Restore Iron Railings by Hiring Experienced Craftsmen

Restore Iron Railings by Hiring Experienced Craftsmen

Iron railings are some of the most long-lasting railings available. However, even these durable and timeless railings begin to age. Iron railings, naturally, will begin to rust if exposed to rain outdoors. They can also end up damaged. As time passes, any number of ails can befall your once-beautiful railings. Fortunately, Pro Weld is full of experienced craftsmen who can help you restore iron railings and bring them back to their former glory.

Iron Railing Rust Removal

One of the most common things to affect iron railings is rust. Iron railings and fences are frequently installed outdoors. This is because they’re much hardier than those made of wood and stronger than chain link. However, even well-made iron railings can’t stand up against rain forever. Years of being rained on will eventually wear away the protective coating on iron railings. This exposes the raw iron to the elements, which quickly leads to rust, which is extremely ugly.

Pro Weld, as Toronto’s neighborhood metal experts, can easily take care of superficial rust damage. While rust can eat away at iron over time, it does take quite a while. That means that most cases of rust on iron railings and fencing are reparable. By thoroughly removing the rust and applying a new coating, we can easily restore iron railings to their intended appearance.

Restoring the Protective Coating

Even in situations without rust, many iron railings begin to lose their coating over time. This happens often with railings that are outdoors, even in dry environments, and those that are touched a lot. It’s very common for indoor iron railings to lose their coating in places where people hold them. This can mean bare iron is exposed at the top of a stairway or the end of the railing, where one might grab the bar and turn a corner.

This coating protects the railings from rust and other types of damage. However, it also is what gives it its signature black appearance. Restoring iron railings with a new coating means renewing the railings’ integrity and getting rid of the eyesore of worn spots.

Repairing Broken Iron Railings

Iron railings that aren’t so lucky may end up broken. This doesn’t always mean an entire fence has been mowed down with the car. Many instances of broken iron railings are simply pieces breaking off. This is most common in railings with rust damage that’s sapped the railing’s strength. Something as simple as someone falling against an extremely old, rusted, iron railing can lead to a bar breaking in half or snapping off. Another common victim are the pointed tips of an iron gate. People grab at the points like handles when opening and closing the gate. After enough time, this can lead to the bar becoming loose.

Of course, we can’t ignore that most breaks in iron railings do come from unusual accidents. Bike collisions, hitting the gas instead of the break in the car, and heavy objects falling against an iron fence can lead to a break. Let the professionals at Pro Weld take a stab at fixing your broken railings. With a little love, some welding, and/or replacement parts, we can restore them to their original beauty.


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