The Ins and Outs of Floating Stairs

Don’t let a common household necessity blend into the background. The stairs can be a striking feature in your home if appropriately designed. From walking up a few steps to enter the home, or taking a grand staircase up to the next level, every stair can be a unique addition to a house.

One way of incorporating a stunning staircase is with floating stairs. A floating staircase adds a distinctively modern touch to any home it is in. What makes them so appealing is that they are a perfect combination of functionality while being stylish.

If a floating staircase sounds appealing to you, let’s take a look at the ins and outs to see what makes a floating staircase unique.


How They Work

Floating stairs, although look like it, are not actually floating. They still have structural support to make them stand up. You’ll be walking up and down these stairs, so you want to ensure they can still maintain their structural integrity.

When designed and installed correctly, these staircases give off the illusion that they are floating. Even though there will still be certain areas of support and attachments, where and how they are built will keep them hidden away.

Save Valuable Space

One major perk of floating stairs is the additional space you save underneath of them. Traditional staircases can take up a large amount of space because they require a solid structure to support them. Because floating staircases are designed without the solid structural support, it opens up space underneath for you to do whatever you please.

There are many creative designs for under the stairs. You can turn the space into a cozy reading nook, a fancy storage area, a small home office, even a dog house for your furry friend. Basically, anything that you lack in your home you can use the space under the stairs for that.


With floating stairs, the design options are only limited to what you are house allows you to build (or your wallet allows you to afford). Although they tend to be on the pricier end of staircases, there are so many ways you can build and install them in your home.

You can go more minimalistic and have as little of accessories to them as possible – only the steps jutting out from the wall are what you see. You can have them follow along with the wall and curve up to the second floor. You could even suspend the steps from the ceiling, making them look like they are really floating.


In the end, floating staircases are a preference rather than a necessity. However, they do offer a unique look to any home they are installed in. Take your home to a modern level by installing floating staircases.


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