5 Reasons Why Wrought Iron Railings Boost Property Value

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Wrought iron railings are increasingly popular thanks to the many benefits they bring. Although some people have been hesitant to embrace wrought iron railings, Toronto is quickly catching on the fact that they have many advantages and, importantly, have a positive effect on a property’s value. Thanks to the strength and elegance of modern wrought iron, these railings can make excellent additions to all kinds of landscaping projects around the house.

When It Comes to Wrought Iron Railings, Toronto Recognizes their Value

Take a look around the nicer neighbourhoods of the city and you’ll see more and more examples of wrought iron being used in both traditional and imaginative ways to complement the existing structure and landscape. These railings are not there simply for security or beauty, but they provide both. In fact, their benefits are so important that many realtors are advising that, by not having wrought iron railings, Toronto residents could actually be negatively affecting the value of their property. Let’s look at why this is:

  • They Provide Transparent Security – Traditionally, the main purpose of railings was to provide security. They were thought of as superior to walls and fences, as they didn’t obscure or hide away your property, and they didn’t block your view. This still applies today – railings are better at deterring intruders, as they are difficult to climb over. Yet, you can still talk to your neighbours through the railings and show off your beautiful lawn, plants or flowers.
  • They Add Elegance – Without wrought iron railings, Toronto’s yards and gardens would lack the same level of class. Think of the damage that can be done to a neighbourhood’s ambience when all of the properties are walled or fenced off. Iron railings have the opposite effect – they keep your property looking open, maintaining a neighbourly openness. Wrought iron railings even improve the impression given of certain properties, adding suggestions of tradition and family to what otherwise might be boring, characterless buildings.
  • They Are Strong – Unlike fences and some walls, iron railings are very difficult to damage or knock down. Even the strongest storms don’t trouble them.
  • They Are Long-lasting – Again, unlike fences, iron railings are known to stand the test of time. Put them up today and they’ll still be strong when your great-grandchildren are getting old.
  • They Increase the Value of Your Property – Numerous studies have shown that landscaping boundary features such as walls, fences and railings increase the value of the properties they are built on. Railings are usually the best choice for a property bordering a street or road, for the reasons of the openness and security mentioned earlier. Fences and walls can be damaged easily – they can start to look worn very quickly compared to railings, and this actually reverses the positive effect they initially had. As railings remain elegant and strong for a very long time, they are also the safer option.

If your property doesn’t currently have iron railings, take the time to visualize how much better it would look with them. Their numerous benefits make them an obvious choice for your next home improvement project.

Mobile Welding from Pro Weld

Mobile WeldingPro Weld mobile welding service is the best, most reliable welding service in the GTA. With more than 20 years of experience we’re also one of the most experienced onsite welding companies. We provide first class welding and fabrication services for a variety of clients. Our welding pros are fully certified for brazing and acetylene welding, aluminum and stainless steel, carbon steel, MIG, TIG and more. We feature state-of-the-art equipment that is meticulously maintained so there’s never an issue once we get to the jobsite. If it’s top-of-the-line mobile welding you need, Pro Weld is the company to call.

Mobile Welding from Pro Weld

For more than 20 years we’ve been building a reputation for quality work at reasonable prices. Today we’re considered by many to be the go-to company for mobile onsite welding in Concord and vicinity. But while we appreciate the trust our customers put in us to get the job done we also know that customer service extends beyond the time spent onsite. That’s why from the moment you call Pro Weld you’ll be treated like family.

  • We Listen: It seems with some companies that their sales staff simply wait for your lips to stop moving so they can shove this or that product or service in your lap. Not so with Pro Weld. We listen to our customers. We won’t ever try and sell you something you don’t need and there won’t be any unexpected entries on the final bill.
  • We’ve Been There: Our welders have many years of combined experience on all manner of project. They know their way around blueprints and have worked on the smallest and some of the largest commercial construction sites in the region. They’ve seen it all and are never stumped or caught off guard by a job.
  • We Offer:
  • First rate customer service.
  • Reasonable, competitive pricing.
  • Custom fabrication.
  • An ironclad commitment to overall excellence.
  • Accessibility before, during and after the project.
  • We Deliver: While we feature fast, reliable service there’s more to doing a good job then simply showing up on time and working quickly. The job needs to be done right or you’ve wasted your money. You’ll never have to worry about the quality of a weld from Pro Weld. Our modern equipment and experienced professional welders mean the job is not only done quickly, but done right.

