Is Your Home Safe? 9 Things to Check

The safety of our homes is always of top priority. Whether it’s yourself, you have children, or pets are running around, you want everyone that steps foot on your property to be safe. If something happens, you could be liable.

Ensure that your home is safe by going through the following checklist. We have a combination of obvious points and some that you may not have thought about.

Replace Frayed Wires

Frayed wires are an electrical shock waiting to happen. Especially if they are easily accessible by kids crawling on the ground, grabbing a live and frayed wire could be fatal. If you spot any, turn off the power to the source so you can safely replace the wire.

Outside Vents Cleared

If we don’t pay attention, outside vents can become blocked and obstructed due to plants, snow, and other items that can get in the way. You want those vents cleared otherwise carbon monoxide can flow back into your house.

Inspect Water Heater

You may forget it’s even there, but have you inspected your water heater lately? If not, you should add it to your yearly checklist. While inspecting the water heater, check for any leaks and rusting. Also, ensure there are no flammable materials nearby.

Check the Railings

It’s one thing to install railings along staircases, decks, and openings on high floors. However, you should also inspect them to ensure they are still sturdy and properly attached. Railings are a way to keep people safe as they walk up and down stairs, and it helps deter small children from getting too close to the edge of something.

Nonslip Bathtub Decals

It’s quite easy to slip and fall in a bathtub, especially if someone was using oils and bubble bath beforehand. Slipping in a bathtub can cause serious injuries or even worse. Add nonslip decals to the bottom of the tub. Not only do they provide grip when standing, but they add a fun design as well.

Emergency Numbers List

Having a list of emergency numbers is especially important if you have kids in the house. The list should be easily accessible if an emergency occurred. Ensure that you have police, fire department, poison control, cellphones of parents, and a number for a trusted neighbour.

Secure Stands to Walls

Large bookcases and stands that you have sitting on the ground should still be installed into the wall. It doesn’t take much for someone to pull on the bookcase and have it come tumbling down.

Have a Fire Extinguisher

Many think that fire extinguishers are only for businesses. However, houses should also have a small fire extinguisher handy. It’s best to have one in the kitchen. If a fire broke out while cooking, you would have your fire extinguisher to put it out before it got out of control.

Ensure Smoke Detectors Work

Smoke detectors are one of the best defences against a fire that families have. If you’re sleeping and a fire broke out, you would likely wake up to the smoke detector. Always check that they have batteries and are working properly.

Use this checklist to ensure the safety of your home. The more you can do to keep everyone inside, and outside of your house safe, the better everyone will be.


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