Custom Floating Staircases in Toronto

Custom Floating Staircases in Toronto

Floating staircases come with a lot of perks. First, they’re beautiful. Second, they allow a lot of natural light flow in your home or business. And, finally, they allow visibility without completely blocking off large parts of your building. Let’s dip our toes into some of the style choices in which you can get custom floating staircases in Toronto.

Glass Railings

Custom floating staircases offer a very open appearance. Because we don’t want to take away from that, putting glass railings on your custom floating staircase is a great choice. This provides a safety net for anyone using the stairs without destroying the boost in visibility.

Plus, glass railings and floating staircases are both very contemporary in appearance. They go together well. This is especially true if you opt for a floating staircase with a black, metal frame. If your glass railings also have a metal frame, the two will compliment each other.

Industrial Steps

For interiores with an industrial aesthetic, or for actual industrial buildings, industrial steps are a huge plus. These steps are grated and metal. They offer a lot of extra traction and won’t allow a buildup of sediment or water. That means no risk of slipping on wet stairs, no scratching a nice set of wooden steps with the gravel stuck in your work boots, and no need to fuss with cleaning. If you’re looking for something grungy or practical, these are for you.

Modern Wood

On the other hand, if fancy and wooden is what you’re looking for, wooden steps are exactly what you need. Take a look at our custom floating staircases and see how modern wooden steps combine elegantly with black iron framework. The rich tones of the wood combines with the stark black of iron mix wonderfully. There’s nothing quite so eye-catching.

This type of design is great in a modern home or coffee shop with a loft. This contrast between strength and beauty is sure to draw in people with all manner of aesthetics. It’s something you can’t say no to.

Contemporary Metal

If you want something metal that’s a bit more on the aesthetic side, rather than industrial, go for contemporary metal steps. We offer custom floating staircases with metal framework and metal steps. For non-industrial, metal steps, you can get all kinds of styles. Something that looks flat and solid, or a design that’s more elegant bold.

Give us a call at Pro Weld and ask us about our custom floating staircases in Toronto. We can take some time to discuss the possibilities. Bounce your ideas off of us. We love doing custom metalwork and look forward to making something new, just for you.


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