5 Tips for Building a Deck

A deck is an excellent addition to a home. It turns into a gathering place in the summer months when it’s warm out. The deck may be where you have your barbeque to cook while relaxing outside.

There are many usages for a deck that will benefit the whole family. If you’re looking at building one, there are a few things you’ll want to remember to help you out. We have five tips to help you build your deck.

Know Your Property Line

When building a deck, you want to ensure that it stays within your property line. Unless you have a fence that lines the perimeter of your yard, it’s hard to eyeball where the property line is. You wouldn’t want to spend all this time building a deck to find out you’ve gone into the neighbour’s yard.

You may need permits from your municipality before you begin. Ensure you have all the proper permits and documentation with you.

Don’t Pick Just Any Wood

The type of wood you use to build your deck is important. The wrong material for the environment you live in could cause you to have to do major repairs in a year or two. Pressure treated wood was a favourite for the longest time since it can withstand the outdoor elements. However, many are unsure about the chemicals used to pressure treat it. Although, over the last several years, pressure treated wood has become less toxic.

Cedar is the most common natural, untreated wood for decks. Staining it will help prolong the lifespan of the deck, along with protecting it from the UV rays of the sun and the elements of the seasons.

Add a Railing

Quite often when building a deck, most of the focus is on the deck itself and the stairs leading up to it. However, there is another aspect of the deck that should not be forgotten about. That is the railing.

The railing along a deck is there for added protection, as well as aesthetics. If you have small children around, those railings can prevent your child from falling off the deck.

Be Careful About Deck-to-Wall Connections

One of the most common spots for a deck building project to go bad is the deck-to-wall connections. You want to ensure that you go through all the proper steps so that there are no gaping holes. Decide if the deck will be a standalone one or if you’ll have it attached to the house.

Have a Plan Before You Begin

Building a deck with no plan in mind is not a great idea. You may find that halfway through the project, you don’t like the look of it or the placement. Then you’re left having to tear everything down to start over.

Plan out your deck before you begin. Have a drawing that shoes where you want to place the deck and what the structure will look like. Have the dimensions so you can refer to it as you go. Your plan should also include the materials used and what colour you want the deck to be.


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