Railings That Meet Ontario Railing Code

Railings That Meet Ontario Railing Code

Having quality railings installed that meet Ontario railing code requirements means trusting professionals who know their stuff. Being able to craft a beautiful railing is only a valuable skill if you can do so while meeting railing height code requirements. Pro Weld has been crafting attractive railings that meet Ontario’s railing code for over 15 years. Here are some of the rules you should know to look out for.

Hand Railings

Hand railings are, specifically, the railings along stairways that are held to keep from tripping. These railings have their own Ontario railing code that’s separate from guard railings.

What Is the Stair Railing Height Code in Ontario?

One of the most important railing codes to get right is the stair railing height code. For stair railings in Ontario, you’ll gauge the height by measuring from the handrail to a straight line drawn tangent to the tread nosings of the stairs. This height should measure 34-38”.

No Railing Needed

In some instances, a railing isn’t needed. Namely, if a set of stairs is serving an individual dwelling, few enough steps don’t pose adequate risk. Indoors, if there are 2 or fewer steps, or outdoors if there are 3 or fewer. Or, if a ramp is installed and is not more than 15.7”, a railing is not required.

Guard Railings

Guard railings, unlike hand railings, are those that rest on the edge of flat surfaces such as decks, patios, lofts, and porches.

What Is the Deck Railing Height in Ontario

Need to know if your deck railing height meets the Ontario railing code? To start, you’ll want to measure the elevation of your deck. If the deck surface is less than 24” higher than the ground surrounding it, you may not need a guard rail. However, if the ground nearby slopes downward, or the height of the deck is more than 24” higher than the surrounding ground, a railing is required. All required deck guard railings in a single dwelling unit must be at least 36” high.

What Are the Glass Railing Height Requirements for Ontario?

If you plan to put glass railings into your home or along your deck, you may be wondering about glass railing height requirements. Actually, glass railing height requirements are no different from other railing height requirements in Ontario. The only special rule about glass railings is what kind of glass they’re made of. Standard glass wouldn’t withstand the weight of someone falling against it. Therefore, glass railings must be made of tempered, laminated, or wired safety glass.

What Are the Baluster Spacing Requirements for Ontario?

Finally, we can’t forget baluster spacing requirements. Ontario railing code dictates that balusters must be no more than 4” apart. By using a baluster spacing calculator (or your own calculator and some basic math skills), you can determine exactly how many balusters you need and how far apart to make them so that your balusters are evenly spaced. This will make your railings look cohesive and beautiful. Or, you can leave the work to us at Pro Weld. We can make you a set of beautiful railings that are up to all parts of Ontario railing code. If you have questions or would like to get started on your order, call us today. We look forward to working with you.


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