The Importance of Railings in a Home

Whether you’re building a new home, renovating an existing one, or planning to sell your house, do you have railings installed in the appropriate areas of the home? If not, you may want to consider adding some in.

Not only do railings add additional safety to your property, but in many cases, they are mandatory. Depending on the location, the size of the stairs, and the height, you may be required to install handrailings for additional support.

The importance of railings cannot be understated. Although they can add an aesthetic appeal to the area they are in, the primary purpose of adding railings is for safety.

Consider the following four reasons as to why railings are crucial for every property.

Support When on the Stairs

Imagine walking down a set of stairs and missing a step. Your first instinct is likely to grab onto something, like a railing, to stop you from falling. If that railing wasn’t there, or it broke away from the wall due to improper installation, you would likely fall down the stairs. There is a good chance you would seriously injure yourself, or even worse.

Railings along staircases add another security level of support for everyone who uses them. It’s easy to miss a step or step on the stairs. Without that railing, instead of losing your breath from a quick scare, you could fall down the whole staircase.

Prevent Falls from Upper Levels

If you have a house with a second level that looks over the main floor, you should have a railing along the open area. Having the floor extend over the main floor so that you can look down, adds a unique look to the house. Many like having that extra space as a reading or lounging area, or a place to showcase decorations.

Adding a railing will help prevent someone from falling off of the second floor. No matter how high the next level of the house is, someone falling from it could still seriously injure him or herself. The railing stops you from going too far.

Prevent Slipping into Pools

Having a railing around an open pool will help prevent people from slipping into the pool, especially children. Many enjoy the benefits of having a pool outside. Without that railing though, a child could easily walk too close to the water, slip and fall in. If no one is around when this happens, the consequences could be dire.

Adding a railing around the pool, almost like a fence, marks where you need to be extra cautious. It prevents kids from running too close to the water, and if someone slipped on the wet surface, they would have something to hold on to.

Secure a Deck

Another common place for a railing is a deck, and you should have a railing around the perimeter of it if you don’t already. A deck is typically off the ground, enough that if someone stepped on the edge and fell, he or she could get hurt.

Not only will that railing add an aesthetic element to the area, but it provides safety to those who use the deck.

We cannot state enough the importance of having railings in the right places of your property. If you’re unsure if you should install a railing or not, Railings Toronto will help you out.


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