new is choosing the right paint. You can’t use just anything. If you choose the wrong paint, you could end up with railings that are tacky or that chip with the slightest wear. Use exterior-grade enamel paint. This is paint that’s made to withstand outdoor weathering, will appear shiny when dry, and will better resist things like skin oils. Once your enamel is on, you might even consider a metallic top coat to increase the illusion of your railings being made of something other than iron.


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