7 Design Tips for Your Backyard

The backyard of your home doesn’t have to be an area with grass and a few plants. It can be your own oasis. Think of it as an extension of your home. The ways of decorating your backyard are endless.

When it comes to designing a backyard, there is no right or wrong answer. It depends on what you’re looking for and what your personality is like. However, there are a few general design tips that can help guide you in the right direction.

To design your perfect backyard oasis, consider some of the following tips to help.

Have a Lounging Area

You want your backyard to be a welcoming and comfortable place for friends and family to relax at. To do so, incorporate a lounging area. Fill it with comfortable seating and lounge chairs. If you wouldn’t want to relax on it in your living room, then would you be comfortable sitting on it outside?

Add a Pergola

Pergolas are a great structure for almost any backyard. They work great as a frame for your lounging area, and they are sturdy enough to grow beautiful plants and vines on. If you add a pergola to your backyard, you can even hang string lights from it for a luxurious effect. Make sure the pergola is built properly to prevent any injuries.

Use Lights

Backyards need lights, especially if you plan to hang out there in the evening times. Not only that, they add another element of safety. You have so many options to choose from for backyard lighting. From string lights as mentioned above, to post lamps and exterior wall lamps, you can install light fixtures to reflect any design.

Install Fencing

Adding a fence doesn’t have to be simply for privacy and for identifying your property line. Let your fence be a part of the overall design of your backyard. From modern to traditional, many options will work with any backyard theme you have.

Add a Pop of Colour

Adding colour to any design helps add that wow element. Whether it be through decorative pillows, plants, paint, or sculptures, adding colour helps bring the whole design together.

Have a Water Element

To really make your backyard an oasis, install a water fountain or sculpture. The trickling noise of the running water can be very calming while you relax. On top of that, they work excellent as a statement piece that will have your guests talking.

Build a Pathway

If you want to keep your grass healthy and green, and prevent anyone from running into the flower bed, build a pathway for people to walk on. You can design any kind of pathway that fits into the theme of your backyard. Use brick, wood, stone, and other outdoor materials that can withstand the weather.

When designing your backyard, you want to do so with a primary purpose in mind. Before you begin, ask yourself what you’ll use your backyard for mainly. If you plan to host parties and entertain guests frequently, then you’ll want to have relaxing spaces and possibly an outdoor bar or kitchen. If you have kids, you’ll want to add in something for them too.


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