Wrought Iron Fence Repair and Paint

Wrought Iron Fence Repair and Paint

Do you have an old wrought iron fence that’s seen better days? Don’t fret; wrought iron fences can be repaired. Pro Weld can repair any wrought iron fence in Toronto or the GTA. When you want to breathe life back into your wrought iron fence, this is how you can repair it to the point of looking new.

Wrought Iron Fence Repair in Toronto

A lot of old homes have wrought iron fences surround them or bordering their front. However, these fences were built and installed decades ago. Many of these fences don’t actually do anything to improve the appearance of the house anymore. But, that doesn’t mean that they never will again.

If you’ve got an old, broken, or rusted wrought iron fence, you’ve got the potential for a beautiful, like-new, solid black wrought iron fence. The only thing standing between the two is a call to Pro Weld for some help with wrought iron fence repair and paint.

When we repair your fence, we’ll make it look how it was meant to. Anyone can slap some rust remover on a metal fence. We do more. We can create replacement pieces for any part of the fence that has broken off over the years. Then, we’ll weld those pieces into place. In the end, you’ll be left with a whole fence, instead of just part of one.

Replicate Destroyed Fences

Many wrought iron fences have taken too much damage over time to be repaired. If rust has eaten through the metal to the point that it’s no longer strong enough for repair, there’s another solution. Pro Weld makes wrought iron fences and railings all the time, including custom designs. We would love to create a replica of your fence so that it can be replaced with something that looks as the original designer intended. We can also do this replication process for any sections of a reparable fence that are missing or destroyed.

Wrought Iron Fence Painting

Removing rust and replacing missing pieces will get your fence looking whole again, but it won’t get it looking good again. That piece of the puzzle relies heavily on the final step in wrought iron fence repair: painting it. Wrought iron fences rely on a coating of black paint to prevent rust and weathering. This paint is incredibly important as it keeps rain from touching the metal directly, which would lead to rust.

When we’ve repaired the damage to your fence, we’ll also give it a fresh coat of paint so that it’s ready to withstand the test of time once more. Hopefully, with some TLC from Pro Weld, your repaired wrought iron fence will last as many years as it has until now. Maybe decades from now, your descendants will give the future members of Pro Weld a call for a touch up!


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