Advantages of Installing Glass Fencing Around Your Pool

glass-pool-railings-torontoYour pool is the spotlight of your backyard. Many family gatherings, neighborhood parties, and other special events happen around your pool. While having a pool has many physical, mental, and social benefits, safety is always a concern. Even if you and everyone else in the household know how to swim, some of your guests may not. It can also be dangerous for pets to be left unattended around a pool. You can’t keep an eye on your backyard all the time, so the most practical option for safety is to install a fence around the pool. Luckily for you, there are so many stylish designs to choose from, including glass railings and fences. Glass railings are safe, modern, and practical. With so many advantages, like safety, style, durability, and visibility, you’ll see why glass fencing is the way to go!

They’re Easy to Maintain

You may think that glass fences would be difficult to keep clean, but it is actually easier than you think! The glass will never stain, unlike other traditional fences. All you need to keep your glass fence looking brand new is some glass cleaner and a rag. Any dirt, or spilled liquid, can easily be hosed off, or wiped off, of the glass.

Unlike other fencing options, like wood or metal, your glass fence will never obtain water damage, and it will never rust. Since they are resistant to any form of decay, glass fences are extremely durable.

They’re a Favored Design Material

When you install glass fencing in your backyard, you won’t have to worry about redecorating, or buying new patio furniture. Glass matches with everything, and is the ultimate compliment to any setting. Although the glass is very subtle, it adds an elegant, modern touch to your backyard. Also, the transparency of glass will make your pool area appear larger, as opposed to the closed-off feeling of traditional fences.

They’re Practical

Glass fences are a super practical option for pool fencing because they’re clear! You will be able to see through the fence and keep an eye on any guests that are swimming, or any children playing in the backyard. Glass fences are also typically taller than traditional fencing, making it difficult for children to enter the pool area without assistance from an adult.

Plus, the visibility provided by the glass fence allows you to enjoy an interrupted view of your pool, and the rest of your backyard.

What to Consider When Installing

Glass fences are creative, practical, and durable. When it comes time to install a fence around your pool, Pro Weld will help you design a custom glass fence. Things you will want to consider are the height you would like the fence to be, what type of gate you would like installed for the entrance (self-closing, auto-lock, etc.), the type of glass you prefer, and how/when you would like your new fence installed.


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