Advantages of Installing Glass Fencing Around Your Pool

glass-pool-railings-torontoYour pool is the spotlight of your backyard. Many family gatherings, neighborhood parties, and other special events happen around your pool. While having a pool has many physical, mental, and social benefits, safety is always a concern. Even if you and everyone else in the household know how to swim, some of your guests may not. It can also be dangerous for pets to be left unattended around a pool. You can’t keep an eye on your backyard all the time, so the most practical option for safety is to install a fence around the pool. Luckily for you, there are so many stylish designs to choose from, including glass railings and fences. Glass railings are safe, modern, and practical. With so many advantages, like safety, style, durability, and visibility, you’ll see why glass fencing is the way to go!

They’re Easy to Maintain

You may think that glass fences would be difficult to keep clean, but it is actually easier than you think! The glass will never stain, unlike other traditional fences. All you need to keep your glass fence looking brand new is some glass cleaner and a rag. Any dirt, or spilled liquid, can easily be hosed off, or wiped off, of the glass.

Unlike other fencing options, like wood or metal, your glass fence will never obtain water damage, and it will never rust. Since they are resistant to any form of decay, glass fences are extremely durable.

They’re a Favored Design Material

When you install glass fencing in your backyard, you won’t have to worry about redecorating, or buying new patio furniture. Glass matches with everything, and is the ultimate compliment to any setting. Although the glass is very subtle, it adds an elegant, modern touch to your backyard. Also, the transparency of glass will make your pool area appear larger, as opposed to the closed-off feeling of traditional fences.

They’re Practical

Glass fences are a super practical option for pool fencing because they’re clear! You will be able to see through the fence and keep an eye on any guests that are swimming, or any children playing in the backyard. Glass fences are also typically taller than traditional fencing, making it difficult for children to enter the pool area without assistance from an adult.

Plus, the visibility provided by the glass fence allows you to enjoy an interrupted view of your pool, and the rest of your backyard.

What to Consider When Installing

Glass fences are creative, practical, and durable. When it comes time to install a fence around your pool, Pro Weld will help you design a custom glass fence. Things you will want to consider are the height you would like the fence to be, what type of gate you would like installed for the entrance (self-closing, auto-lock, etc.), the type of glass you prefer, and how/when you would like your new fence installed.

6 Installation Considerations for Glass Railings

Glass Railings

Glass Railings

When it comes to glass railings, Toronto is waking up. For elegant, attractive, safe and secure railings, there isn’t really any competition, and that’s why our city’s homeowners have begun to embrace them – improving the appearance, ambience and value of their properties in doing so. Installing glass railings doesn’t have to be a complicated procedure. When done the right way, it can actually be surprisingly straightforward. In order to ensure a safe and problem-free installation, it’s essential to take several factors into consideration before starting work.

When Installing Glass Railings, Toronto Residents Need to Consider Several Factors

The general principles of installing glass railings are pretty much the same the world over, but you’ll need to pay special attention to local standards and regulations, particularly those laid out in the Ontario Building Code. By hiring a local contractor to carry out your project, you can be confident that their work will be carried out in accordance with these rules and guidelines. Even before that, though, you need to bear several considerations in mind:

  • Types of Glass – Safety glass must be used in glass railings. This is usually tougher glass which, if broken, will be less hazardous. Toughened glass is around four times stronger than regular glass. Laminated glass has a plastic interlayer film which will not allow objects to penetrate the glass, much like a car windshield.
  • Types of Glass Railings – Toronto has examples of different types of railing, including top balustrades, sole glass sheets without supports, and top glass railings supported by figurines. Each type has its own merit and you can ask your contractor for design ideas or feasibility.
  • Handling of Glass on Your Property – If you opt for sole glass sheets, it will probably be delivered on a different date from the installation. If you need to store it, be sure to lift it vertically, maintain the integrity of the packing and protect the edges in particular.
  • Safety When Handling Glass Railings on Your Property – If you need to handle the railings, be sure to wear protective gloves and have others help you. If you’re not involved at this stage, you need to be sure that your contractor and any workers are adequately insured against any accidents, no matter how unlikely.
  • Safety When Installing Glass Railings on Your Property – This is probably the trickiest part and your contractors need to avoid making mistakes which could damage the railings. By having rubber grommets and rubber shoes, it reduces the chance of slippage and unnecessary damage.
  • Aftercare of Glass Railings – Most glass railings Toronto boasts, are protected by glass coatings. Once these are in place, glass has a very long lifespan and doesn’t require any special maintenance apart from regular cleaning.