Plasma Cutting

Plasma Cutting entails using a plasma torch to cut various types of metal of different thicknesses. The plasma is created by passing an inert gas through an electrical arc. Plasma has proven to be an extremely effective and efficient cutting method and can often be done using a hand-held device that can cut metal up to 50 mm thick. If you are in need of having sheet metal cut into curved or angled shapes be sure to ask about our plasma cutting service.

The next time you need onsite mobile welding services performed for any task large or small call the highly skilled technicians at Pro Weld. We have more than a quarter century of experience and are CWB certified.

6 Installation Considerations for Glass Railings

Glass Railings

Glass Railings

When it comes to glass railings, Toronto is waking up. For elegant, attractive, safe and secure railings, there isn’t really any competition, and that’s why our city’s homeowners have begun to embrace them – improving the appearance, ambience and value of their properties in doing so. Installing glass railings doesn’t have to be a complicated procedure. When done the right way, it can actually be surprisingly straightforward. In order to ensure a safe and problem-free installation, it’s essential to take several factors into consideration before starting work.

When Installing Glass Railings, Toronto Residents Need to Consider Several Factors

The general principles of installing glass railings are pretty much the same the world over, but you’ll need to pay special attention to local standards and regulations, particularly those laid out in the Ontario Building Code. By hiring a local contractor to carry out your project, you can be confident that their work will be carried out in accordance with these rules and guidelines. Even before that, though, you need to bear several considerations in mind:

  • Types of Glass – Safety glass must be used in glass railings. This is usually tougher glass which, if broken, will be less hazardous. Toughened glass is around four times stronger than regular glass. Laminated glass has a plastic interlayer film which will not allow objects to penetrate the glass, much like a car windshield.
  • Types of Glass Railings – Toronto has examples of different types of railing, including top balustrades, sole glass sheets without supports, and top glass railings supported by figurines. Each type has its own merit and you can ask your contractor for design ideas or feasibility.
  • Handling of Glass on Your Property – If you opt for sole glass sheets, it will probably be delivered on a different date from the installation. If you need to store it, be sure to lift it vertically, maintain the integrity of the packing and protect the edges in particular.
  • Safety When Handling Glass Railings on Your Property – If you need to handle the railings, be sure to wear protective gloves and have others help you. If you’re not involved at this stage, you need to be sure that your contractor and any workers are adequately insured against any accidents, no matter how unlikely.
  • Safety When Installing Glass Railings on Your Property – This is probably the trickiest part and your contractors need to avoid making mistakes which could damage the railings. By having rubber grommets and rubber shoes, it reduces the chance of slippage and unnecessary damage.
  • Aftercare of Glass Railings – Most glass railings Toronto boasts, are protected by glass coatings. Once these are in place, glass has a very long lifespan and doesn’t require any special maintenance apart from regular cleaning.

If you’re considering having glass railings installed as part of your landscaping project, it is always a good idea to have a discussion with your contractor beforehand. Professionals can usually draw from a wealth of experience in order to help you decide what will work best.

Mobile Welding in Toronto by the Specialists

Mobile WeldingIf you want a custom prototype of a machine made to your specifications and you have a complete design with production drawings, Pro Weld can turn your plans into physical reality. We can also weld and repair hard materials, cast iron, carbon & stainless steel, and aluminum. In addition to these skills, we are experts at copper, bronze and brass brazing. In fact, we can engineer and weld almost anything you care to mention so whatever your requirements, please do not hesitate to call our mobile welding team to discuss them in detail today. We are always happy to provide free, no-obligation estimates to prospective customers making serious enquiries.

