4 Common Cleaning Tasks for Keeping Glass Railings Clean

More and more you’ll find glass railings in homes. Whether it be inside following the stairs or outside around the deck or balcony, glass railings offer safety that is aesthetically pleasing. You can see through the glass as to not obstruct the view of your surroundings. It allows you to watch your children play on the lawn as you relax on the deck above.

What makes glass railings very appealing to homeowners is how durable they are and the minimal amount of upkeep required to keep them looking new. Of course, over time they will get dirty, especially if they are outside railings. However, with a regular cleaning routine that includes the glass railings around the home, you’ll keep them looking in pristine condition for many years to come.

To help you out, here are a few tips to easily keep your glass railings clean.


Water Spots and Streaks

Water spots and streaks are probably one of the most frustrating parts of keeping the glass clean. You may notice water spots on outdoor railings after it rains or splashed with water. For indoor railings, likely you would notice streaks after wiping the glass down. Either way, they are annoying and can make the glass look dirty.

To avoid water spots and streaks, wash the glass products specifically meant for glass, or mix equal parts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Wipe down with a clean cloth that will absorb the water.

Dust and Dirt

Dust and dirt will make its way onto the glass of the railings. Unfortunately, it is inevitable. Inside your home, dust floats around and grasps on to things around the area. Outside, dirt will stick to the glass when it storms or is windy.

Luckily for you, dust and dirt are some of the easiest things to clean from glass. A soft, dry cloth will easily wipe off the dust and dirt, revealing crisp, clear glass.

Grime Build Up

Depending on where the railings are, you may have to deal with grime build up from time to time (or quite often). Lots of times you see grime build up on the glass doors of the shower. The same thing can happen to your railings, especially if they’re in the kitchen and continuously get splashed with liquid.

Your best bet is to try and wipe down the glass as soon as a spill happens. However, if that is not always possible, the water and vinegar solution will work just fine to clean them up. Use a damp cloth to wipe the glass. You can also use glass cleaning products as well.

Animal Feces

For outdoor railings, there is a good chance you’ll encounter animal droppings on the glass. Most commonly are bird droppings. Cleaning up animal feces from glass is quite easy, but you should take safety precautions to do so. Wear disposable gloves and use a cloth that can be thrown away after. Using the vinegar and water solution will not only clean the glass, but it will also disinfect it as well.


Cleaning the glass on railings typically is not a difficult task. By staying on top of it, though, you can keep the glass looking like brand new for decades to come.


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