Romantic Balcony Railing Design in Toronto

Romantic Balcony Railing Design in Toronto

There is something quite romantic about balconies. Is it the Shakespearean relationship to serenading someone from down below? Is it, perhaps, the idea of sitting on the balcony with your lover, sipping wine in the late hours of the evening? Whatever it is, people can’t get enough of it. What’s more, having a romantic balcony railing design can certainly increase that effect. If you’re a sucker for a romantic setting, you may be wondering how romantic balcony railing design changes things and how you, too, can get those illustrious railings for your own balcony. Fear not, Pro Weld is here to help.

What Makes for a Romantic Balcony Railing Design?

The first question really is, “What is that?” After all, there are a lot of different designs for balcony railings. What is it that makes one more romantic than another? It comes down to 2 things.


The first thing is the raw appearance. Romance is kindled most effectively in a place where there is beauty. It’s the same reason beautiful flowers or a clean room can make a romantic moment last. And, it’s also that reason that a dying flower bed or dirty laundry on the floor can kill a mood before it even hits. 

A romantic balcony railing design must look cleancut, beautiful, and elegant. It also helps if it is something that is easily maintained. If you’ve owned a deck or balcony with wooden railings before, you know how fast the paint on them can warp and chip off. That’s no fun for anyone involved.


The second thing that makes a balcony railing design more romantic is the association with a style. Like with anything, if you see something and associate it with something you love, you are going to like it more. That’s why wrought iron balcony railings are one of the most romantic railing styles you can opt for. There is an association with places like Paris when one sees a beautiful, art nouveau, wrought iron railing. Pair this romantic balcony railing design with some vines or other plants and you’ll have a balcony that’s truly magical.

How to Install Balcony Railings

Now, you might be wondering how to install some new railings. After all, many people these days have a do-it-yourself mindset about most things. Removing and installing some new railings sounds like quite a pain.

Fortunately, this isn’t really a do-it-yourself project. Pro Weld doesn’t just design and make railings, we also do the hard work of installing them where they belong. That means a whole lot less work for you and a lot less stress for your loved ones, watching you install something on the second floor with the old railing gone.

Where to Buy Balcony Railings

If the answer wasn’t obvious, Pro Weld is also where you can buy your new railings! We’re the best in Toronto, designing gorgeous wrought iron railings to suit all stylistic preferences. If you’re interested in seeing some of our work, check out the photos we have posted around on our website. Even if you’re only looking for outdoor railings, seeing some of the designs implemented on indoor, wrought iron railings can also show you the scope of possibility.

No matter what design you settle on, give us a call when you’re ready. We look forward to giving you the romantic balcony you’ve been craving, just in time for Valentine’s Day.


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