Mounted, Steel Handrails for Indoor Stairways

Mounted, Steel Handrails for Indoor Stairways

Running a business, owning an office, or generally managing any kind of building means taking care to follow certain safety protocols. One of the most important safety protocols for any multi-story building is installing handrails. During construction, where do you get those? Years later, where do you buy replacements if they break? The answer is Pro Weld. Here’s how we can help supply you with mounted, steel handrails for your indoor stairways, and why they’re the right choice.

Steel Is Extremely Durable

Of all the metals you could choose for handrails for indoor stairways, steel is the strongest. It’s extremely durable and can outlast even the stairs themselves. Why does that strength and durability matter? First, because people will be relying on it to hold their weight. Sometimes that will mean a very heavy person, or even many very heavy people at once. No matter who grips that handrail, and no matter how many at once, it needs to hold completely. Steel can do that.

Wide-Diameter, Brushed Steel Is Easy to Grip

Another thing worth considering when deciding on steel versus something like iron is the finish and size. Iron is most commonly used for more thin railings. You’ve seen this in wrought iron railings and gates where the rods and railings typically don’t exceed an inch in diameter.

Steel handrails for indoor stairways will usually be at least 2 inches in diameter, but often more. This diameter ensures a comfortable grip for the people holding it. It’s less strenuous for those with weak or painful finger joints, such as someone with arthritis. And, people with disabilities should always be accounted for when designing accessibility and safety features. After all, they may be the ones making the most use of it.

Pro Weld Specializes in Railings

If you’re looking for high quality steel handrails for indoor stairways in your Toronto business or office, Pro Weld can help. We specialize in railings and have done for over 3 decades. So, when you rely on us to outfit your stairways with handrails, you know you won’t be disappointed.

Buy Custom Steel Handrail Designs

Are you interested in custom steel handrail designs? Because Pro Weld is a team of metalworkers, we frequently put together custom railings. We’re most well-known for our wrought iron work, but steel is no stranger to us. 

Custom steel handrail designs are best put to use on open stair rails or overlook guard rails. These railings are more than just a bar attached to the wall and leave a lot of room for creativity. If you’re looking for guard rails or handrails like those, it’s a great opportunity. Consider a squared-off geometric pattern to give some character to a professional building. This kind of pattern can add a bit of interest without getting uncharacteristically whimsical.

No matter what your design needs, we’re here to help. Just give us a call and let us know you’re on the hunt for something steel.


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