Replicating Antique Iron Railings

Replicating Antique Iron Railings

Having a home with antique fixtures in it can be a really rewarding experience. Antique fixtures often come with stories and a lot of rich history. However, antiques are have also lived long lives and may not be in the best shape. Repairing the existing fixtures – such as antique iron railings, is the ideal solution. However, not all antique iron railings are in a reparable state. In those cases, we can explore the option of replicating your antique iron railings.

Not sure what to do with your antique iron railings? Let’s take a look at your options and what they mean.

Repairing Antique Iron Railings

A beautiful set of antique iron railings would have been made over 100 years ago. So, railings that were crafted around 1920 and earlier fall into the antique category. Those that were crafted between 1920 and 1970 would be vintage.

Because antiques are at least 100 years old, they’re often not in great condition. Things like railings are easy to let fall into disrepair with just a little neglect. This is especially common of railings in old houses that have sat empty or abandoned for many years. When someone finally comes around to restore the home, they look to repairing the antique iron railings as well. However, by that time, they’re often in irreparable condition.

What Makes Antique Iron Railings Irreparable?

The question is, what makes antique iron railings irreparable? Are yours irreparable?

When antique iron railings are missing a lot of pieces that have broken off, those pieces can be replaces with replicas. However, the remaining parts of the railings need to be strong enough to handle welding and, possibly, reshaping.

Are your railings are too fragile to be bent back into shape and have broken-off pieces welded onto them? If so, we can replicate them instead.

Replicating Antique Iron Railings

Replicating antique iron railings is a great way to proceed. Instead of working with the existing base railings, we can copy the design of them exactly and make a new set from new materials. Pro Weld has been designing and crafting custom railings for many years. Replicating antique designs is easy as pie in comparison. We have an eye for detail. With that, we can replicate your antique iron railings with the utmost accuracy.

Preserving History and Aesthetic

There’s more to replicating antique iron railings than simply doing a job. Preserving history and the original aesthetic of an old home is valuable work. Whether you’re restoring a home that’s been in the family for generations, or saving one from falling apart from neglect, we would be honored to work with you. Restoration work is some of the most important and underappreciated there is. Give us a call at Pro Weld and we’ll help make your job a bit easier.


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