Mobile Welding in Toronto with High Quality Equipment and Personnel

We are able to tackle such a diverse range of welding and engineering tasks thanks to our high quality equipment and our highly skilled welding team. Every member of our team has a great deal of experience with all the equipment they use for mobile welding in Toronto, including TIG, MIG, and arc welding machines, orbital welding machines, vacuum systems for laboratory environments, and machines for welding pressure pipes.  Our welders hold relevant certification and are among the very best at what they do. However, we do not believe in resting on our laurels and are constantly monitoring the latest developments in the industry to ensure that we continue to offer the best service in the city and surrounding area.

Why We Are the Best

If you have never worked with us before, we suggest that you ask around local businesses to find out what kind of reputation we have. When it comes to mobile welding in Toronto, we honestly believe you will not find a better team than ours:

  • Flexibility – Although we do of course have our own way of working, we are always happy to adapt to suit the needs of the companies and individuals who we work for.
  • Price – We may have the latest machines and the best welders but our prices are surprisingly competitive. However, don’t take our word for it: phone and request a quotation right now!
  • Qualifications – As mentioned above, every member of our team is fully certified to use the technologies in which they specialize. Furthermore, they are uniquely qualified to tackle custom jobs thanks to their wide range of experience in diverse industries and market sectors. Whatever it is that you would like our team to build, fabricate, modify, or repair, we guarantee they will not let you down. Our Mobile welding in Toronto service is unrivalled in terms of professionalism and expertise.

If you would like to find out exactly how much it will cost to take advantage of our welding service, please complete the form on the right and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you are of course more than welcome to call at any time and discuss your requirements with a member of our team in as much detail as you wish.

8 Reasons to Love Wrought Iron Railings

wrought iron railings torontoWalk down the street and look at the wrought iron railings in Toronto. They feel like they’ve been here from the beginning of the city, and some possibly have. This feeling wrought iron exudes – one of permanence and “rightness” – speaks to the qualities of wrought iron itself: beauty, durability, strength and rustic charm. All things we associate with the oldest, most influential civilizations.

Why You Should Choose Wrought Iron Railings in Toronto

Wrought iron has made an indelible mark on any number of architectural styles. As a result it’s still in high demand today. Here are 8 reasons we love wrought iron railings in no particular order.

  1. Flexibility – Wrought iron is one of the few man made materials that would work in both a colonial era home and as an integral part of a minimalist contemporary design scheme.
  2. Durability – Wrought iron is extremely durable and long lasting. Any risk of rust can be virtually eliminated by simply applying a new coat of paint every couple of years.
  3. Malleability – Wrought iron can be worked into virtually any shape you can imagine. As a result wrought iron railings often display an exquisite level of craftsmanship.
  4. Strength – Wrought iron railings are renowned for their high degree of strength. There’s little chance they’ll ever break away like wooden railings can.
  5. Beauty – When done right wrought iron railings ramp up the visual appeal of just about any type of home setting and provide a sense of completeness other materials can’t match.
  6. Maintenance – As in “low” maintenance. If a part of your railing is damaged it can be removed by a Pro Weld craftsman and replaced without having to create an entirely new railing.
  7. Eco-friendliness – Antique wrought iron is in high demand on the resale market. But if you can’t find a buyer, don’t worry: the material is still completely recyclable.
  8. Security – Install a beautiful and strong wrought iron railing around your pool deck to prevent accidents, or across your balcony to keep people safe without infringing on the view.

Wrought iron is as much a material of the 21st century as it was of the 19th for many of the same reasons. If you’re in the market to replace your current railings you should seriously consider installing wrought iron railings in Toronto.

Pro Weld offers a complete line of wrought iron fabrication services. Give us a call on (905) 669-8633 to learn more about this amazing and timeless building material and find out if it’s right for your home.

The 4 Most Important Things to Know When Buying Railings

railings torontoWhether you are interested in railings for decorative purposes, security purposes or both, there are several different types from which to choose. In this short article, we are going to take a look at the four most important factors to consider when making your choice. After reading, hopefully you will have a better idea which type will be most suitable for your needs.

Choosing the Right Railings for Your Property

Take a look at each point below and consider how it applies to your property and your particular needs. Some may of course be more relevant to you than others.

