Mobile Welding Railing Repair Services in Toronto

Mobile Welding Railing Repair Services in Toronto

If you’ve got a damaged, metal railing, figuring out how to get it fixed can be a conundrum. For most repairs, you’re expected to take the broken object in to a professional for repair. Railings are the kind of thing that seem like they should take large machinery to fix. That must mean they go to a repair shop, right? Wrong. If you live in Toronto, what you need is mobile welding. Mobile welding is how Pro Weld does railing repair services. Let’s talk about why mobile welding railing repair services are important.

The Danger of Broken Railings

Broken railings can be something that’s easily overlooked by people. After all, most types of railing damage are the kind of thing that won’t hurt you with some common sense, right? Wrong again. Broken railings can actually lead to a lot of serious injuries.

  • Missing balusters (the dowels or rods running vertically from a surface to the handrail) can lead to accidents. Small children can easily fit through a railing if it’s missing a baluster. So can animals and even adults, if they fall toward the opening.
  • Cracked or damaged balusters or handrails may look innocuous but can break at a moment’s notice. These breaks can lead to gaps in the railing’s safety integrity. Plus, if someone is resting weight on the cracked or damaged railing when it breaks, it could lead to severe injury or even death from a fall.
  • Missing sections of railing leave a huge fault in safety. While most people will avoid going near the opening in the railing, this will not guarantee safety. Small children and animals may not avoid the danger, as they don’t know better. Accidents also happen. Someone tripping, even from many feet away, could lead to going over the edge. Depending on the height, that fall could be deadly. 

As you can see, ignoring a broken railing could end up with disaster anywhere. However, if you’re a business and have a broken railing, any of these accidents could end in disaster and a lawsuit – and the charges would be completely justified!

Railing Repair Services That Come to You

Because outdoor metal railings involve more than just some wood glue and a nail, they do require special machinery. However, metal railings are also not something you can just pick up and take to a shop. They’re usually mounted or dried into cement. Therefore, we bring the shop to you.

Pro Weld’s mobile welding railing repair services mean we come to the site of the railing with machinery loaded into a truck. We can do all of the repair work right there, where the railing belongs. Then, when it’s all fixed up, it’s already in place and we can simply pack up and head back to the shop.

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If you have a broken railing, don’t wait for someone to get hurt. Railings are a hugely important safety feature. When we take them for granted, it can end very badly. That’s why Pro Weld has a dedication to meeting people in the middle. Give us a call if you need railing repair services today. We look forward to helping and ensuring the safety of others.


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