6 Things in Your Home that Need a Good Cleaning Post-Holidays

You spend so much time getting ready for the holidays, for them to go by so quickly. Then, you’re left with a big mess to tend to. There’s a good chance that you put of some of the cleanings that you don’t usually do just because you need a break.

Although it’s good to ease into it and not overwhelm yourself with cleaning, there are parts of your home that shouldn’t be missed. To help you out, here are six things in your home that you should clean after the holidays.

The Fridge

During the holidays, you’re buying groceries that you don’t normally buy on a regular basis. That is because you’re having a big feast for you and your entire family. There are bound to be items that get pushed to the back and forgotten about.

Spend some time cleaning out your fridge and giving it a good wipe down. Go through shelf by shelf and start taking things out. Check the expiry date. Anything that is way overdo should likely get thrown out or put in the compost. Wipe everything down before putting it all back together.


The railings tend to get forgotten about during your regular cleaning routine. However, they shouldn’t be. If they don’t get regularly wiped down, they become a place where germs gather and grow. Think of all the hands that were on the railings during the holidays. So, wipe them down with a mild cleaner or disinfectant wipes to kill any bacteria lingering around.


Now, furniture is likely something you thought about cleaning before all of your guests arrive, but have you thought about cleaning it afterwards? Furniture can hold on to many dirty particles and germs just from us sitting on them.

Take a day or two to clean all of the furniture in your home thoroughly. Vacuum them down first before coming through with cleaners that are safe for any material your furniture is made out of.

The Vacuum

Speaking of a vacuum, when’s the last time you’ve cleaned yours? Think of all the work you did with the vacuum before, during, and right after the holidays. It’s likely quite full of dirt and dust, even if you regularly empty the bag. Give your vacuum a good cleaning, so it continues to work like new.


The kitchen appliances, more specifically the stove, dishwasher and coffee maker, should get a good clean after the holidays. Those are some of the main appliances you use when guests are over. To keep everything working like new, spend a day giving them a much-needed clean.


Although you likely have a regular cleaning schedule for your bathrooms, we’re talking about a good deep clean after the holidays. If you have lots of guests over, your bathrooms will get used more than usual, especially if you have guests staying the night.

Spend some extra time wiping down areas of the bathroom that aren’t apart of your regular cleaning. Wash the shower curtain and restock the bathroom with any needed supplies.


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