  1. Appearance – For those with period properties or for homeowners who simply prefer a more decorative appearance, wrought iron is an excellent choice. Modern casting techniques make cast iron a reasonable alternative nowadays but if you want an authentic look for an older property, wrought iron is the way to go.
  2. Strength – Wrought or cast iron are both very strong materials, making them suitable for applications where security is a concern. Aluminum railings, being considerably lighter and more flexible, may not be the best choice if security is your primary concern.
  3. Maintenance – If you are looking for a maintenance-free option, aluminum is almost certainly your best option. High quality aluminum fixtures will not rust and will never need to be painted in order to keep them looking good. Wrought and cast iron, while capable of lasting for centuries when properly cared for, will require a little more in the way of regular maintenance to keep them in good condition.
  4. Cost – The cost differential between the different types of materials from which you can choose may actually be less than you imagined but if price is your most important consideration, aluminum is normally the cheapest option out of the three. Cast iron is generally a little less expensive than wrought, owing to the different manufacturing processes involved.

As a leading manufacturer of railings made from wrought iron, cast iron and aluminum, we are ideally place to help you make the best choice for your home and your specific requirements. If you would like any help or advice on the matter therefore, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements in detail. We will be delighted to provide you with all the information you need, along with comprehensive quotations for each different option.

5 Questions to Ask Any Mobile Welding Pro Before Hiring

mobile welding TorontoWhatever your needs, it is important to choose carefully when hiring a local expert to perform any welding repairs at your home or commercial property. Before you get in touch with any of the firms in your area, take a look at the five questions we have listed below and be sure to make a note of them so you can ask each candidate you are thinking of hiring.

Mobile Welding in Toronto: Making the Right Choice

There are many good welders in the GTA, along with some that are not quite so professional. To make sure that you choose one of the former, pose the following five questions to each firm or individual that you contact.

  1. Do You Have Professional Qualifications? – To ensure that the work in question is completed safely and competently, you should only consider Toronto firms that employ suitably qualified professionals. High pressure welding certification, for example, is desirable if such equipment will be used to perform the necessary work.
  2. Do You Perform Onsite Fabrication? – Many repairs can be carried out far faster if components can be fabricated onsite rather than in a workshop. If speed is of the essence, choosing a firm that specializes in mobile welding in Toronto and onsite fabrication is your best option.
  3. Do You Have a Fully Equipped Workshop? – While certain components can be fabricated onsite, others may require the use of the kind of equipment that can only be found in professional workshops. To ensure that your welding team can cope with all eventualities, it is therefore a good idea to make sure they have a workshop in the area too.
  4. What Experience Do You Have? – The key factor when asking about experience is whether or not the Toronto company you are thinking of hiring often works with the type of material you need repairing. Techniques and equipment for welding aluminum, stainless steel and other materials vary, so it is best to choose a firm with relevant experience.
  5. Can You Show me Previously Completed Projects? – Companies that can show you examples of previously completed work should always be preferred to those that cannot.

We have a first-class team whose specialty is mobile welding in Toronto so please feel free to call us at any time, to discuss your needs. We offer a competitive, efficient and highly professional service to companies and individuals in the GTA.

Things to Consider When Choosing Wrought Iron Railings


wrought iron railings torontoWrought iron railings are a very popular product, particularly amongst homeowners who want that sophisticated, individualized touch for their homes. At Pro Weld we have been fabricating wrought iron railings for over two decades, and have technical and design expertise that is unmatched in the industry. We are proud to serve communities all over the Greater Toronto Area, from Burlington and Oakville to Newmarket and Aurora.

Perhaps you have already made the decision to replace your old, uninspired railings with new wrought iron ones, or perhaps you are moving into a new place and finally have the chance to implement your very own design. Either way, there are a number of important factors to keep in mind when making an investment such as this one. Wrought iron railings are already an excellent choice; our hope is that this informative article will be useful and help guide your decision in the best direction possible.

Budget & Goals

Before embarking on any project, it is always best to get at least two things clear at the beginning: How much do you want to spend on the project? Further, what exactly do you want to achieve with this investment? Too many times, people will dream big and conceive plans that are far too elaborate, only to discover that the project will completely exceed their financial means. It is not that we do not encourage clients and potential clients to dream big; often with sound advice and efficient planning a lot can be accomplished within a modest budget.

