Gothic Wrought Iron Designs You’ll Love

Gothic Wrought Iron Designs You'll Love

While gothic design isn’t for everyone, those who enjoy it tend to be a bit dedicated. If you want to bring gothic design to your home, Pro Weld is about to be a vital component in that endeavor. Here’s why:

Gothic Architecture

Gothic architecture rose to prominence in late medieval France. When you think of goth, you may simply think of someone wearing all black. However, gothic architecture started more on the white end of things, with ivory.

When ivory was brought to France, people would carve intricate designs and images into it. This, naturally, expanded into decorating buildings, extensively, with ivory carvings. Following that came the ornate use of wrought iron. While modern day gothic architecture is a bit darker than its original form, having evolved with the advent of goth music and fashion, many of the original features remain. The most prominent of those features is ornate, wrought iron designs. You’re on your own finding a substitute for ivory carvings, but Pro Weld is your one-stop shop for all things wrought iron.

Wrought Iron Features

While there are a variety of gothic, wrought iron designs we can create from our own repertoire, we can also take commissions for custom designs. If any of the following items are things you want to try your hand at designing, we can help you polish the design and make it happen.


Our specialty, here at Pro Weld, is the famous, wrought iron railing. Detailed, wrought iron railings to line loft spaces, stairways, and balconies are a must for gothic homes. Maybe you prefer a more modern interpretation of gothic architecture, with simplistic, vertical bars. We can do that too. However, if your heart sings for the original excess of gothic, iron artistry, we’re here to help. Gothic railings may have many winding branches, leaves, thorns, and more.

Fence and Gate

Modern and historical gothic design extends the same way to fences and gates. We can make things detailed, or we can tone it down with a towering, pointy-looking fence. Want your home to have the same ease of approach as the one in The Addams Family? We’re on it. Not only does a fence around the property look amazing, it will also improve your privacy, prevent solicitors from stopping by, and up the security.


There’s a lot more to do with wrought iron designs than just railings and fences. One of the classic uses of wrought iron in gothic architecture is to make doorknockers. If you want a gothic home, a doorknocker is the cherry on top. Something black, heavy, and somewhat intimidating will tie everything together. Plus, how cool would it be to answer the door to a loud, echoing knock instead of a modern doorbell?

Additionally, wrought iron can be put to use making chandeliers, door surface ornaments, doorknobs, and more. If you can tell us what you’re looking for, we can make it a reality.


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