Tips for Designing a Modern House

If you drive around town looking at houses, chances are you’ve seen quite a few modern style ones pop up. They stand out with their unique shape that is quite different than a traditional looking house. The inside is usually an open concept floor plan that is bright and full of windows.

If you like the look of a modern house, we have some tips to help you design one. Although these are general tips for designing, go with what you like the best.


Modern houses today are more minimalistic, meaning they have fewer items inside but of higher quality. The less is more look allows for the house to be more open, welcoming, and have a smoother transition between rooms.

Typically, houses would have many rooms that were closed off from one another. Now, though, modern houses have fewer walls to open up the place.


The colours are important for designing a modern home. Avoid pastel colours. Instead, go for more neutral colours and accent them with bold, bright colours. You can pick whatever colours you like really; you just want to make sure that they complement each other.

Here are a few examples of a modern colour pallet: lime green, cobalt blue, and white; cherry red, black, white, and silver; orange, cream, and brown.


A modern design utilizes as much light as possible to brighten up the home. They aren’t just any kind of lighting though. You’ll find unique lights like colour strip lights, recessed lighting, and spotlights.

A brighter room tends to be more welcoming than one poorly lit. That isn’t to say that a modern house doesn’t use dim lighting. Quite often, people install dimmers to their lights so that they can adjust the brightness throughout the day.


You’ll find that a modern home will have many features that they spotlight. One way of adding a modern touch to your home is by installing a metal staircase. They have that crisp, clean look that goes in line with a modern design.


A modern house has a clean, crisp look to it. When you tie in all the other aspects above, they come together to create that clean feeling (of course, while keeping the house actually clean). By keeping the layout, design, and decoration simple, it will help you achieve that clean look a modern house has.

On top of that, a modern home is free of clutter. They achieve this by maximizing their storage spaces and make sure every item has a home. You’ll find storage containers, cabinets, and shelving in almost every room in a modern home.

When designing your modern home, be creative and have lots of fun. There’s no right or wrong way of doing it. When in doubt, err on the side of keeping things simple and clutter-free.


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