This is why it helps, when planning for your new wrought iron railings, to know upfront exactly how much you are willing to spend, first and foremost. Then, once you come up with your immediate goals and requirements, you can consult with experts like Pro Weld who will help you figure out the best way to achieve those goals with the financial resources you have available. Some of those goals will involve specific details of the project, which we are going to talk about in the following section.

Materials & Design

Wrought iron railings serve, primarily, at least one clear purpose – safety. If you work with a reliable, trustworthy fabricator like Pro Weld, the safety function and security of your railings will be assured. What else do you hope to achieve, beyond that? Are your new railings an integral part of a home renovation? Would you like your wrought iron railings to really stand out and make a beautiful statement all on their own, or would you like them to blend perfectly into the décor of the rest of your home? What was less-than-ideal about your old railings, that you would like to change with their replacements?

Depending on the answers to these questions, you can then proceed to make important decisions regarding the materials and design. Wrought iron can of course be used on its own to create a huge variety of inspired designs, but you may also be interested in having wrought iron railings combined with other materials such as glass, in order to create an alternative visual signature.

Furthermore, what type of style and designs inspire you? This is of course a crucial factor; are you looking for something contemporary or classic, intricate or simple, abstract or floral? Consider carefully also, how your new wrought iron railings will complement and fit into the rest of your home. It is especially wise to compare the potential design(s) with existing fixtures such as fences, gates, doors, and lighting.

Find Professional Specialists in Wrought Iron Railings

If you had not already begun to do so before this point, now is the time to find the right professionals to handle the job. The worst thing you could do would be to come up with the perfect plan and budget, only to have your investment go to waste by an unskilled laborer doing a bad job. How do you go about finding quality professional welders to bring your ideas to life?

There are a number of things that you should check off the list when looking for professional metalworkers. First of all, try to get recommendations from people that you know – friends, family, and colleagues. This way you will get to hear about their experience and their satisfaction with the results, first-hand. Find out how they felt about the whole process and the final outcome. Were the company and workers pleasant and easy to work with? Were they meticulous, and did they clean up after themselves? Inspect your friend’s finished wrought iron railings, if at all possible.

You will also want to make sure that the company is fully licensed to operate, bonded, and insured. Affiliation with professional associations in the industry is also a good sign. How many years of experience in the business do they have? Can they give you a set timeline, or are they working on too many projects at once? It is also important to ask to see examples of their previous work; if they are reluctant to provide references that is probably a sign that you should start looking elsewhere for a quality welder.

The Welding Experts

If you are serious about finding a quality metalworker to fabricate your wrought iron railings, consider consulting with Pro Weld. With our extensive experience in the industry, we are the experts when it comes to stainless steel railings, wrought iron railings, and custom steelwork design, welding, and fabrication.

At Pro Weld we are committed to quality from start to finish. This means that we pay close attention to detail at each stage of the process and work with care – from the initial consulting, planning, and design stages, to the fabrication, installation, finishing, and clean up. If you choose to work with Pro Weld, our experts will collaborate closely with you to ensure that the outcome of the project will meet your goals. Our clients always come first, and this is how we have built an incredibly successful business over the years; by simply providing quality products and excellent customer service. Give us a call today to set up a consultation.


We sell wrought iron railings in the greater Toronto area. Call (905)-669-8633


The Five Best Things About Glass Railings

Proweld Glass Railings TorontoPerhaps you are shopping around for new railings, and are weighing the pros and cons of the various options available. Do you need interior or exterior railings for your new home, new deck, or for a commercial building? No matter what the purpose, if you are aiming for a clean, contemporary look that opens up the space, then glass railings are an ideal choice.

Pro Weld has been a leading provider of glass railings, stainless steel railings, and custom steelwork and fabrication in the Greater Toronto Area for the past two decades. If you would like professional advice and information from experts in the business, do call us to speak to one of our experts. In the meantime, we have compiled some of the key reasons why we highly recommend glass railings to many of our clients.

