5 Questions to Ask Any Mobile Welding Pro Before Hiring

mobile welding TorontoWhatever your needs, it is important to choose carefully when hiring a local expert to perform any welding repairs at your home or commercial property. Before you get in touch with any of the firms in your area, take a look at the five questions we have listed below and be sure to make a note of them so you can ask each candidate you are thinking of hiring.

Mobile Welding in Toronto: Making the Right Choice

There are many good welders in the GTA, along with some that are not quite so professional. To make sure that you choose one of the former, pose the following five questions to each firm or individual that you contact.

  1. Do You Have Professional Qualifications? – To ensure that the work in question is completed safely and competently, you should only consider Toronto firms that employ suitably qualified professionals. High pressure welding certification, for example, is desirable if such equipment will be used to perform the necessary work.
  2. Do You Perform Onsite Fabrication? – Many repairs can be carried out far faster if components can be fabricated onsite rather than in a workshop. If speed is of the essence, choosing a firm that specializes in mobile welding in Toronto and onsite fabrication is your best option.
  3. Do You Have a Fully Equipped Workshop? – While certain components can be fabricated onsite, others may require the use of the kind of equipment that can only be found in professional workshops. To ensure that your welding team can cope with all eventualities, it is therefore a good idea to make sure they have a workshop in the area too.
  4. What Experience Do You Have? – The key factor when asking about experience is whether or not the Toronto company you are thinking of hiring often works with the type of material you need repairing. Techniques and equipment for welding aluminum, stainless steel and other materials vary, so it is best to choose a firm with relevant experience.
  5. Can You Show me Previously Completed Projects? – Companies that can show you examples of previously completed work should always be preferred to those that cannot.

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