How to Choose the Best Railing for Your Staircase

The staircase can be a feature piece in your home. It may be the first thing someone sees when they walk through the front door, or even if it’s tucked off to the side, the design makes the staircase stand out.

If you’re someone who takes pride in their staircase, then you know that choosing the railing to match your staircase is essential. You wouldn’t want to go through the time and effort of designing the perfect set of stairs, only to have it offset by the lack of planning with the railing.

There are many options available for the type of railing and colour options to match your stairs. You just need to decide which option looks best. When choosing a railing for your stairs, consider the following points to help.

The Style of the Stairs

First, what is the style of the stairs? If you have a modern floating staircase that has a very clean look, you wouldn’t want a traditional wooden railing to go with it. The same thing goes for the opposite. If the stairs were a beautiful natural wood, you wouldn’t necessarily want a bold colour for a railing or a glass option.

Match the railing, style and colour included, to the design of your staircase. Consider the atmosphere it builds and use that as a guideline.

Is It an Accent Piece?

Do you want the railing to blend in with the stairs, or would you rather it stand out and be a bold accent piece? You can go either way with it.

If you want the railing to be a statement piece, have the design or colour to stand out against what is there. If you the stairs are subtle, have a bright coloured railing. If you rather have everything flow together, paint the railing to match the colour of the stairs.

What’s the Purpose of the Railing?

Not all railings are installed with the same intent in mind. Some use the railing as a style feature for the staircase. Others use it for security purposes, especially if there is small children or elderly adults using the stairs. If that is the case, you’ll want a sturdy railing that is there for support.

If the railing is more for style, you can go for many options then. A glass railing can look quite good for a modern staircase. You could have something simple that doesn’t cover the stairs and is completely open.

Have fun when deciding on a railing for your staircase. With so many options available, you can really change up the design and atmosphere of the area around.

Remember, though, if safety is top priority, you do not want to compromise the integrity of the railing for a special design. Not all railings are sturdy enough compared to others. Make sure you know the primary purpose of the railing before choosing.


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