So Much More Than a Railing

Why are glass railings proving so popular these days? Perhaps you have noticed the topless clear glass framing your neighbour’s deck, or a stylish stairway in your brother’s new home. If the glass railings you saw have captured your imagination, read on! Here are some of the reasons why we are proud to manufacture and install quality glass railings.

  1.  A clean, contemporary aesthetic: Oftentimes, well-designed glass railings function as so much more than just railings. Besides having a safety function, glass can add so much beauty to a room, creating space and sight lines where there were none before. The presence of glass panels lends a clean, light aesthetic to any room, creating a truly sophisticated, contemporary ambiance.
  2. home with a view: Glass panels really shine when placed in an outdoor setting. We are, of course, referring to glass railings that are installed on balconies or decks. The worst thing that can happen is for you to purchase a home with a wonderful view, only to realize that most of that view gets obstructed when you are inside your home, or even when you are sitting on your deck. It does not make much sense to have breathtaking scenery in sight, but to only be able to fully appreciate it while standing up and looking over your railings. In cases like these, glass works wonders to bring you that much closer to the outdoors. Topless glass railings, in particular, provide a truly unobstructed viewing experience.
  3. Lots of design and privacy options: There are many options available when it comes to glass railings. The common choices of glass that we have available include clear, tempered, textured, tinted, and privacy glass. Posts and frames are available in a wide selection of colours, and you have a choice between several high-quality materials, including stainless steel, wrought iron, and mild steel. At Pro Weld our designers will work closely with you to ensure that we will achieve the exact style, look, and feel that you want. We are committed to meeting your goals and requirements, and are always happy to customize our work and create designs in collaboration with our clients.
  4. Durable & easy to maintain: Glass railings require no further finishing beyond the fabrication and installation process. You will never need to perform a repainting, re-staining, or re-finishing job of any kind on them. They are ready to go “as is”, and will remain that way. Therefore practically zero maintenance is required for these railings, which stands in stark comparison to traditional wood railings, for example. Only the occasional cleaning might be necessary, but in this case nothing complicated would be required beyond a regular glass cleaner and a good quality cloth. Glass is also a material known for its durability. You will never need to worry about rotting, peeling paint, splinters, or cracks as you would with wood railings. Even quality hardwood railings are sometimes subject to cracking that can affect their appearance. With glass, unless your railings are subjected to severe impact, well-fabricated glass panels will easily last you for decades.
  5. Adds value and quality to your home: If you are interested in making a change and investment that will actually add long-term value to your home, glass railings are an excellent choice. They add significant aesthetic and practical value to the home, and the unobstructed views that these railings provide also add to the “wow” factor when interviewing potential buyers. In the case that you are a homeowner who might be looking to sell at some point in the future, quality railings like these are an investment that you cannot go wrong with. These railings will serve you well for a long time, and when the time comes to sell you should achieve a nice return on your investment.

The Glass Railings Experts

Whether you live in Toronto, North York, Markham, Hamilton, Mississauga, Ajax, Aurora, Oakville, Brampton, or any other community in the Greater Toronto Area, you can come to Pro Weld with your railing and custom steelwork requests. Our company has extensive professional experience that covers all types of general and specialty welding, and we work to exacting standards when it comes to design and fabrication. The quality glass railings that we design and manufacture are only a fraction of what our company has to offer, so even if glass railings are not the right choice for you, it would be wise to call us and find out what the best solution is for your home or office needs.

Pro Weld is a member of CWB, the Canadian Welding Bureau, so you can rest assured that we always meet or beat high professional standards in the industry. All of our engineers are trained and certified, and will only provide you with the best products and service, with a smile! We are known for our outstanding customer service – you would only have to take a look at our reviews and ratings on Homestars, the independent review website, to see what our previous clients have to say about their experience of working with us. We guarantee quality and excellence where it counts.


Proweld has the #1 glass railings in Toronto

The Benefits of Hiring a Mobile Welder

ProWeld - mobile welding torontoMobile welding is a highly sought after service that brings all the elements traditional welding has to offer to your doorstep. This relatively modern service builds on the time-honoured principle of “the customer comes first.” Mobile welding companies acknowledge that most working professionals these days simply do not have the time to seek out services the way people used to, so much like other mobile services, mobile welding caters to this need for faster, more efficient service.