If you’re considering having glass railings installed as part of your landscaping project, it is always a good idea to have a discussion with your contractor beforehand. Professionals can usually draw from a wealth of experience in order to help you decide what will work best.

The Five Best Things About Glass Railings

Proweld Glass Railings TorontoPerhaps you are shopping around for new railings, and are weighing the pros and cons of the various options available. Do you need interior or exterior railings for your new home, new deck, or for a commercial building? No matter what the purpose, if you are aiming for a clean, contemporary look that opens up the space, then glass railings are an ideal choice.

Pro Weld has been a leading provider of glass railings, stainless steel railings, and custom steelwork and fabrication in the Greater Toronto Area for the past two decades. If you would like professional advice and information from experts in the business, do call us to speak to one of our experts. In the meantime, we have compiled some of the key reasons why we highly recommend glass railings to many of our clients.

So Much More Than a Railing

Why are glass railings proving so popular these days? Perhaps you have noticed the topless clear glass framing your neighbour’s deck, or a stylish stairway in your brother’s new home. If the glass railings you saw have captured your imagination, read on! Here are some of the reasons why we are proud to manufacture and install quality glass railings.

  1.  A clean, contemporary aesthetic: Oftentimes, well-designed glass railings function as so much more than just railings. Besides having a safety function, glass can add so much beauty to a room, creating space and sight lines where there were none before. The presence of glass panels lends a clean, light aesthetic to any room, creating a truly sophisticated, contemporary ambiance.
  2. home with a view: Glass panels really shine when placed in an outdoor setting. We are, of course, referring to glass railings that are installed on balconies or decks. The worst thing that can happen is for you to purchase a home with a wonderful view, only to realize that most of that view gets obstructed when you are inside your home, or even when you are sitting on your deck. It does not make much sense to have breathtaking scenery in sight, but to only be able to fully appreciate it while standing up and looking over your railings. In cases like these, glass works wonders to bring you that much closer to the outdoors. Topless glass railings, in particular, provide a truly unobstructed viewing experience.
  3. Lots of design and privacy options: There are many options available when it comes to glass railings. The common choices of glass that we have available include clear, tempered, textured, tinted, and privacy glass. Posts and frames are available in a wide selection of colours, and you have a choice between several high-quality materials, including stainless steel, wrought iron, and mild steel. At Pro Weld our designers will work closely with you to ensure that we will achieve the exact style, look, and feel that you want. We are committed to meeting your goals and requirements, and are always happy to customize our work and create designs in collaboration with our clients.
  4. Durable & easy to maintain: Glass railings require no further finishing beyond the fabrication and installation process. You will never need to perform a repainting, re-staining, or re-finishing job of any kind on them. They are ready to go “as is”, and will remain that way. Therefore practically zero maintenance is required for these railings, which stands in stark comparison to traditional wood railings, for example. Only the occasional cleaning might be necessary, but in this case nothing complicated would be required beyond a regular glass cleaner and a good quality cloth. Glass is also a material known for its durability. You will never need to worry about rotting, peeling paint, splinters, or cracks as you would with wood railings. Even quality hardwood railings are sometimes subject to cracking that can affect their appearance. With glass, unless your railings are subjected to severe impact, well-fabricated glass panels will easily last you for decades.
  5. Adds value and quality to your home: If you are interested in making a change and investment that will actually add long-term value to your home, glass railings are an excellent choice. They add significant aesthetic and practical value to the home, and the unobstructed views that these railings provide also add to the “wow” factor when interviewing potential buyers. In the case that you are a homeowner who might be looking to sell at some point in the future, quality railings like these are an investment that you cannot go wrong with. These railings will serve you well for a long time, and when the time comes to sell you should achieve a nice return on your investment.

The Glass Railings Experts

Whether you live in Toronto, North York, Markham, Hamilton, Mississauga, Ajax, Aurora, Oakville, Brampton, or any other community in the Greater Toronto Area, you can come to Pro Weld with your railing and custom steelwork requests. Our company has extensive professional experience that covers all types of general and specialty welding, and we work to exacting standards when it comes to design and fabrication. The quality glass railings that we design and manufacture are only a fraction of what our company has to offer, so even if glass railings are not the right choice for you, it would be wise to call us and find out what the best solution is for your home or office needs.

Pro Weld is a member of CWB, the Canadian Welding Bureau, so you can rest assured that we always meet or beat high professional standards in the industry. All of our engineers are trained and certified, and will only provide you with the best products and service, with a smile! We are known for our outstanding customer service – you would only have to take a look at our reviews and ratings on Homestars, the independent review website, to see what our previous clients have to say about their experience of working with us. We guarantee quality and excellence where it counts.


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