Replace Railings That Don’t Meet Code

Replace Railings That Don't Meet Code

Toronto railing codes may seem like they’re just there to bother business owners, but they’re there for a reason. While certain details may seem arbitrary, the code is made up of railing specifications that have proven to be the safest option. Keeping your business’ railings up to code isn’t just a matter of dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s, it’s a matter of keeping customers and clients safe. Plus, if you’re worried about money now, wait until you get a lawsuit! Instead, protect clients and your wallet and replace railings that don’t meet code. Here’s how Pro Weld can help.

Assess Existing Railings

The first thing you should do when buying a new commercial building is have it checked by professionals to make sure it’s up to code. While most real estate and property managers will have this done before sale, some don’t. If you haven’t been shown something formal, saying everything meets code, take matters into your own hands. That, or find out there’s a discrepancy after someone sues you. We think the former is better.

If you aren’t sure if your new building’s railings are up to code, who better to check than the railing experts? Our experts at Pro Weld know exactly what standards your railings need to meet. We can help make sure your railings are up to standard and fix them if they aren’t.

Alter and Repair Railings to Meet Code

Getting completely new railings can be pricey. If there’s nothing wrong with the bones of your current railings, you may be able to simply alter or repair them where needed. This is especially easy with railings already made of something like wrought iron. Adding decoration or bars to iron railings is only a matter of creating the new pieces and welding them on.

Replace Railings That Don’t Meet Code

If your current railings are looking a bit ragged or don’t look how you want them to, replacing them is the way to go. When you replace railings that don’t meet code, you kill two birds with one stone. Not only will you be up to code when we’re through with installing them, they’ll look better too.

Pro Weld can create custom wrought iron railings for you. So, if you have a particular appearance in mind, just let us know what you’re imagining. Or, if you want something exact, you can bring us digital designs or even hand-drawn sketches. We’ll take whatever direction you give us and provide you with something that makes you smile every time you see it.

Consider New Styles

If the old railings weren’t doing the building’s appearance any favors, opt for a new style. Pro Weld has a variety of railing styles, from wrought iron to stainless steel. If you want something more modern, we can even do glass. Take a look at our railing options and find what suits your building’s design needs. There’s no reason you shouldn’t use your need to replace railings that don’t meet code as an excuse to beautify the place.

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