Pro Weld has been offering its fabrication and mobile welding services to the Greater Toronto Area since 1990. That represents over twenty years of hard work, knowledge, and experience gained in the industry. Our mobile welders offer a complete range of services, and are fully equipped to cater to service requests and projects in residential, commercial, or industrial areas.

Mobile Welding: The Simple, Convenient Choice

What are some of the benefits of hiring a mobile welder? Well, to start with, here is a question you should ask yourself: Do you already have a welder that you can rely upon? If you do, ask yourself if you could save some time and money by trying out a mobile welding service. And if you don’t, why not give a mobile welder a shot? Read on for some of the reasons why we provide and support this particular type of service. Mobile knowledge and experience + innovation.

  • Mobile welding is exactly what it sounds like: a welding service, but one that is mobile rather than based in a specific location. Our mobile welders bring the same amount of knowledge and experience with them as any regular welders would, and additionally bring many innovative skills and the latest technology to the job.
  • A complete, diverse range of services. Mobile welding services typically include Mig, Tig, and Arc welding, fabrication, repairs to fences, railings, grilles, and gates, repairs to cars, wheel repairs, and heavy equipment repairs. In addition, Pro Weld’s mobile welding service also tackles projects in the construction, aero, and marine industries. We are equipped to work with all kinds of metal; most commonly we handle projects involving stainless steel, mild steel, cast iron, and aluminum.
  • Service at your doorstep. Mobile welders basically offer you the best of both worlds – all the skills and expertise you need and more, right where you need it. There will be no need for you to go to a welder, instead they will gladly come to your home or business as required. After all, it is part of the service!
  • Tailored to meet your needs. Every single thing about our mobile welding service is tailored to meet the customer’s needs – your needs. Mobile welders are trained to be versatile, precise, and efficient at what they do and how they address problems and develop solutions. There is no problem too big or small for our mobile welders to handle; plus, everything will be taken care of with your comfort and convenience kept as a top priority. Our goal is always to provide expert service that meets our customer’s exact requirements.
  • A job done immediately; no waiting for weeks! When you decide to rely upon a mobile welding service, you will never need to worry about leaving something at the shop to get fixed, only to have to pick it up a few days or even a few weeks later (not to mention delays and unmet deadlines). The difference is obvious: if you request the services of a mobile welder, the job is going to get done on the spot. You can easily reduce the amount of stress and inconvenience that a job or project may cause, by opting to use a mobile welder’s services.
  • Avoid hidden costs. Do not get caught by surprise with hidden costs at the end of a job. If you use a mobile welder you can easily prevent this by asking for a quotation on the phone, before you commit to paying for a service. When the welder arrives you can even request a written quotation. This way of going about things will save you time and money; it may be a matter of a few phone calls, as compared to driving around town to several different locations in order to compare quotes.
  • Flexible schedules, greater convenience. Mobile welders often have more flexible schedules, which, again, will probably end up helping you save time. You will be able to schedule an appointment at your convenience, and save on the time it would take for you to go there – instead the service will come to you.
  •  Custom welding and fabrication work on-site. Since our Pro Weld mobile welders provide a complete range of services, this also means that custom fabrication and welding work can be done on-site. Would you like to discuss a design idea for your new railings, but do not have the time to visit our workshop? Not to worry, the same job can be planned and accomplished on location.

Try Pro Weld Today

Ultimately, by hiring a mobile welding service like Pro Weld you will save yourself a significant amount of time and money, while getting the very same quality service and products as you would if you were to use a traditional welder. You will simply make your life so much easier, especially once you have found a mobile welder that you can rely on at any time.

Pro Weld is a licensed, certified and insured mobile welder. The quality of our custom welding, fabrication, and steelwork reflects the decades of experience that we have in the industry. We offer competitive rates, and top quality products and service. We excel at meeting our customers’ immediate needs, and can also be relied on for our ongoing customer support. No matter if the job is large or small, Pro Weld will handle it, and handle it well.

We are a certified member of the Canadian Welding Bureau, and we guarantee you that our work meets all the highest professional standards possible. If you need a mobile welder, do not hesitate to give us a call today.

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