Outdoor Railings for the Modern Home

Outdoor Railings for the Modern Home

If you’re looking to have a modern home that looks both streamlined and creative, we completely understand. Modern design is a delight, both in appearance and in function. However, trying to get your home looking just right can be tricky. If you’re on the outdoor railings portion of designing your modern home, the railing experts of Toronto have some advice for you.

Modern Styles

The first thing we have to consider when subscribing to a specific style is what exactly that style entails. For modern design of this century, most of what people are after is a combination of strength and elegance. Because of that, you’ll see a lot of black, iron, and glass. These stark contrasts and sleek surfaces make for quite a compelling visual.

There’s more than one railing choice that fits into those criteria, but we also have to weigh them against other styles. For instance, Pro Weld offers both wrought iron and glass railings. Wrought iron being black, they both fit into the aforementioned criteria. However, when one looks at wrought iron, they don’t think modern. There’s too much weight leaning toward other styles.

Style Vs. Comfort

Another element worthy of your consideration is how comfortable your railings will be to use. A lot of folks would choose style over comfort any day. The question is, is that the right choice for you?

Take wrought iron railings for example. These railings look fantastic, but, when placed outside, their tops are not usually a place you can lean on. Of course, you can order something more suited to your needs if you’re really set on wrought iron. The question then becomes, will the more comfortable design still look good?

The Superior Modern Choice

Even with the other options open to you, our general opinion, here at Pro Weld, is that glass railings suit modern design much better. Because effectively implementing glass in features like railings is a fairly new capability, there’s not much else it will remind you of. Glass railings aren’t a throwback to a centuries-old style. It’s just pure modernism.

Plus, glass railings don’t just look good. They also feel good. These sleek and comfortable railings can be leaned against, pressed against, and held onto without causing discomfort. They’re also more child friendly than wrought iron, as their gaps are virtually nonexistent when desired. 

They also allow great visibility, letting you  see as much as you like from the other side. That makes them great for bordering pools, balconies, and natural drop-offs. You can sit on your balcony comfortably and still admire the view without interruption.

If you’re interested in outfitting your modern home with excellent, quality-crafted railings, Pro Weld is the place to go. Call out number and we’ll be more than happy to answer any of your questions or help you with your order.


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